Zul Mohamed: Carrollton, TX Mayoral Candidate Arrested For #VOTERFRAUD

Oct 8, 1:33 PM.

Zul Mohamed: Carrollton, TX Mayoral Candidate Arrested For #VOTERFRAUD ***We are keeping track of Voter Fraud: UPDATED: Accounts Of Dem & Repub Voter Fraud, 2020:

I don’t think ZUL was with a party. It says on his Facebook page that he was “Independent”. Click to see his Facebook page: Think Zul for Carrollton City Council Place 3

Zul Mohamed, who’s running to become the mayor of Carrollton, a city roughly one hour north of Dallas. Zul, the Texas mayoral candidate was arrested Wednesday night and faces felony voter fraud charges after allegedly sending 84 applications for mail-in ballots.

Asked why he was running for the office, Mohamed answered, “I am a young, fresh face for office that represents a shifting demographic of our city. In recent years, I had felt Carrollton had fallen behind in terms of what is modern and innovative.” Asked what were the three most important actions he would take, if elected, Mohamed replied, “First and foremost, I would pass a city ordinance banning the open carry of firearms. Click to see Dallas Morning News.

Copy/Paste. WordPress has this new ‘block’ post garbage and it works like chit: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/texas-mayoral-candidate-arrested-for-mail-in-ballot-fraud

***We are keeping track of Voter Fraud: UPDATED: Accounts Of Dem & Repub Voter Fraud, 2020:

Joshua Feuerstein: “Dozens Of BRICKS Placed Randomly At Riots In Dallas, TX”

Joshua Feuerstein: “Dozens Of BRICKS Placed Randomly At Riots In Dallas, TX”

Of course.  This is what Soros does.  Trump is lax on arresting Soros. Strike the Shepherd and the sheep will be scattered.  I don’t know why he does not take care of this.

· 6 hrs

This is DALLAS! These loads of bricks are placed “randomly” on the corners of streets the nights of these riots? Coincidence? You’re NAIVE if you don’t think there are major political strategists behind these “spontaneous” riots! SHARE … BECAUSE FAKE NEWS WONT!


Serious #BlackPrivilege: Son Of Barack Completely Vandalizes Store In Houston, TX

Serious #BlackPrivilege: Son Of Barack Completely Vandalizes Store In Houston, TX

Obama’s kid walked into this store and vandalized everything in site. For what? Dunno. The Kenyan experiment has failed. Please put a White Christian, God fearing man back in charge.  Someone please do something, its going to get worse if you dont.


We know…We are not supposed to talk about this problem because…


#MichaelSavage EXPLOSIVE Show On #BostonBombing, Cover-Up, #Amnesty, Etc..

#MichaelSavage EXPLOSIVE Show On #BostonBombing, Cover-Up, #Amnesty, Etc..

This is an older video, about 2 wks ago or so.  Because West, TX shook me up so bad, I had decided to leave the Boston bombing alone..

The radical leftists have taken over the country-he says 3/4 of the way in to the video.  We all know this.  How to stop it is the question.  He says the left wing does not want to ‘know’ what they’ve done to the country because it’s so bad.  He says that the ‘right wing dictatorship’ that the Commies always feared is here in the Communist/left-wing/Democrat party.  I agree. 100%.  The ‘right wing’ in America has not ever been fascistic or dictatorial because that is anti-American to the max.  We only want our basics back; secure borders, traditional marriage, NO more baby murder. Constitution.

The fascism is the Communist/Marxist/Radical left.

The reason, Michael Savage.. that Boston incident was ‘covered up’, (or whatever happened) was to HIDE the Texas terrorist massacre.  IF there is a ‘false flag’, ‘cover-up’, there MUST be a reason.  West, TX was the reason.  We still don’t hear a thing about West, TX to this day. How the plant had a lawsuit against Monsanto. How Monsanto hires Blackwater.  How Obama signed the “Monsanto protection act”.  Then “POOF”, a whole plant AND town is gone with the win.   I disagree that they are not “Nazis”, Mr. Savage.  They are a combination of both Communism AND Nazi-ism.


…And people wonder why I have the moniker “The Mad Jewess”

Obama’s Non-Natural Born Status Leaves Him Open To Blackmail

Obama’s Non-Natural Born Status Leaves Him Open To Blackmail

In the 1990’s, Obama had no issue with his own bio which he submitted for pamphlet’s saying he was ‘born in Kenya’:

It is truth that the West, TX fertilizer plant has had a long, drawn-out lawsuit with corporate bully, Monsanto.  It is documented in the Wall Street Journal.  Monsanto has been kicked out of quite a few countries.  The GMO giant does not want to lose stupid Americans as customers to stay alive and buy their products while killing them with GMO foods. (WSJ: Before the Blast, West Fertilizer’s Monsanto Lawsuit)

It is a fact that the mercenary group known as “Blackwater” is owned by Monsanto: Monsanto hired mercenary Blackwater to infiltrate anti-GMO groups

Fact:(Could be Blackmail?) Obama signed the  Monsanto Protection Act into Law 

That could have been the weapon (blackmail) Monsanto used to perform the West, TX tragedy?

