MEMPHIS: St. Jude Hospital Threatens To Fire Staffers Who Don’t Take Vaccine: (Which KILLS People)

MEMPHIS: St. Jude Hospital Threatens To Fire Staffers Who Don’t Take Vaccine: (Which KILLS People)

Im sitting here crying. I never cry. I feel just awful because the people in charge of the Hospitals are becoming tyrannical and Luciferian. They’re going to cut workers off from their income, they will not be able to pay for their mortgages, food, etc. Its making me sick. Many people will not receive this vaccine solely for the reason that it has killed 10,000 people, folks.

The Hospital is literally telling their staff, “Either line up for a shot That MAY kill you or no job.”

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) – St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis is now requiring employees to get vaccinated against coronavirus or be terminated. CLICK TO READ IT HERE.

So, play Russian roulette with your life?

Still believe we’re not in tribulation? Well, we ARE.

Image from Health Impact News

There will come a time (in the months ahead) where you will not be able to buy or sell without a vaccine with the mark on your wrist or forehead. I believe that first ‘they’ will give you the ‘vaccine’, then tell you you must get the mark for your proof of vaxx which will be like a grocery scanner mark. People who do not get the vaccine will be ostracized and persecuted: WORLDWIDE.

BOLD Man Tells School Board: “You Force #Vaccinate Our Children & It’ll Be 1776 All Over Again”

BOLD Man Tells School Board: “You Force Vaccinate Our children & It’ll Be 1776 All Over Again”

Good! Give these tyrannical beasts a rebel yell. Men HAVE to unite bigtime and ‘bring it to em’. This man does just that:

Rebellion To Tyrants Is Obedience To God - Ben Franklin - Sticker |  TeePublic

I’m With You, @EricClapton

I’m With You, @EricClapton Eric Clapton Decries Pandemic Response, Vaccine Safety in Angry Letter

I was reading how Eric Clapton feels very alone. No one is ‘rebelling’ against tyranny. Yes, we are. But, many of us have been monitored, censored, banned, some demonetized and more. You can’t see us because the Communist, Fascist pigs have stolen our public voices.

But, I stand with you and so do the few sane heads I know. I really appreciate this one song you did back in the 1990’s. “My Father’s Eyes”. I can’t tell you how much that song touched my life. I pray that god releases a strong anointing on your music….’for such a time as this’. And, remember, many of us are out here—with you.

The Razor Wire Fence Now In DC Is The 1st Honest Thing Politicians Have EVER Done

The Razor Wired Fence Now In DC Is The 1st Honest Thing Politicians Have EVER Done

Make NO mistake….the fence in DC has nothing to do with the ‘Shaman’ or ‘Q’ and the entering of the capital by some people who are fed up with DC politicians. The Left has gone into the capital to protest a few times. On Jan 6th, it was the supposed ‘right wing’ and now these politicians are scared? Nope.

The fence has to do with the Democrats and many Republicans absolutely knowing that they are an enemy to Americans and we are an enemy to them. Finally, they have made their stance known to us. Not in history have we ever had to have a fence with razor wire in DC around the capital. NOT EVER.

The fence is there and will probably stay there because the politicians in DC have anti American agendas. And, this goes for the Republicans as well.

The fence is there to say:


Finally, these scumbags have made their agenda known & are totally honest There is no more ‘guessing’. They hate you & they will do as they please. YOU are their enemy and they are yours and ‘THEY‘ have proclaimed it. ‘They‘ shot American, Ashli Babbitt on Jan 6th to make it known that they WILL murder you if you are in defiance to their tyrannical agenda.

The people who went into the capital were UNARMED. In fact: (Kevin D. Greeson, 55, of Athens) In a statement to a local news channel, his family remembered Mr. Greeson as a good father and motorcycle enthusiast and said he “was not there to participate in violence or rioting, nor did he condone such actions.”

Now that you understand your position, stop wondering what ‘they’ are going to do. ‘They’ have every intention of making OUR lives miserable & fortified this by erecting that razor wire fence & WILL use the Troops that WE pay for against us. (This is every Liberal’s nitemare, by the way) but the Liberals and the radical Communists are the ones in support of this:

Up To 25,000 Troops In Washington For Inauguration | WBEZ Chicago

A Cuban Speaks: If Your Govt Tells You Where You Can/Cannot Go & What To Wear:

A Cuban Speaks: If Your Govt Tells You Where You Can/Cannot Go & What To Wear:


How the hell should I know?: If it quacks like a duck...

