HYPOCRITE: Nasty, Hateful, MEAN, Satanic, Anti-Christ Obama MASKLESS At his Ivory Tower In Hawaii. What’s He All Mad At?

HYPOCRITE: Nasty, Hateful, MEAN, Satanic, Anti-Christ Obama MASKLESS At his Ivory Tower In Hawaii. What’s He All Mad At?

I never wear the mask because it’s DISGUSTING spitting all over your face all day long. Slobbering on your mug. YUCK!


Most people don’t believe me or Geir but the Anti-Christ was already ‘revealed’ in 2008 as Barack Hussein Obama. There was even a Lottery draw after he won the election to show us he’s the devil, (the numbers came up ‘666’). But, nobody believes it. They’re waiting for someone who will be like a movie star..

Obama is the 1 that works through Biden and uses sick, old demented Joe as his mouthpiece (a mouthpiece is the same as a prophet in the spiritual world whether false or true). Barry the violent monster is the one trying to start WW3 to totally destroy America & the whole west including Israel. He is the 1 behind ALL of the evil you see coming out of the White House. If the DNC throws Biden to the side, Obama will just use Kamala and she’ll be the ‘whore’ of Babylon DC – USA.





Trouble in paradise? Scowling Barack Obama inspects the construction of his new multimillion-dollar Hawaii mansion and controversial sea wall which his neighbors fear will erode the beachline

Hideously Ugly, Mean-Spirited Lesbian Writes Book To “Eradicate” Men

Hideously Ugly, Mean-Spirited Lesbian Writes Book To “Eradicate” Men

She wants to eradicate all men. She claims she only consumes things made by women. That’s a lie. She, no doubt uses a smartphone: Made by a man. She probably uses a computer: Made by men. She takes a shower: invented and maintained by men. She cooks in a microwave, invented by a man. She sits on furniture: made by men. She drives a car: Made by men. She also drives on highways: built and maintained by men. She turns on a light switch: Made by men. She washes dishes in a sink, built and maintained by men.

Everything this hag uses is MADE BY MEN. Nice try, ugly!

Women CANNOT exist without men. However, men CAN exist without women.

Paris city Councillor Alice Coffin, has revealed in her debut book, Lesbian Genius, that she doesn’t listen to music, read books, or watch films made by men and her partner Yuri also only consumes things that have been produced by women. ‘It’s not enough to help one another, we have to erase them. Erase them from our minds, from our pictures, from our representation. I don’t read books by men anymore, I don’t watch their movies, I don’t listen to their music’, she writes. The rest: https://rb.gy/9xkb2h

Totally looks like…
Owen Wilson Biography | Fandango

How bout we eradicate ugly feminists and their allies… 😀

Ugly, Lesbian, Feminist Bitch Calls For The End Of Men & End Of White People

Ugly, Lesbian, Feminist Bitch Calls For The End Of Men & End Of White Race

Watch this video in the link below.  The HAG wants the end of white people.  Did she look at her dog-ugly self?  She is white.  So, let’s start with her–>One less radical, lesbian, dog-ugly feminist pig.   At any rate, this is what modern day feminism is:  Man hatred.  Nothing more.  Imagine if some speaker called for the deaths of all lesbian broads and blacks?  Are you kidding?!  The double standard is hypocrisy.


This IS What “Gay” Looks Like.

This IS What “Gay” Looks Like.

In USA, today…this is what ‘gay’ looks like…

Enough pussy-footin around.  “Gay” is not a couple of men tip-toeing through the tulips.   Or fairies running through the forest in Monterey.  It is not even my own fruity, little uncle who was funny & danced with the “Village People” in his Carmel Highlands home, told hilarious little jokes & was loved and adored..  

Gay” in America is an angry, ugly, fascistic, left-wing male who craves your sons and would like to sodomize you.  It’s not about marrying each other, either.  It’s about killing, no, murdering off the American spirit, totally.  It’s about destroying marriage and perverting your church.  Think not?

Listen to this video and understand the mindset of the leftist, militant, nasty, GLAAD-style, drama queen:

And, let me tell you something:  My posts are NOT ‘helping gay-rights’.  You already have the same rights as any other American.   YOU are finishing yourselves off and encouraging crazies to go back to the days of ‘bashing a fag’ in the streets..    AND, if there are ANY laws made that are called ‘hate crime laws’, on behalf of ‘gays’,  it will be ONLY because you Commie-queers wish to enforce your nasty sh*tholes over WE THE PEOPLE.  Thats the facts.  YOU are encouraging hatred with this sick, depraved militancy.  NO ‘hate crime laws’ are necessary with a free-spirited people/s, ‘gay’ or straight.

IF you are a conservative fruity patriot, you seriously need to renounce this EVIL behavior we have seen in the last 2 weeks with the ‘gay,’ left-wing freaks.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Gets A Serena Williams Make-Over By The Mad Jewess

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Gets A Serena Williams Make-Over By The Mad Jewess

I see that Miss Wasserman Shitz loves softball, & sports..  Me and @ZillaStevenson decided to give the old dog a new do to fit her love for the game.. 

Here is Miss Williams:

Shitz is dog ugly, so we helped her for you, APB

Here is Debbie before:

Here is lovely Debbie after with her Serena Williams make over:

WHAT A JOKE: Vogue Magazine Portrays Shultz as a beauty queen  – The Mad Jewess

WOW! Did You See Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s FAT ASS Last Night On Hannity?

blonde:3  Were any of you watching Hannity last night?? (He is the only one I can really tolerate, anymore)   WOW, they showed a quick glance of thunder things, Wasserman Shultz.. Whata Lard Ass!

Who knew that bitch had such HUGE thighs and a FAT ASS!! LMAOFF! If her tuchas was any bigger, it would walk by itself.   Her ass is so fat, she got her own zip code. Her butt is so big, I can see it from the front.  Her ass is so fat,  she must have been baptized in Sea World.

They really go out of their way to HIDE THAT ASS!  You would never know her ass is so big, and she also so ugly according to VOGUE: WHAT A JOKE: Vogue Magazine Portrays Shultz as a beautiful woman.. .

Bootay Call!

Ugly, Angry, Insane, Satanic Muslims In San Fransicko: “F’ck You Jew” While Being Arrested For Violence

Hurry up, Muslims and leftists…Hurry, call the ACLU and tell them to stop bloggers from showing these pathetic morons.  Stick up for them.  Come to their aid against us ‘aggressors’..   This is what we get for not kicking out the sickass Muslim piece of shit out of the White House.  A country with mongrels who hate Jews AND Christians. 

Enjoy your new AmeriKa.

BTW: Everyone is a Jew to a person that is just a Jew hater.  So, if you like Israel, get used to the love.

Also, to this little pussy-Muzzie who said “F’ck you Jews”:

The Most Hideous Picture Of Hillary Rotten Clinton EVER

This is the ugliest picture I have ever seen of the most corrupted bitch in the planet. Send this absolute disgusting hag to some Muslim land where they will cover her face with a burqa. How in the hell does that gasbag, Bill Clinton wake up to this freak everyday?  No wonder he was acting like a devil with that blue dress. This witch is positively the ugliest nag alive.

I just have one thought:


UGLY Pig-Snout Face- Rep. Waxman Turns On Compadre Jews: “They Will Vote R To Protect Wealth”

~Look how ugly-spirited this freak is, inside and out.  He is rich himself and he is saying that Jews will vote R so that they can ‘protect their wealth.’  Wow.. So, all Jews are rich as Roosevelt in Wax-snouts empty head.. OK.  WHATEVER.  I will tell you why they are voting R.  The Demoncats are JEW-HATERS, period. 

Dont you GET this yet? Demoncats hate GOD. They hate Christians, and they hate the Jewish people.  Most of all, they hate America as much as they hate Israel.  STOP SUPPORTING THE EVIL, Jewish people, just STOP the insanity.

You Demo-Jews: Tell WaxSNOUT he is next and Boxer, Feinstein, ETC.  RID yourself of these EVIL “Jewish” Demoncats in the house and senate, they are terrible for America.  Keep voting in Good Christians and save yourselves.

Does My Face Make My Nose Look Fat?

Does This Picture Make My Nose Look Fat?

WONDERFUL Michele Bachmann Leaves rachel maddow Foaming @ The Mouth

MSNBC Attacks CNN For Airing Bachmann Speech

<Maddow..The poor, ugly, wretched, she-man, Rachel Maddow is foaming at the mouth in obvious  jealousy over Bachmanns speech to our traitor-in-chief regarding his bullsh*t SOTU address, where even dumbass GOP or bust idiots actually think this cheese-d*ck will move to the center- HA HA. Get a grip, people…. Obama has spent a life-time of being a radical, Marxist-revolutionary.

His speech was ALL about:


If you think anything outside of this, then you are HAD. BTW: Maddow, GO F*&K YOURSELF, you disgusting beast.