Video author:

I slowed the video down to a frame by frame analysis, and there is a prior explosion that occurs about two football fields away from the fertilizer facility, before the facility explodes. How is that possible?

How many more laws, bills, etc have been signed because of potential Blackmail?? What about the anti-gun, UN??  It is time for American people to use their brains. Unless you want the media to do that for you.  Meaning you are already Communists.

-David Ben Moshe

Rand Paul Love Drones, Now. That’s Because He Hasn’t Seen What Happened In West, TX #COMMIE Media

Rand Paul Love Drones, Now. That’s Because He Hasn’t Seen What Happened In West, TX:  RAND LEARNS TO LOVE THE DRONE!

Even Commie Media Matters is covering this;  ‘Cable News Ignores The Regulatory History‘ but they are not talking about the BOMB that hit the Texans.  Of course not, it does not suit their agenda.. They are only worried about OSHA.  Typical to not think of murdered Texans and only worried about OSHA. That’s the Communist way…

NOW: Rand Paul should have seen what happened in West, TX.  And because he hasn’t, he will be OK with drones, missiles, whatever.  But, the ‘drones on us’ now.

The blood of the Texan cries out for justice.  Nobody in the MSM or even most conservative blogs will report what happened there.  Too afraid to be labeled ‘conspiracy wackos’   I am not interested in conspiracies.  I am interested in why the media – on either side- has totally covered up this story.  I never said much of anything about Boston because God put it on my heart that something worse was going to happen. He also put it on my heart to not be distracted as you all have been.   I am interested in the truth.  If I was wrong, I would apologize.  Immediately.  But, I am not wrong and West, TX has been missiled.  The #COMMUNIST MSM SELECTS what they want you to see and you fall for it.

Just go on about your dumb lives…nothing to see here..

Some military vets on the message boards are declaring (adamantly) that the orange flash seen from the left just before the explosion is a missile — possibly a JDAM.

4000 Pilot Program Students Will Be Forced To Wear RFID Chip In san Antonio, TX

Can’t we just contain this to Obama and his ‘people?’  Isn’t the something about a mark in the New Testament/Christian Bible?

Texas: Illegal Alien Forces Pre-School Aged Sisters to Drink his Semen

Obama’s ‘dream act’ is a dream for illegals and a nitemare for Americans. Left-wingers adore child abuse.

RIO HONDO, TEXAS – A Rio Hondo teen is behind bars following a sexual abuse investigation where he allegedly confessed to making his victims drink his bodily fluids.

Cameron County Sheriff Department deputies arrested 19-year-old Juan Henoch Mejia on Wednesday.



America’s New 3rd Rail; NO TALKING ABOUT ISLAMIC INSANITY-Geller Banned From Speaking In TX, & TN

  Move over seniors, Hispanics & black people. Nope, not saying Jews, because Jew-hate is all over the place.  And I can debate you animals that hate the Jews. The ADL can’t, because they are LEFTIST COWARDS, but I can.   

  There is a neo 3rd rail: ISLAM.  Nevermind that this ‘religion’ is murdering people all over the world, the most courtesy should be given to B. Hussein Obama, by the way, for his love for Al Queda and the Muslim bro’hood.  Nevermind how these SAVAGES rip apart female genitals, have sex with goats, and cut off hands.  Not to worry, it’s all for the ‘greater good.’  Islam and Leftism are great friends, with their ally, The “American” Nazi party. 

  Pamela Geller from Atlas Shrugs has been banned from 2 hotels, for excersizing her 2nd Amendment right of free speech. One hotel in TX, one in TN.  Imagine the south allowing this. Unbelievable.  Pretty soon, they will be taking your daughters and sons, indoctrinating them in school and you, the parent will not be able to say a word, because it will be a hate crime if you dont allow your own flesh and blood to become an Islamic nut.

See these links:

AFDI/SIOA Condemns Nashville Hutton Hotel’s Cancellation of Freedom Conference, Capitulation to Islamic Supremacism

AFDI/SIOA Calls on Hyatt Hotels to Apologize, Institute Sensitivity Training After Caving Into Islamic Supremacist Pressure

Illegals Stealing Our Border Fence To Keep Out Guatemalens

Go to fullsize imageThe wetback-illegals have their own illegals, and they are stealing our fence to keep their illegals out.. Thats something. This used to be AMERICA and nobody fucked with us.  Now everyone fucks with us and nobody gives a shit.  I say, lets go down there and blow away every last g’damned illegal to kingdom come.

SEE: Illegals Stealing Our Boarder Fence To Keep Out Guatemalan’s