PRAYERS Against Twitter’s New Communist CEO, Parag Agrawal: Let GOD Destroy Everything He Does. Let Everything He Touches Turn To FAILURE:

PRAYERS Against Twitter’s New Communist CEO, Parag Agrawal: Let GOD Destroy Everything He Does. Let Everything He Touches Turn To FAILURE:

I just read this news: Twitter’s New CEO Does Not Care About or Honor American Rights and Freedoms – Says “Our Role Is Not to Be Bound by First Amendment” …Update: Posted Racist Anti-White Tweet

So, I am inclined right now to pray to God in the mighty name of Yeshua/Jesus that everything that Parag Agrawal touches turns to confusion, fails & falls to the ground. Let investors turn against Twitter. Let the stocks crumble. Let the lies come forth and be exposed. I pray most fervently against Twitter’s lying, Communist staff and ask God to destroy Twitter COMPLETELY in Jesus mighty name. AMEN.

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Destroy them with YOUR power, Lord God!

Psalms 62:11 God hath spoken once; twice have I heard this; that power belongeth unto God.

Join us and say Prayers For The Absolute Destruction Of Facebook, Twitter & The Media

HALLELUYAH! God IS Hearing Us! #Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Expected To Step Down. DIE Twitter! Just DIE!

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I keep praying Twitter DIES! They kicked me off in 2016 for defending myself against horrible, nasty, militant, sodomite homosexual pigs!


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is expected to step down from his executive role, CNBC reported, citing sources. Twitter Stock Soars After Report Says CEO Jack Dorsey Will Step Down

Keep praying they ALL just DIE! God is hearing! We prayed! GOD IS HEARING: Prayers For The Absolute Destruction Of Facebook, Twitter & The Media

Prayers For The Absolute Destruction Of Facebook, Twitter & The Media

Prayers For The Absolute Destruction Of Facebook, Twitter & The Media

I pray that God would completely break these media beasts with HIS power. These entities are absolute God hating, Christian hating, Jew hating devils. Lord, that you will break these forums with your mighty power. That you would cause an upheaval in the stocks. Whatever it takes Lord, to break these beasts. All they do is lie and blaspheme. They censor the TRUTH. I thank you, Lord because you can do anything. God ALONE has the power!

I ask you to do destroy these outlets in the name of Yeshua-Jesus

Psalms 62:11 God hath spoken once; twice have I heard this; that power belongeth unto God.

Psalms 139

19 If only you, God, would slay the wicked!
    Away from me, you who are bloodthirsty!
20 They speak of you with evil intent;
    your adversaries misuse your name.
21 Do I not hate those who hate you, Lord,
    and abhor those who are in rebellion against you?
22 I have nothing but hatred for them;
    I count them my enemies.

@DPJHodges, Brit Columnist For “The Mail” Says: “Time To Arrest Anti Vaxers, Prosecute Them, Put Them In Jail, They’re Murderers”

@DPJHodges, Brit Columnist For “The Mail” Says: “Time To Arrest Anti Vaxers, Prosecute Them, Put Them In Jail, They’re Murderers”

If the vaccine is working so well…. Why is this pissant afraid? I thought vaccines worked? And, if they do NOT work, (which they don’t) why do we need to get one?

Why not just throw us all in gas chambers, Hodges?? Isnt that what this ignorant buffoon would have rather said? I think so.

The face of the Left is on full display now. I have always said and so have others, that they are Communist murderers and psychopaths. They WILL murder. Get it thru your head. Understand that you are dealing with people that have absolutely ZERO morals or ethics.

Here is this psychopaths tweet:

AGAIN: If the vaccine is working so well…. Why is this pissant afraid? I thought vaccines worked? And, if they do NOT work, (which they don’t) why do we need to get one?

We don’t. And, for those with an ear to hear: We ARE IN the ‘mark of the beast’ times. Get prepared for mass death. Jesus said that these psychopaths WILL murder and overcome saints of the living God. There is no ‘rapture’ coming. Gird up your loins and get ready.

I hope Greenwald sees this Here is his latest article.

I Told You All Months Ago That #VijayaGadde Is THE “Architect” Of #Twitter Censorship Fiasco. Now We Have Foreign Leaders Condemning Us

I Told Ya’all Months Ago That VIGAYA GADDE Is THE “Architect” Of #Twitter Censorship Fiasco. Now We Have Foreign Leaders Condemning Us

My posts on Vijaya Gadde had hardly any views. Nobody cared. Now you care because you have been suspended from Twitter! In a political atmosphere that is so hostile toward patriotic people, you have to study these humans who have made themselves your enemy. You must watch them and everything they do.

Today, James O’Keefe released a leaked video of Vijaya Gadde planning not only to censor American people but to censor the world. I warned of this hag named Vijaya Gadde, head of twitter ‘safety’ and trust..

I alerted the blogosphere months ago about Twitter’s Evita Gadde. Of course, people passed over these 3 below posts like they always do whenever I post something very important. I knew this female was and is a problem for American politics.