A woman who fled Cuba to come to the U.S. gives her perspective on the current situation with lockdowns etc;

I have said this before and I will say it again. I am Cuban, born and raised in Miami Florida , the great United States of America.

If you are standing in line, waiting for toilet paper and rations of your food, and your government is telling you what businesses can and cannot operate..

If your government is telling you where you can and cannot go to, travel to, (what to wear)and move about freely …

If the media is exploiting and exaggerating a common virus that is 97% survivable, and the majority of the people are being herded like sheep…

Then you are taking part in the beginning of Socialism.  Socialism becomes Communism, Communism becomes dictatorship, and dictatorship eventually and always leads to genocide…

Do not take my word for it and do the research yourself. Nowhere in history has socialism ever succeeded.    Today, in 2020, Venezuelan government is killing their own people on the streets. It happened in Cuba, it happened in China, it happened in Russia, it happens today in North Korea…

I challenge anyone to change my mind on this.”

-An American from  CUBA

If It’s Not A Dictatorship, Why Are Journalists Protesting A White House Ban On Photographers?

If It’s Not A Dictatorship, Why Are Journalists Protesting A White House Ban On Photographers?

Last night, I was in a chatroom on paltalk.  There was a Socialist in there.  He could not seem to comprehend that all Socialists were not like him.  He lives his Socialist life in private and does not push it on other people.  Fine, I can deal with that.  To each his own.   But, he thinks Socialist/Commie Obama is just like him.  If Obama IS just like him, then Why are Journalists protesting White House ban on photographers?

An administration that is supposedly ‘transparent’ should not be keeping journalist/photographers in the dark.. Here ends the lesson: The left, for the most part, is totalitarian. It’s their way or the highway.  Every thing they call you, they ARE.  Fight them, every day.


Is he going to set up a ministry of propaganda? 

Communist-Fascist, Harry Reid Has Given Obama Full Power, Today

Communist-Fascist, Harry Reid Has Given Obama Full Power, Today

How is this ‘law’ going to work for your Democrats when the right is forced to seize power?

In a sane world, we would take Harry Reid and hang him by his balls and then put him before a firing squad.  But, America is not sane.  And the Democrat party is not your Grandma’s Democrat party, it is a Communist party.  Who is going to stop Harry Reid? Darrell Issa?  Why men are not marching on WDC is beyond me.

Our sociopathic Government, by Harry Reid in 2008: The nuclear option, “simply put, would be the end of the United States Senate.”  More on THAT.

Excerpted from WASHINGTON POST: The partisan battles that have paralyzed Washington in recent years took a historic turn on Thursday, when Senate Democrats eliminated filibusters for most presidential nominations, severely curtailing the political leverage of the Republican minority in the Senate and assuring an escalation of partisan warfare.

The rule change means federal judge nominees and executive-office appointments can be confirmed by a simple majority of senators, rather than the 60-vote super majority that has been required for more than two centuries.  Keep Reading

Porker, Fat-Ass Chris Christie (Obama Lackie) Attacking Rand Paul Who’s (Pro-Constitution)

Porker, Fat-Ass Chris Christie (Obama Lackie) Attacking Rand Paul (Constitutional Libertine)

Christie should just go back to eating candy, pizza and wacking off with that fat putz of his.

What is wrong with people?  I dont agree with everything that Rand Paul does, but he is FOR freedom.  I like Rand Paul because he is a Constitutionalist. He is an AMERICAN patriot. HE IS NOT A LEFT WINGER-GET A GRIP!!  He is against all these wars all over the Middle East.  He is for smaller government (anti left). He is against the NSA snoops. He held almost 20 hours of filibuster against these man-eating drones.  Isn’t that what people want or what?! Liberty?? If God forbid, Chris Christie got elected, he would just be Obama 3rd term. THATS THE FACTS.


Mr. Paul responded to the attack:

“If Governor Christie believes the constitutional rights and the privacy of all Americans is ‘esoteric,’ he either needs a new dictionary, or he needs to talk to more Americans, because a great number of them are concerned about the dramatic overreach of our government in recent years.”


Hat tip: 

Chris Christie: Serious as a heart attack, goes after libertarians
Christie calls Rand Paul 'dangerous'...
Warns of 'rising strand of libertarianism'...

Chris Christie song – parody of “Misty”

Some moderate Jews are worried that Rand Paul is a Jew hater. Uh, hello Jews…!! ALL Presidents are Jew haters.  Maybe we can get a Jew hater who will just leave Israel alone (If that is what you’re worried about)