End Of PAPER $ In UK (100 Days Left for Paper $ In Britain). Coming To USA, Also:

End Of PAPER $ In UK (100 Days Left for Paper $ In Britain). Coming To USA, Also:

Just in time for the beast system to make their 666 chips for your wrist..

  • Warning: The current catastrophes are NOT going to disappear. They will get worse and even more worse. Change your minds, break up the hardness in your hearts. Ask the Lord Yeshua, Jesus of Nazareth INTO your heart & soul. