#Tonga: 2nd Volcanic Explosion, Larger Than The 1st. #Tsunami Supposedly Detected

#Tonga: 2nd Volcanic Explosion, Larger Than The 1st. #Tsunami Supposedly Detected

This is all the power of the LORD against an earth who ignores him. It will get much, much worse:

The spirit of the LORD has given me quite a few Tsunami dreams. I mean it when Im telling you….this is ALL going to get worse
. My dreams from Jesus: https://themadjewess.wordpress.com/?s=Tsunami&submit=Search

Dream Of A Snow #Tsunami

2 More Dreams Of #TSUNAMI & A Snow Tsunami

Cold, ice cold Snow Tsunami

See this video after of a young boy who had a vision of the same exact thing:


First part of this dream: Prophetic Dream I Had: MASSIVE #Tsunami In Calif. #Repent NOW

This is my other dream of the meteor hitting the earth:

Smaller #Tsunami Hits Australia After 7.2 Earthquake In Indonesia Island:

#Tsunami Hits Australia After 7.2 Earthquake In Indonesia Island

2 meters high. Some of the coasts of AU are flooded.

Repent world. Its only going to get worse. Get a bible. Read it. Open your hearts.

Recent Prophetic Dreams: Tsunami, MASSIVE Quake, The Reaper Is Coming, Satan’s “Rapture”, Lightening Storms

Recent Prophetic Dreams: Tsunami, MASSIVE Quake, The Reaper Is Coming, Satan’s “Rapture”, Lightening Storms

These are the dreams I have had over the past 2 weeks. This world is headed for such destruction, its incomprehensible. Repent America. Repent world.

Larger view: CLICK

RIGHT CLICK to see larger.

Dream I Had In June 2, 2020 About A #Volcano & A #Tsunami In The Mediterranean Is Coming To Pass :( #REPENT EUROPE!!

Dream I Had In June 2, 2020 About A #Volcano & A #Tsunami In The Mediterranean

This dream was very unusual because of how large and strange Volcano was. The Tsunami that took place was horrible. Bigger than a 20 foot building.

I also looked at this dream metaphorically… But, as we can see now, its not really metaphorical…it’s ALL happening as is written in Revelation.



Joel 2:32
And everyone who calls on the name of the LORD will be saved

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Dream From God About Tsunami & An Oceanic Volcano:

Dream From God About Tsunami & An Oceanic Volcano

I explain my dream of these 2 disasters that happen.  Where? I am not sure. 


I was at a hotel, a beautiful hotel on the sea.  The city/town I was in was BEAUTIFUL. All of a sudden, I saw a huge volcano form IN the sea. I had never seen anything like this before. 

The rest of the video is in the video below:

 I also believe that USA is going to suffer these catastrophe’s both physically and metaphorically.

Has It Begun? Powerful ‘King Tide’ Wave Struck Newport Beach, CA

Has It Begun? Powerful Wave Struck Newport Beach, CA

Ive not seen anything like this, personally.  This happened a time before in LA, 4 years ago… However, God extended grace to America at that time.  America, unfortunately has not corporately repented..  Ive lived on the bay and the beach most of my life-except now.  

Has God finally said Enough is enough?  I dont know.  But, if you are in Southern CA on the beach…you should probably get out.  We’re not under Gods grace anymore.  We’re at his mercy and thats a total different story…

The ‘tidal waves’ people have had spiritual dreams of regarding CA may not be a huge tidal wave. The tides may get higher and higher until a lot of CA coast is possibly washed away.

People thought this was a Tsunami…

Another HORRIBLE Dream I Had: Tidal Wave, Tsunami

I have dreams.  It goes in spurts throughout the years.  Sometimes I have many dreams, other times, it is dormant. At any rate, there are Jews AND Christians that do not believe that God gives dreams, prophetic words, etc. What type God would God be if he did not warn people??

Well, you’re wrong-he DOES give dreams, visions, etc:

Joel 2:28  “And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.

God can do what he wants, people don’t have to believe it.  I believe he gives me these dreams to warn. (I believe)

Here is the dream:

..I was with my friends at Lovers Point on the Monterey Peninsula in California.  We decided to leave and began to walk up the hill.  I looked back to see the beautiful, old Victorian homes because I was headed back to Ariz. As I looked at the homes, I saw the ocean rise and fill the streets with ocean water. I remember feeling sad because all of the homes I loved were gone, in the twinkling of an eye..from the waters–totally demolished.  We all started to run, fast. We ran up the hills.  I kept thinking, PLEASE GOD!!! PLEASE RECEIVE ME!!  We all drowned.

The next part of the dream, (I had escaped the ocean and sand) we were in a house, I felt we might be safe, alas, we were not.  The ocean was rising, it came up to us, it began to move the whole house we were in.  I started running, as I was running, I was praying; PLEASE GOD, please just be with me.  The water started covering everyone.  As I lay there waiting to die (Because nothing could save anyone) I looked at the gal next to me, it was obvious that she was a militant LGBT person.  I asked her: What do you think Of God now?  She said: Nothing, I have done nothing wrong. I said, really?  Look up to the sky, fire is now raining on us.” Fire hail was coming from the sky.  I looked up at Americans, they were singing American hymns.  I said: “Well, finally, America is patriotic once again”

End dream.

I believe it is entirely possible that a tidal wave can hit somewhere in America, not sure if it would be west or east coast.  It could be anywhere. So, we all need to get close to God the best way we know, each according to his faith.  The time is late.