Obama/McCain “Vow” Not To Recognize Crimea Vote. I Do NOT Recognize Obama/McCain As Anything Except TREASONOUS.

Obama/McCain “Vow” Not To Recognize Crimea Vote. I Do NOT Recognize Obama/McCain As Anything Except TREASONOUS.

Tired of these games.  These vultures do not recognize patriotic Americans.  So, from this day forth, we no longer recognize Mr. John McCain Or Mr. Barack Hussein Obama as anything but:

1.  Traitors to the state.

2.  The worlds leading perpetrators for staging phony revolutions to bring the people of the world into submission to their military industrial complex.

3.  I accept NONE of their laws, bills, executive orders and will not obey them.

4.  They and their allies are ‘War for profit’ pirates and murderers of humanity.

5.  Terrorists.  They harbor and enable Jihadist terrorist and Neo-Nazi’s.

My house will not obey treason.  We will seek to help other nations/countries break free from the US Govt aggression and bullying.  We will stand by the Russian people and expose the US Govt at all costs, even if it means death.

We hereby do not recognize Mr. McCain or Mr. Obama nor will we respect their office.  We strongly advise that all good military men perform a silent coup without violence to bring these 2 humans plus their handlers to justice. 

We urge all of our friends to take the same stand as we now take.

An art collage from November 2013

U.S., Ukraine vow not to recognize Crimea takeover

Idiot, Marco Rubio: “Russia threat To World Peace, Lies, Etc” NO, OBAMA IS, YOU MORON

Idiot, Marco Rubio: “Russia threat To World Peace, U.S., Etc” NO, OBAMA IS YOU MORON

This is the jackass that is gung-ho for amnesty and we are supposed to believe HIM?  When has Russian threatened the USA?  IT HASN’T.  But, I am sure that Obama, Rubio and the rest would love Russia to.


America has the biggest government of damned liars, RINOS, Nazi enablers, Communists and sell outs to the MAX.  I see this vomitous gasbag does not want to bring up over 2400 civilian deaths by drones overseas, courtesy US Govt: The Toll Of 5 Years Of Drone Strikes: 2,400 Dead

Obama is the stinkin threat with his NSA expansion, “Patriot” act expansion, the everyday war against our 2nd Amendment rights, pro-partial birth abortion (decapitation of babies), thrusting LGBT insanity on us, ditto 22 million illegals with amnesty, controlled media, you name it!  I am SICK of these phoney’s!  Add Ted Cruz to the mix of asshats who dont know a f’n thing regarding Russia:
“Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas said last week RU should be booted out of the Group of Eight, the World Trade Organization and the United Nations Security Council.”   Look at the vomotious gasbag, John Kerry, advising RU:  ‘Invasion Is Not the Act of Someone Who Is Strong’

WHAT?  Under Barack Obama, we are the idiots who invade through proxies in Egypt, Libya, Syria and now Ukraine.  Don’t believe me?  Just ask John McCain and Victoria Nuland who were both in Ukraine engaging the violent rioters.  Google it yourself to see, I am sick of this crap.


Phony ass-Rubio: Russia Is a Government of Liars and an Enemy to World Peace and the US

imgflip.comNO WAR IN UKRAINE.

WSJ: Anti-Christian, Obama ‘Reaches Out’ To Syrian Jihadi, Throat-Chopping Rebels

Anti-Christian, Obama Reaches Out To Syrian Jihadi, Throat-Chopping Rebels

Obama commits treason, daily and nobody does anything to remove this impostor.


I fear that I have neglected Obama’s war-mongering aggression against the Syrian Christians for far too long.  Here the bastard goes again with aiding Jihadists, empowered by Juan McCain, the Communist hybrid.   Obama needs to be put on an executioners chocking block for crimes against humanity.  I’m tired of being nice to this enabler of enemies to the whole planet.  People wonder why I respect Putin; It’s because he has the guts to stand up to Hussein Obama and to help the minority Christians in Syria.  Whereas, Obama funds and empowers throat-chopping, filthy, infidel, Muslim SLOBS.

“U.S., Allies Reach Out to Syria’s Islamist Rebels”  The Wall Street Journal

This is what King Obama LOVES:

LYING Obama Says “No Regime Change” In Syria, But Said Assad ‘MUST STEP DOWN & RESIGN’ In 2011

LYING Obama Says “No Regime Change” In Syria, But Said Assad STEP DOWN & RESIGN In 2011

QV & I have been keeping  you posted on this mess in Syria for over 2 years. (OBAMAS MESS)  Many morons believe that we should go into Syria.  Syria did ZERO to threaten America.  It’s the REBELS that are using the chem weapons, O’Reilly, you stupid idiot.

There is no end to the lies OBAMA tells on a daily basis.  Obama is the captain of lying, psychobabble.  He is the head honcho of the fabricating crooks.  I wish that Russia and Syria would tell OBAMA to step the f down.  This is such unbelievable BS.. I can’t even believe the news, anymore.  When leadership is evil, there is lawlessness and that is exactly what AmeriKa has reaped under Obama the insane.

Obama: Syrian President Assad Must Step Down – Huffington Post

Obama Calls on Assad to Step Down, Imposes New Sanctions | Fox 

U.S., Europe call for Syrian leader al-Assad to step down – CNN.com

Syria: Assad must resign, says Obama | World news | The Guardian

U.S. and Allies Say Syria Leader Must Step Down – NYTimes.com

Obama finally tells Assad to go – Right Turn – The Washington Post



Beware of my fav R rated vid here.

Read it here about “no regime changeLiar: White House: possible action on Syria ‘not about regime change‘ …

Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret. Letter to the Editor about Independence Day, Prayer for Our Country and Flying the U.S. Flag in Distress

Letter to editor:

Which is the right approach during this Independence Day – …celebrate or pray?

There is reason to celebrate based on the God fearing sacrificial efforts of our Founding Fathers, their Declaration of Independence and follow on US Constitution, and the willing sacrificial blood of millions of patriots over 235 years which knitted a fabric of freedom and liberty unknown in the human world.

There is also urgent reason to pray given America is now under a despotic thumb, the moral compass guiding America is without conscience, aliens are devouring our strength, idol worship in the forms of wealth and power, corruption and immorality abounds throughout, and preying on one another is without apology.

Hypocritical political leaders have shredded our constitution, divided our nation with “smooth, tricky, treacherous, slippery, deceitful, unreliable speech” and done so with unabashed fervor that reflects evil of the worst dimension. The solemn oath leaders take is a meaningless Proforma exercise for most, and neglected without guilt by practically all.

American government has sanctioned the killing of our helpless, abandoned God to the point of forbidding the word God or Jesus during burial services of our warriors in a veterans cemetery. America today should take note of Israel’s sad past experience and the high price paid for forsaking God.

Our American flag symbolizes our nation, it’s strength, freedom and liberty.

During times of right direction it is flown with the 50 stars in the upper left corner. In times of ‘distress” and “grave danger” the US flag is flown with the 50 stars in the lower left corner. …This Independence Day I will pray and fly my flag in “distress” mode.

Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret