The Mad Jewess Camp: It’s OK To Call Obama An Illegal Alien & A Murderer

Obama says its OK to call Mittens Romney a Felon and a killer.  So, tit for tat.  Obama IS a murderer.  Anyone who knows about Donald Young, Breitbart, Fast n Furious,  knows that Obama is a serial killer.  How many murders in Libya, Egypt, Pakistan, Syria?  All of this has happened under Obama the (ILLEGAL/S) watch.

Obama is a MURDERER.  

Obama, the Muslim, Kenyan, Marxist, psychopathic, lunatic is also an illegal alien who stole a seat that is not rightfully his.  We are to disrespect this tyrannical piece of drek every day of our lives.  He was not even eligible to be president, but the Bolsheviks in the DEM party allowed him to be prez. So they are accessories to murder, as well.  If it is OK for Obama to call Mittens a killer, we have every right to name Obama a murderer and an illegal alien/usurper.

I am The Mad Jew bitch and I approve this message.