Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Want To Talk About #Benghazi Like Nixon Didn’t Want To Talk About Watergate

Nancy Pelosi  Doesn’t Want To Talk About #Benghazi Like Nixon Didn’t Want To Talk About Watergate

We should send her to a place where she can talk about anything her little heart desires…


Putin Is A LEADER. Obama Is A Tweeter


I have to tell you that it is easy for men to admire a good leader when his own country is leaderless…. So, don’t get all worked up if you see this because:  Real men don’t follow titles, they follow courage.

At any rate: Go look at Obama’s Twitter page sometime.  Tweets, tweets and more tweets. Tweets about himself, tweets about how tough he looks in a pair of jeans.  Suck it up, America..  We have a little pansy-ass in the White House who not only hates our once nice country but is deplored throughout the world. And not respected in the least bit.

Yesterday, a Pussy Riot supporter (Communist-enabling, Pseudo-Conservative) dropped off a written post/link here that was long-winded and self righteous.  The post went ON and ON about Putin the Soviet KGB, dictator, bla bla bla.  But, the post didnt mention what type of aggression that Russia has acted out against the USA since Putin has been in Russian politics. You know why it didn’t mention this? 

Because RUSSIA/PUTIN hasn’t carried out ANY act of aggression against the USA.

So.. Put a sock in it, America.  Putin is not an enemy, Obama is.  Putin will become our enemy if Obama doesn’t go back to the golf course—and stay there with John McCain for the next 3 years because congress lacks the cojones to remove this ass.

Putin is a leader, Obama is a tweeter.  Here are his bloviated, idiotic tweets:



Embarrassing gasbag

Tweet Shows “Sandy Hook Tribute” To Victims November 10, 2012?!

Contributed By GoldBugGal: 

Shall be believe the ‘official’ story?  Or shall we believe what our eyes are telling us?  Can tweets backtrack by changing the date?  Did Twitter show it as Nov. 10, 2012 because of Vimeo?

Questions we have a right to ask.

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