Hitler, Aka Trump Had Weisselberg The Jew As A CFO. Some Hitler He Was:

Hitler “Trump” Had Weisselberg The Jew As A CFO. Some Hitler He Was:

Every other day, the idiot Communist reprobates called Trump, “Hitler”. Wasn’t Hitler a serial Jew-hating Troglodyte? If Trump was so Hitlerish, why did he have a Jewish CFO? The Communist Klan arrested the Trump CFO Jew, Weisselberg. So, what does that make THEM? Pro Jew? Its a screwed up world…

Allen Weisselberg arrives to Manhattan criminal court, Thursday, July 1, 2021, in New York. Weisselberg, Trump Organization CFO, was arraigned a day after a grand jury returned an indictment charging him and Trump’s company with tax crimes. Trump himself was not charged. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)
  • The Trump Organization and its Chief Financial Officer, Allen Weisselberg, pleaded not guilty Thursday to tax crimes charges brought by the Manhattan district attorney’s office.
  • None of Trumps people are guilty of anything except being Conservative.

Monitor, Censor, Ban & Remove: The TRUTH Is Still The Truth

Monitor, Censor, Ban & Remove. The TRUTH Is Still The Truth

I was not the most ‘pro-Trump’ person. I was VERY angry (since Jan 2017) that he did not throw war mongers and the treasonous D’s AND R’s in prison.

There is no defense against the truth. None. The Communist radicals in big tech ban, toss, suspend, etc. Go ahead, ban everyone — but in the end, you don’t win because the truth is still the truth. The Communists can lock us up, they can destroy our lives, they can do whatever it is they wish. But, the truth will still remain.

Facts are the facts. Trump & The Trumpers still won the election no matter what the Communist radicals say. The Communists stole the election and overthrew the government. Thats the facts. After you see a video like this (below) and you still choose to believe the lying Left, then that’s a serious issue you have because you have chosen to believe the lie rather than the truth.

All of the other Christians calling the Trumpers, ‘false prophets’ are not in the truth. Like it or not, Fact is: Trump won the election even though the Communists snuck in and stole it from him. The Trumpers ‘heard from God’ but they underestimated satan. When one gets caught up in the ’emotion’ of it all, one loses focus and perspective and that’s when satan sneaks in to steal, destroy and murder.

A few months back, I had a dream Prophetic Dream I Had Last Night Of A LARGE Elephant On The Horizon. I thought it meant one of two things: #1. Huge problem. OR #2. GOP landslide. This dream came to pass as a double-edged sword, though. There WAS A GOP landslide. There WAS and IS a problem. The GOP Landslide suffered a catastrophic issue: The coup. Now, our troubles will become larger and worse.


The truth is still the truth. The truth cannot be taken away. The Communists have foisted O’Biden into office against the will of the people. Against the voters and against the republic. That is the truth. They can ban us from everything and NOTHING will change this truth. NOTHING. Hell or high-water won’t change it. The media cannot change it. God, himself won’t change it.

All we can do now is plead with God to have mercy. Repent and turn to God. Ask him, implore him to have mercy on us. As it is now a time of great delusion. When the Liars and thieves ‘win’ by fraud, it is because God has allowed us to be turned over completely to enemies.

2 Thessalonians 2

11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

That Time @ChrisMurphyCT Incited & Fomented A Violent, Bloody, Pro-Nazi Revolution In Kiev, Ukraine

That Time @ChrisMurphyCT Incited & Fomented A Violent, Bloody, Pro-Nazi Revolution In Kiev, Ukraine

Today, Chris Murphy is projecting his own violence and blood coup onto Trump who is not in office anymore. As a typical, demonic Democrat, he feels the need to project his own rebellion onto Trump for an almost non-event that happened at the Capital: SEN. MURPHY: STILL A CHANCE TRUMP ‘IS GOING TO INCITE ANOTHER ATTEMPT AT THE CAPITOL’

Communist Democrats are always projecting. USA Today partly acknowledged what other presstitutes entirely ignore: America is funding Nazi’s in Ukraine.

@realDonaldTrump WHY Was Sen Murphy Fomenting Revolution ..

.Here is Chris Murphy inciting a huge, pro-Nazi riot in Ukraine with John McCain:

@realDonaldTrump WHY Was Sen Murphy Fomenting Revolution ...

The Kiev ‘revolution’ was partially funded by Soros. Instigated by John McCain and Sen Murphy. The revolution was extremely violent and it saw the coup of President Viktor Yanukovych. Fascists and Svoboda party (a Neo Nazi extreme party) helped take over the country.

