VIDEO: Is Ardern, The N.Z. P.M. A Paranoid, Crack Smoking Dopehead? Evidence Suggests, YES.

VIDEO: Is Ardern, The NZ P.M. A Paranoid, Crack Smoking Dopehead? Evidence Suggests, YES.

Jacinda Ardern, the paranoid, schizo Prime Minister Of NZ is locking up Zealanders and she doesn’t even want them to talk to their neighbors. Only a Pot Smoking loser is this paranoid.


We got ONE case of Covid!”

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CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO: Tyranny-Tranny Prime Minister of New Zealand on Crack!

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Dozens Of House Members Taking Legal Action Against Obama For Abuse Of Power (E.O.’s)

Dozens OF House Members Taking Legal Action Against Obama For Abuse Of Power (E.O.’s)


In recent days, Obama signed an executive order effectively raising the minimum wage for employees of federal contractors, while his administration extended additional legal rights to same sex couples and issued new banking guidelines for legal pot businesses, among other contentious actions.

Obama throughout his presidency has pushed the envelope on recess appointments, prosecutorial discretion and the way his administration executes laws, drawing resistance from the other two branches of government.

Read more: An excess of executive power?

Just know friends, that many Prez’s have signed exec orders into oblivion.  That is not the issue, the issue is the TYPE of exec orders and the rendering of the congress as useless.  You Democrat (Communists) should get behind this because when a Repub gets in power, you don’t want HIM abusing this ‘privilege’ again.  Reign in tyrants.

  • Ronald Reagan Total: 381
  • George Bush Total: 166
  • William J. Clinton Total:  364
  • George W. Bush Total:  291
  • Barack Obama Total: 168

FIRE OBAMA NOW. BO Says “Good Thing About Being Prez, I Can Do Whatever I Want”

FIRE OBAMA NOW. BO Says “Good Thing About Being Prez, I Can Do Whatever I Want”

We know you do whatever you want, you pathetic tinpot dictator.  He has already ‘released’ over 180 military officials.  He changed the Communist-care mandate again, without congress, because he can.

He says he can:

The Weekly Standard: President Obama “quipped” today during a visit to Monticello with the French president, “That’s the good thing as a President, I can do whatever I want.”

His administration has taken boots on the ground to Libya & Egypt without congressional approval.   Arms Syrian Al Queda rebels – (    Covers up a terrorist attack (Benghazi) to retain his dictatorial status.  In what part of the Constitution does it say that a President has tyrannical, fascist powers?   Why did the liberals go insane when stupid Bush said the Constitution was ‘just a piece of paper’, but when Obama pushes the envelope even further (on a daily basis), its OK?

A white, Democrat President would not get away with this…We know why Obama gets away with imperial decrees on this blog:





If It’s Not A Dictatorship, Why Are Journalists Protesting A White House Ban On Photographers?

If It’s Not A Dictatorship, Why Are Journalists Protesting A White House Ban On Photographers?

Last night, I was in a chatroom on paltalk.  There was a Socialist in there.  He could not seem to comprehend that all Socialists were not like him.  He lives his Socialist life in private and does not push it on other people.  Fine, I can deal with that.  To each his own.   But, he thinks Socialist/Commie Obama is just like him.  If Obama IS just like him, then Why are Journalists protesting White House ban on photographers?

An administration that is supposedly ‘transparent’ should not be keeping journalist/photographers in the dark.. Here ends the lesson: The left, for the most part, is totalitarian. It’s their way or the highway.  Every thing they call you, they ARE.  Fight them, every day.


Is he going to set up a ministry of propaganda? 

As Obama the Communist Tyrant Openly Threatens Dictatorship, “Liberals” Remain Silent

As Obama the Communist Tyrant Openly Threatens Dictatorship, “Liberals” Remain Silent

Obama wants to just bypass we the people.  Whether or not you Communist-Liberals like the Republicans – if this lunatic starts making your own lives miserable, you WILL want an opposition.

This is not how we do things in America, Democrat “Liberals.”  Enough of your double standards with this Communist or we go to war and may be forced to off every last one of you.  NOTHING this enemy, Barack has done has worked. Zero.  His Communist healthcare is the biggest FUBAR in American history and you know it.  Stop this madman so that we can avert war.  We do not want this.

But should the GOP stand in the way, the president indicated he’swilling to use executive orders to accomplish his aims.
“… We have a whole drawer full of good ideas. And some of them I can do on my own, administratively.”  LINK

DICTATOR Obama: Executive Order-Presidential Commission To Promote “Efficient” Elections

DICTATOR, Obama Executive Order Establishes Presidential Commission To Promote “Efficient” Elections

Imagine if GWB did this?  Wouldn’t it be front page news? And, rightly so?  OK, I see…only if it is a GOP member does the MSM go insane.  But, its OK when the Muslim, Kenyan, ILLEGAL does it.. And, to question this piece of shit…You is waycis.

Read more, Thank you to Brock 4 the news: here is the link

If it walks like a dictator, talks like a dictator, acts like a dictator, MURDERS like a dictator- it IS a dictator.  Just keep snoozing away.. Nothing will get done. We just sit back and take this crap b/c its waycis to stand up to the MUSLIM/Marxist MADMAN.

Murdering Obama-NAZI Regime: “Drone Strikes On Americans Is Legal.” Imagine If This Was GWB?!

How do you like America now, you EVIL, leftist-NAZI, fascist filth?  I hope a drone lands on W.D.C., God willing.  The govt uses the term; “Al Qaeda.”  Has it escaped your notice that they name Conservative people; “The Taliban?”  Get used to this assault, folks.  Knowing fully well, that we as a people did nothing to stop it. I mean, physically.  How does this make you feel?  They can BOMB you with drones and they call it ‘legal.’  You idiots voted in a FASCIST- DICTATOR, murdering tyrant.  What a joke you morons are…Calling GWB a ‘fascist.’  He was a rotten GOPer, but even that idiot didn’t do this.

CLICK, NBC reporting this: DRONE STRIKES ON AMERICANS ‘LEGAL’  & Obama ‘kill list’ paper leaked, includes criteria for assassinating US citizens..Read more: here

You know, I am only a woman.  I have never believed that women are ‘equal to men’ in the war playing field (and many other places as well). At least, not American women who are emotional crazies for the most part…  I believe that Men need to go pick a fight. When and if they do, I will do all I can to help. 

You better run. If nobody does anything, you better learn to run.

We have sat back and watched other countries get droned and said; “Well, they are just Arabs.”  Now…We will ‘just be Americans.’

Isn’t it rich? Aren’t we a pair? You on the ground smoldering, me in mid-air. #SendintheDrones,  Send in the drones, there ought to be drones…Don’t bother, they’re here. #SendintheDrones

Obama: “We Don’t Need Congress To Push Our Agenda Through” More Executive Orders Coming

I warned people in 2010 (after Nov elections, GOP sweep/congress) that Obama will just push through his Marxist/NAZI agenda by executive order.  Even my own husband didn’t believe me.  But, after watching Bush push through 290 exec orders-Hell, why not just push America over the brink, even violence is on the streets, blacks will ‘occupy’ the hood. These Bolsheviks have everything mapped out.  PLEASE BE LOCKED AND LOADED. Defend your property. Defend your homes and family.  This is a DICTATOR. Period.  You folks that treated ‘birthers’ like shit, may want to think twice, now.