Dershowitz: “No Way Trump Gets A FAIR Trial In NYC”… Right. It’s Straight Up BOLSHEVIK/Communist

Dershowitz: “No Way Trump Gets A FAIR Trial In NYC”… Right. It’s Straight Up BOLSHEVIK/Communist

I lived in NYState & NYC. It’s straight up Leftist. Even many of the Conservatives there are Pinko without knowing it.

SatanCrats are turning Trump into a martyr.

Dersh: “No way” Trump gets a fair trial in NYC

2018: #StormyDaniels – “I’m Denying This Affair (With Trump) Because It Never Happened”

2018: #StormyDaniels – “I’m Denying This Affair (With Trump) Because It Never Happened”

Anyone who knows me…knows I’m not pro-Trump. But, the SatanCrats are basing all of their attack on this supposed affair that never happened between her and Trump:

I tweeted this to her:

People Who Have NOT Been Raided:

People Who Have NOT Been Raided

By Kid Rock:

Kid Rock is the voice of reason…

People who haven’t been raided

  • Hillary Clinton
  • Jeffrey Epstein’s clients
  • Hunter Biden
  • Ray Epps
  • John & Tony Podesta
  • Perkins Coie
  • Marc Elias
  • Andrew McCabe
  • Larry Nassar DC pipe bomber
  • Awan Brothers
  • Antifa, BLM
  • Sandy Berger
  • Bill Clinton
  • Eric Swalwell
  • Diana Feinstein Contractors using NSA database

AND, The most EVIL war-monger and trouble-maker that has ever existed:

Kenyan, Barack Hussein Obama Had The FBI Raid Donald Trump’s Home In Mar-A-Lago

Barack Hussein Obama Had The FBI Raid Donald Trump’s Home In Mar-A-Lago

Barry, the Communist, antiChrist had the FBI go and harass Trump’s home at Mar-A Lago. Obama has had a chip on his shoulder against Trump since DJT said “Obama wasn’t born here“. There was no reason for this home raid – except to make an ‘example’ out of Trump.

There is NO way that I will call this administration: “The Biden Administration”. It isn’t. Diaper Joe farts and craps in public and can’t put a sentence together. This is OBAMA.

During the Obama years, I was an active blogger, in the top 1 and 2% of political blogs in the USA. I attacked Barry, non-stop for 8 years. I KNOW his tactics. Everything you see happening today was/is being perpetrated by Barack Hussein Obama, the antiChrist. You can smell the stench of Barry, the devil on a daily basis. All of the militant trannies, homo’s, Leftist, Communist-slobs, etc are out in full force because they know satan Obama will protect their filthy azzes.

Remember this?



#Twitter’s Nasty, Militant, Feminist, Fascist Bully @VijayaGadde Crying Over New Mngmnt. (She Had Trump BANNED)

#Twitter’s Nasty, Militant, Feminist, Fascist Bully @VijayaGadde Crying Over New Mngmnt. (She Had Trump BANNED)

I have written about Gadde more than a few times. She is a REAL issue on Twitter. My personal observation of Gadde is that she will not change- SHE needs to go. I once worked with a very bully-like, militant feminist from India. (Gadde moved here by 3 yrs of age) However: Militant, Feminist/Marxism is engrained into many (no, not all but many) Indian women from a very young age, unfortunately. Perhaps Gadde leaned this in College, who knows…

Gadde is the one who, NO doubt, had DJT banned off Twitter. I don’t think Gadde learned about respecting the position of a C.I.C. here in the states.. This is something that is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. Banning a President from a forum that is reporting NEWS is a total abuse of power. SHAME ON VIJAYA. SHAME! (Im not even a ‘ra ra ra’ Trump person)

AND: This is what a an abusive power bully does when she no longer has her way: Twitter’s Top Lawyer Breaks Down In Tears During Musk Takeover Meeting

Vijaya Gadde as a baby. Kinda how she is acting when she does not get her way.