Why is Murphy OK with Fascists and Nazis taking over in Ukraine but NOT ok with the supposed same thing here? It’s the Democrats who call everyone in America that isnt a Democrat; “Nazi”. Democrat war-mongers are AOK with REAL Nazi’s as long as they’re not supposed American “Nazi’s”.

US Government Brought Coups To Many Small Countries. Now WE Face The #Coup

USA Brought Coups To Many Small Countries. Now WE Face The Coup

I really hate to write a post like this in such a time but my emotions are not ‘high’ and my judgement is not clouded by this chaos. Ive never written things that were popular. I dont have many cyber friends, I dont have friends in real life. Mostly acquaintances. Thats just how life is for a person of prophetic persuasion. People do not like prophetic types.

Dear Americans: We brought this same type of coup insanity, destabilization, chaos and confusion to so many much smaller countries. We brought war, death and destruction through coups & regime change. We thought it was ‘good’ to bring ‘democracy’ to small, poor countries because they had a supposed ‘dictator’ in charge. It had nothing to do with dictatorship. It had to do with oil and resources. Riches we already have here. Bringing ‘Democracy’ to me now— is a curse word.

In the late 90’s, the media cheered and so did the American people as Bill Clinton bombed the Serbian people – destroyed their bridges on the river Danube and humbled the Serbs by stealing Kosovo from them. Americans do not seem to remember that the Serbians were our allies in WW1 and WW2. In the 2nd world war, the Serbians saved 500 American B-24 flyers that were shot down. How did we repay our allies, the Serbs back? We bombed them for over 70 days. Then we broke up their land and gave Kosovo to the Moslems after we changed their regime, foisting their leader out by coup. What right did we have to do this?

Then came GWB’s Iraq war which brought national debt to the likes we had never seen. In the end, the Iraq war was ‘justified’ by the findings of Yellowcake not WMDs. We changed the regime there by coup, which is not our right, Constitutionally speaking. [The Democrat party didn’t vote for the Iraq war because it was a Republican President bringing it. They only like bombing and coups when THEY are in charge. I’ll explain later in this post…] Before the Iraq war, we honeycombed the mountains of Afghanistan to catch Al Qaeda who we created and armed. Hillary Clinton admits this:

Then, Democrat Obama came to power and the war-mad lunatics were on an all-out quest to destroy the middle eastern world through the “Arab Spring”. Barack Obama changed the government in Egypt by coup and told Hosni Mubarrak to go:

What right did he have to do this?

As if Obama’s Arab Spring, middle eastern conquest was not bad enough, Obama then turned his wrath to change the Gaddafi/Libyan regime by coup, demanding Gaddafi ‘step down’:

What right did he have to do this? WHERE is changing regimes by coup in the US Constitution?? And, if that wasn’t bad enough, the ‘anti war’ “Progressives” were right there with him and the “Neo” Conservatives, save the Code Pink Commies.

As all of this destabilization, and coup-foisted regime changes were taking place in the middle east, Obama and the war mongers then demanded that Syrian President, Assad ‘must go’. Obama and the bomb happy, war-mad men then tried to foist Assad out by coup, but failed.

OUR Government is 100% responsible for bringing the biblical destruction of Damascus:

Our government armed ISIS. When Matt Drudge was sane, he posted this in 2015:

Secret Pentagon Report Proves U.S. Complicity In Creation of ISIS

Matt Drudge: 'America has been arming ISIS' | Global Geopolitics

Then, the war hawks and Obama took a rest. After they awoke from their demonic sleep, they turned their eyes to Ukraine to bring about regime change with the removal of President Viktor Yanukovych. By this time, Obama must have appointed war monger, John McCain to be the head chief of the coup in Kiev. Here is John McCain and Chris Murphy fomenting revolution & coup in 2013:

John McCain was a Senator in ARIZONA not Kiev. What was he doing there? Fomenting a revolution and coup in a foreign country is something a Senator from AZ should be doing?

After McCain changed the regime in Kiev by coup, these are the people he put in power. (Neo Nazi’s) Here is Victoria Nuland being grilled by one of the only sane Reps, Dana Rohrbacher. Nuland claimed that the US Govt/ Neo Nazi lead coup was ‘peaceful’. She’s a liar.