Keep not paying attention and soon we’ll all be in the real gulags. God shows me these things in my spirit. I can’t take ‘credit’ for knowing….. But, since he really DOES show me these things, don’t trust me. Trust the Lord for Gods sakes.

Twitter Senior Executive Details Plans for Political Censorship on a Global Scale (PROJECT VERITAS)

October 28, 2020: @vijaya Is THE “Architect” Of #Twitter Censorship Fiasco. #FireVajaya Gadde, OR: REMOVE §230 Protection

October 17, 2020: #Twitter @vijaya Is A Horrible #Feminist. #ResignVijaya NOW


NOW: World Leaders Are Condemning Dems For Authoritarian Censorship of American Citizens: India, Germany, AU, Mexico, France, NZ, PLUS


Conservatives Leaving Twitter For Parler Is Making INSANE Communist/Leftists Foam At The Mouth

Conservatives Leaving Twitter For Parler Making INSANE Leftists Foam At The Mouth

So, no talking allowed anywhere because the fascist, bully bastard Leftists can’t stand anyone not having the same opinion as them: Daisy Luther from The Organic Prepper blog, generated Image

The Left is becoming more and more fascistic. They can’t take someone who isn’t into group-think. They cant stand an eagle because they’re a bunch of chickens in a coop. So, they peck. These bottom-feeding totalitarian filth are just like the neo Nazi’s on Gab. The neo Nazi dumbells on Gab are always chasing after Joooo’s. The Leftists just can’t leave the patriotic Americans the hell alone. It’s an everyday inquisition.

This fat schmuck, Brian Seltzer is verrrryyyyy upset says that “Conservatives are going into bunkers”.


You all pushed them to Parler!!!!

I will tell you something: When I was on Gab and the neo Nazis (yes, they were there on Gab in droves from 2016-2018), I used to tell them: “You don’t want Jews in America or EU, you should be happy they are moving to Israel”. But, the neo Nazi’s were not happy with that–still they complained and nagged. Eventually, one of them went in and murdered 11 Jews in a Synagogue. His name was Bowers. He was ONE lone lunatic. The Left is the SAME way with Conservative people. But, they have all the power in government by fraud. The Left was not happy with Conservatives on Twitter, now the Conservatives are on Parler. And, in this video above, they are miserable that the Conservatives want to move on with life. The Left didnt want them on twitter. They don’t want Conservatives on Parler. You know where they DO want Conservatives? In the grave. Just like the neo Nazis want with Jews. And, they’ll try it.


See how Leftists are blind to how they are? Now, you will begin to understand why Hitler and Stalin and their head brass never thought they did a thing wrong: Because they, like the left do not stop for a minute to halt their insanity. Do you realize how dangerous these bastards are? If you don’t, you’re stupid.


They will not stop, people. They will not ever stop. Do you understand this? They will not stop: Just like the National Socialists in Germany did not stop with Jews and the Bolsheviks did not stop with Orthodox Christians and religious Jews….They will NOT stop the same way.

They are already talking about re-educating you and putting you before a firing squad. They do this all while they call you a ‘Nazi’.

Bless their murderous, serial-killing, lying souls.

@vijaya Is THE “Architect” Of #Twitter Censorship Fiasco. #FireVajaya Gadde, OR: REMOVE §230 Protection

@vijaya Is THE Problem On Twitter: #FireVajaya Gadde. OR: REMOVE 230 Protection

Twitter shareholders have one choice or the other with this fiasco that is happening on the platform. They have taken to censoring most Conservative content, even stretching so far as to censor the Press Secretary or even the President of the U.S. Who ever heard of censoring the Press Secretary or the President of the U.S.??

Who does that?

I’ll tell you who does it: A militant feminist and immigrant named Vajaya Gadde from India who has zero regard for political heads of state. And, I will tell you how bad this really is. The Communist machine at Politico is singing Gadde’s praises for going full ‘resistance’.

Gadde was a lead architect of the policy approach that led Twitter to clamp down on everyone from everyday harassers to the Proud Boys to President Donald Trump, and she’s been out front in defending it, arguing that the shift makes sense as corporate strategy. Said Gadde in an interview by phone from her home in San Francisco in July, of the decision to ban political ads: “It wasn’t about anything other than, ‘This is the right thing to do for us as a company.’”

Click to read it

This is the ‘right’ thing to do? As a company? Censor the President? Since when? This is not ok in ANY event, Left OR Right. But, this is par for the course for many females in powerful positions. Sure, this is a strong statement. But, if you have worked in large corp’s where women work in upper management, you understand how pushy and bossy they are. You know that they screw up many business decisions. They just do. Its not business to them, its PERSONAL. Many females are just lousy corporate executives. And, Gadde is probably the worst the corporate world has EVER seen. Prove this?

EXCERPT from Politico:

Inside Twitter’s headquarters, Gadde and Dorsey work from spaces next door to each other. Said one Twitter official: “I can’t imagine a world where Jack looks at her and says, ‘No.’”