My older posts on Cry-bully Vijaya:

I do not talk nicely about people who are in some form of leadership (corp, govt, etc) when I see that they are absolutely non repentant. You can say God made me like a “John the Baptist” type from the time I was a little girl. An indignant, warrior spirit rises up in me. At least the Lord cleaned my potty mouth. 😉

Lunatic #ADL & Pro-Pedo (#CNN) Says “Trump Is Anti-Semitic”. JAKE: WHAT ABOUT ALL OF YOUR PEDOPHILES @ CNN?

Lunatic #ADL & Pro-Pedo (#CNN) Says “Trump Is Anti-Semitic”. LOL. JAKE: WHAT ABOUT ALL OF YOUR PEDOPHILES? Huh?

 Jake Tapper and Anti-Defamation League Head Claim President Trump is Anti-Semitic

Trump said:

  1. ‘Evangelicals in the US love Israel more than the Jews in this country.’
  2. ‘The New York Times hates Israel.’
  3. “The first person that congratulated [Biden] was Bibi Netanyahu, the man that I did more for than any other person I dealt with. … Bibi could have stayed quiet. He has made a terrible mistake.”

NONE of this is ‘anti-semitic.’ NONE. Didn’t Trump move the US embassy to Jerusalem? Didn’t Trump say “Jerusalem is the capital of Israel?” Leftists are psychopathic liars. I deal with Jew-haters all the time. This is NOT “anti-semitic”. The ADL are Communist LIARS and always will be. DOWN with the ADL.

Now that Tapper has everyone diverted with this garbage….

What about the PEDO’S at CNN, Jake Tapper?

Have you nothing to say about that? And, why is the ADL even going on CNN? Are they pro-pedophile also?

PS: I am not a big Trump ‘fan’ anymore, not for 3 years. First off, he didnt ‘drain the swamp’. 2nd: He pushes that vaccine. I am not an easy person to please when it comes to country. However, that being said: ANYTHING is better than a Joe-BAMA presidency. I stand by Trump supporters because they are patriotic and not Leftist losers, though.

POTUS, Trump Is Claiming To Candace Owens That People Are NOT Dying From The Vaccine: LIE. STOP LYING.

POTUS, Trump Is Claiming People Are NOT Dying From The Vaccine: That Is A Lie

The VAERS website has posted 20K American deaths and that is 1% of the actual number. Over 30K recorded have perished in Europe. People are dying in every country from the poison.

Problem with most vaccinated people is that they cannot ADMIT this is happening.

  • Of the 2,620 fetal deaths in VAERS following COVID-19 shots, 2,015 of these fetal deaths follow Pfizer injections.
  • Thru November 2021:
VAERS Summary for COVID-19 Vaccines through 11/19/2021 ...
These numbers are 1% of the ACTUAL.

Commie-CRATS HATE Cawthorn: Dems STOLE The Election & He Knows It

Commie-CRATS HATE Cawthorn. Dems STOLE The Election & He Knows It

Voting is Rigged! - YouTube

If you check out this link, you will see that the treacherous, traitor, filthy, disgusting Democrats are attacking Madison Cawthorn, non-stop: Cawthorn is getting divorced…& Democrat operatives film undercover video of Madison Cawthorn…

When asked if the 2nd Amendment is a solution to a stolen election, Cawthorn basically says “Yes”. Well, Dummycrats, IT IS the solution. You steal elections and get away with it. Even TIME ran a story admitting the election was stolen

The 2020 election was stolen and most people know this. Even the Democrats admit it.

I am NOT a big Trump fan at all. #1. He never drained the swamp & now we are stuck with these Communist bastards because he didn’t do what he said he would do: DRAIN THE SWAMP. #2. He pushes the poison vaccine. SAD!

However, he won that election. I watched it. I watched how they brought in boxes after, watched how they kept counting votes only for Biden. DJT won it fair and square and it was stolen. The 2nd Amendment IS the only solution to this criminal activity-whether by military or citizen militia force.