Many bloody years of Coups at the hands of OUR Government. Don’t say: “But we’re not responsible, they are!” NO. WE, the people elected in these madmen. Time and time again. Before Obama’s 2nd term, he had already brought 2 completed coups and a failed one in Syria. But, he was elected in again. Because Leftists and their Communist conquest is much more important than stopping war aggression.

President Trump promised to ‘rid the swamp’ but he didn’t and now we face the coup. Many Leftists don’t care as long as Trump is gone. You see what a damned mess this is?

Photo’s/Video Of Boxes Being Packed Into Trucks, At The White House West Wing

Photo’s/Video Of Boxes Being Packed Into Trucks, At The White House West Wing

This seems to be what is happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, White House, DC at the west wing. Here are some photos and a video: Click to watch the video

There are no rabbits coming out of hats and no ‘plans to trust’.

At least three pallets of boxes stacked several feet high were seen at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave
Trade Adviser Peter Navarro is seen carrying a picture of Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping

Biden, (I mean Obama) will be the new (very old) occupying Dictator. A sick, old man who can barely think and probably has a form of dementia. Biden can’t run the nation which is probably why they chose him. They don’t want interference. You can see “Biden’s” cabinet picks…All Obama’s leftovers. Why? Because it is Obama who will be running the show from his dungeon in hell: B.O. Will Run The Country ‘Thru’ Biden, Feeding Lines With An Earpiece?!

You’ll never convince me that Biden got more votes than Obama or Trump. Ever.

“Trust The Plan”? Ya Need A New Plan, Stan…

“Trust The Plan” Ya Need A New Plan, Stan…

Are you kidding? What the hell is ‘Q’ selling? State Farm? What ‘plan?’ Many people have been trusting this plan for 4 years. I gotta tell ya. Faith is something else…. But, faith in DJT is mislead.

I grew up in NY. My father used to say: “Never trust anyone who says “trust me”, I didn’t ‘trust the plan’ from the beginning. So many of my friends are ‘trusting the plan’. It breaks my heart because men/mankind FAIL!! Theyre human! My God, people. If you are Christian, you understand that even in the New Testament, Jesus said: ‘and Jesus Himself was not trusting Himself to them, because of His knowing all [men]’. The ONLY ‘plan’ was Gods plan to show ya’all that the GOP is nothing but a party of cowards and backstabbers. They ‘go along to get along’ with the D’s and they have been doing this for YEARS.

People…. Even if there was some ‘plan‘, it’s too late in the game… this is STILL going down because the ‘plan’ of the Communists in the Democrat party has been and will ALWAYS be – the destruction of the United States for 6 decades. Why did the Democrat plan work and yours didnt? Because you have to root out evil at the beginning. Senator Joe McCarthy had ‘the plan’. He developed the House of UnAmerican activities, (HUAC) but he was treated ruthless by the media for pointing out the obvious and now we have the rotten fruits of Communism in every corner of this country. It is like a large octopus that is suffocating us. If the HUAC and the Republican party was as forceful as it was in the 50’s, we would have NEVER seen this insanity. (Even well meaning Liberal people know this is true now since their cities burned BY the radical Communists during the summer of 2020.)

I am not gonna dump on you “Trust the plan” people… But:

You just slip out the back, Jack
Make a new plan, Stan
You don’t need to be coy, Roy
Just get yourself free
Hop on the bus, Gus
You don’t need to discuss much
Just drop off the key, Lee
And get yourself free.

I am sorry. But Trump has left you to your enemies. They’ve removed his voice, his presence… I’m sorry. So sorry. Its so wrong. But, it is what it is. Get prepared for the worst. Please. Please.

Jan 15, 2020 7:45 am

Because Trump Failed To Deal With Big Tech Censorship, He & The GOP Will Be Forever Silenced

Because Trump failed to deal with Big Tech censorship, he and the GOP will be forever silenced

When I was in 5th grade, my teacher, Miss Roche constantly taught about the dangers of Communism. One danger she repeated many times: “Communist countries do not allow their citizens to talk”. This flabbergasted my little mind: NO TALKING? How would we communicate? The very thought of not being able to communicate made me deathly afraid of Communism. TO THIS DAY, I deplore and fear Communism more than any other ideology.