Nobody says “NO” to this bimbo. Believe me. NOBODY. They will have to ax this militant, power-mad hag or face the removal of their §230 protection. YES, it is possibly going to be THAT bad. Because, she is a lawyer, a female, dark-skinned and a ‘minority’. I guess we could say “GOTCHA” to Jack. Because SHE is in charge–NOT Jack. And, she will have her way, “I am woman“. And, Jack, dear? “Hell hath no fury like the wrath of a woman scorned.”

Thats “DIEver$hitty” for ya!

Jack is already chitting bricks.. He knows that removal of §230 protection just may be his fate because NOBODY says “NO” to Vajaya.

JACK is suddenly ‘worried’ about Free Speech? He has allowed so many people to be censored, shadow banned or suspended from Twitter. He should be punished. License revoked, §230 removed from HIS platform. Enough of big tech totalitarians.


#Twitter @vijaya Is A Horrible #Feminist. #ResignVijaya NOW

Dorsey Admits To Mob-Driven Censorship On Twitter During Heated Section 230 Hearing



The diseased witch feminist from India, Vagaya Gadde, a horrible immigrant and a lousy feminist has the world as her little stage. This idiot lunatic is in charge of Twitters ‘safety and trust’. Never has a large corp had such an incompetent moron in charge.

Twitter Censors US President Trump Again After He Questions Election Integrity!

NEVER was Barack Obama monitored or censored. We cant have this. We cannot keep this up. There are leaders all over the world looking at what Twitter’s ‘trust and safety’ department is doing. The Left has made a complete mockery of leadership, not only all over the world–but now here at home. This hag needs to be canned. In fact, that whole company needs a complete overhaul. Someone needs to take-over Twitter ASAP.


Mail in ballots have had serious issues for 6 months already & Trump is correct: UPDATED: Accounts Of Dem & Repub Voter Fraud, 2020:

A hostile takeover is the acquisition of one company (called the target company) by another (called the acquirer) that is accomplished by going directly to the company’s shareholders or fighting to replace management to get the acquisition approved. A hostile takeover can be accomplished through either atender offer or a proxy fight.

Twit’s @jack Dorsey Does What He Wants Bcz He Knows GOP Is FECKLESS: A Dog N Pony Show

Jack Dorsey's Square just got a BitLicense to trade bitcoin

If only more Republican people understood that the GOP will do absolutely nothing about Dorsey’s abuse of power and platform censorship. If only more Conservatives would wake up and see the the GOP is just Pinko, Marxist light. The GOP sits back and laughs their collective a$$es off at the gullible Republican people and the Left laughs more because they know without a shadow of a doubt that absolutely nothing will happen to Jack Dorsey:

Subpoena? Big deal. Means nothing. Just means that Dorsey will appear before Congress, answer some GOP softball questions and then go home. Hell, if the Congress could not even put Eric Holder behind bars for contempt OF congress, just what makes you think that anything will happen to Dorsey?

The Commies always win because the GOP lets them win–again, and again and again and again and again……….. People should have been lynched decades ago. Instead we have treacherous filth like John Kerry and Jane Fonda alive today and just as mouthy as ever.


Until these people HANG, I have absolutely zero faith in the ‘justice’ system of America. Its a damned joke. A cruel one at that.

God have mercy. God, please punish these bottom feeders. God, I look to you to deliver your wrath upon these evil, corrupt bastards.

Hello, I'm super rich (Twit)ter CEO Jack Dorsey and I want to silence  disenet — Steemit

Bout Damned Time! #TRUMP Signing Exec Order To Stop Twitter Totalitarians

Bout Damned Time! #TRUMP Signing Exec Order To Stop Twitter Totalitarians

Adolf Twitler (@MrAdolfTwitler) | Twitter

This morning, I was super pissed off at hearing Trump threatening the Social Media Communist pigs, Jack Dorsey’s Twitter.  Well, finally, he is supposedly going to sign an exec order to stop their bs:  Developing: Big News! President Trump to Sign Executive Order on “Social Media” Thursday Morning

Trump To Sign Social Media Executive Order On Thursday After ‘Fact-Check’, Political Bias Exposed

Good, bout friggin time!    Twitter makes me SICK!  

I have been on Twitler with 3 different names.  The first time I signed up, I was suspended for posting ONE TWEET saying “Hello”.  That was in 2012. In 2013, I signed up and was there until 2016.  Twitter banned me for fighting back against gay fascists.    The 3rd time I went back, I was pissed off at the constant Nazi pigs on Gab and went back to help my good ZOG friends.  I would post antique photos of Israel.  The Communist, Jew hating pigs finally turned me in and got me banned for saying “BIMBO”.

After that, I was thru because they banned my IP indefinitely.   I’m so hurt… Lol.

Here were my words this morning:


Im so glad Trump FINALLY is doing something about this crap and maybe I’m wrong. I sure hope so.