Like it or not, Trump has been a LOT of talk and no action. Our freedom of speech diminished under Donald J….BIGLY. How many Conservative people lost their voice under Trump? Hundreds, thousands. DJT let any ol Communist Democrat censor him. He didnt want to be known as a ‘fascist’ by the American, Communist, Democrats and the Pinko, GOP LIARS… So, he did nothing. This will hurt many Conservative, Libertarian, “Right Wingers”, Independents, Constitutionalists, Moderates, Anti War crowd, etc. They will have to finagle their way around words just to publish a post. Many are already in the cyber gulags. The only people this has not and will not hurt are the immoral, amoral, god-hating, debaucherous, godless, COMMUNIST PIGS. As usual.

I cannot tell you how disappointed I am & have been in President Trump. Honestly, friends. I only fight for him because I love YOU American patriots. This is why I held back so much anger and frustration in his presidency. Remember he was going to ‘hang Hillary?” Please. Talk, talk talk. We are in dire straits. Remember he said he would be the President of “Law and order?” What a joke. The nation was BURNED, statues destroyed, WW2 memorials desecrated, etc by the Communist pigs under Trump.

Read more here-Because Trump failed to deal with Big Tech censorship, he and the GOP will be forever silenced

Recount Confirms #Trump Won MI County That Reported Biden Win Election Night

Recount Confirms #Trump Won MI County That Reported Biden Win Election Night

Facebook bans day-old 'Stop the Steal' group for sowing ...

There is only one way for Trump to stop the Communists:

The Insurrection act.

The recount in Antrim County found 9,759 votes for President Donald Trump, versus 5,959 for Biden.See here-By Zachary Stieber, at The Epoch Times, December 18, 2020

Officials blamed the skewed results on human error. Antrim County uses Dominion Voting Systems machines and software.

Maybe this is why the Pentagon is all closed up….Pentagon Halts Biden Transition Defense Briefings — Biden Team Caught Off Guard

Probably also why Communist Facebook bans ‘stop the steal’ pages: “Stop the steal” gropup purged.

I guess Dominion will have to retract their threat: Dominion Voting Systems Sends Threatening Letter to Attorney Sidney Powell – Demands Retraction of “Defamatory” Accusations

The 2014 Ukraine Revolution Against Yanukovych Led By The US Now Comes To DC Against Trump

The 2014 Ukraine Revolution Against Yanukovych Led By The US Now Comes To DC Against Trump

In 2014, John McCain, Victoria Nuland, Sen Chris Murhpy and George Soros with the European Maidan overthrew the parliament in Kiev, Ukraine. There were horrible riots, the capital of Ukraine burned to the ground. Priests came out to calm the rioters, (who were mostly from the European countries and were paid to riot). Our government was completely involved in overthrowing a legitimately elected President, namely Yanukovych. I covered that catastrophe for 3 years: See the posts on Ukraine here.

McCain and Murphy fomenting revolution in Kiev, Ukraine in 2013.

I warned many American people not to root for the rioters but to speak out against this. There were reasons to speak out:

1. Our government had NO business being in Ukraine. None, let alone overthrowing their government.

2. The opposition party who replaced the Yanukovych cabinet were National Socialists (Nazis).

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher is the only rep that drilled one of the US Government op’s for their support of Nazis in Ukraine:

Below is former John McCain photo’d with Svoboda party Neo Nazi, Oleh Yaroslavovych Tyahnybok. Here he is ‘Heiling Hitler‘.

WaPo Uses Photo of John McCain Next to Nazi to Praise His ...

But, people refused to believe this and often times named me and other bloggers, “Paid Moscow trolls”. No. We wanted our nation OUT of another country we had no business being in.

I tried to tell Trump to arrest these people before a Kiev overthrow came here: Oct 2019 – Hey @realDonaldTrump, Dems Attempting #Coup Just Like They Did In #Ukraine, Egypt, Libya and Tried in Syria! ARREST THEM. Stop The Madness!

Trump didnt listen and here we are today. Twitter has the President’s tweets completely censored: Twitter Removes ‘Like,’ ‘Reply’ and Retweet Count Functions From Multiple Trump Tweets About the Election

So, are we going to see a Kiev style overthrow? Yes. I believe so. If Trump does not arrest the people performing this coup, we will see the overthrow of Trump and maybe many Republicans. We will possibly see much death and DC on fire. The people that are opposing Trump have successfully carried out Coup’s in many countries. They WILL do it here also.



Democrat LIARS Call Most GOP Leaders, “Hitler/Fascist” For Decades. Goldwater: ‘Fascist’. Reagan: ‘Hitler/Fascist’ ETC!

Democrat LIARS Call Most GOP Leaders, “Hitler/Fascist” For Decades. Goldwater: ‘Fascist’. Reagan, Walker: ‘Hitler/Fascist’ ETC!

Every GOP leader the Dems hate (which is ALL of them) is “Hitler” & “Fascist”. For many years, they use these terms, loosely. And, that is their driving force—every single time there is a potentially strong GOP leader. Every. Single. time. They attack—every, single day.

The stupid Democrats called Goldwater a “fascist”.

Protestors holding signs reading “Barry Goldwater represents resurgence of Fascism...

*CRANSTON, R. I., July 18, 1964 (AP)—Mayor James V. Diprete Jr. of Cranston, a Republican, called Senator Barry Goldwater today a “fascist who is threatening to take over this country by dividing the American people against one another.” NYTimes archives

David Austin Walsh on Twitter: "This is actually a really, *REALLY*  important point. One of the things that people forget about Hillary Clinton  is that she was a Goldwater backer in 1964.

Later on….The lunatic, Left called Ronald Reagan a “Fascist” NY Sun article

“There is a scent of fascism in the air,” the ad pronounces, warning that a second Reagan term would unleash “more bigots and chauvinists.”

*Democratic Rep. William Clay of Missouri charged that Reagan was ‘trying to replace the Bill of Rights with fascist precepts lifted verbatim from Mein Kampf.'” After Republicans took control of the House in the mid-’90s, Rep. John Dingell, D-Mich., compared the newly conservative-controlled House to “the Duma and the Reichstag,” referring to the legislature set up by Czar Nicholas II of Russia and the parliament of the German Weimar Republic that brought Hitler to power.

It never ends with these insane Democrats.

Everyone they don’t agree with is a Nazi, fascist, racist, chauvinist, Mussolini, etc.

Then, it was GWB 43:

Teacher Gave Bush-Hitler Assignment

* President George W. Bush, billionaire Democratic contributor George Soros said, “(He displays the) supremacist ideology of Nazi Germany,” and that his administration used rhetoric that echoes his childhood in occupied Hungary. “When I hear Bush say, ‘You’re either with us or against us,'” Soros said, “it reminds me of the Germans.” He also said: “The (George W.) Bush administration and the Nazi and communist regimes all engaged in the politics of fear. … Indeed, the Bush administration has been able to improve on the techniques used by the Nazi and communist propaganda machines.”

*Former Vice President Al Gore said: “(George W. Bush’s) executive branch has made it a practice to try and control and intimidate news organizations, from PBS to CBS to Newsweek. … And every day, they unleash squadrons of digital brown shirts to harass and hector any journalist who is critical of the President.”

*NAACP Chairman Julian Bond played the Nazi card several times. Speaking at historically black Fayetteville State University in North Carolina in 2006, Bond said, “The Republican Party would have the American flag and the swastika flying side by side.”

Surprise, surprise…..

Scott Walker is a “Hitler” ‘fascist’:

Nazis Everywhere, Part 185: Hitler Found in Wisconsin! - The Atlantic

*Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who dared to rein in excessive public employee compensation packages, received the full Nazi treatment. The hard-left blog Libcom.org posted in 2011: “Scott Walker is a fascist, perhaps not in the classical sense since he doesn’t operate in the streets, but a fascist nonetheless. … He is a fascist, for his program takes immediate and direct aim at (a sector of) the working class.”

*The chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party, Dick Harpootlian, in 2012, compared the state’s Republican governor to Hitler’s mistress. When told that the Republicans were holding a competing press conference at a NASCAR Hall of Fame basement studio, Harpootlian told the South Carolina delegation: “(Gov. Nikki Haley) was down in the bunker, a la Eva Braun.”

So…..is it ANY shock that Trump is “Hitler/Fascist?” Not to me. We’ve been listening to the ridiculous Democrats and their crying wolf for decades. Why they are taken serious is beyond all comprehension. Why they are even allowed to run for office, let alone the Presidency is ludicrous—they are mental, tragedy queens, totally unfit to serve.

Trump and Hitler Compared - YouTube
Donald Trump compared to Adolf Hitler after 'complete shutdown of Muslims'  comments | The Independent | The Independent

Dear Lord, please hear the prayers of your humble Mad Jewess little friend. I ask you to decimate the Democrat party. (Please add in most of the GOP also even though theyre not fascists–but weak appeasers). I ask you to destroy these people for the sake of our founding fathers.

Thank you,

Your daughter, Pauli AsheDina Bat Paul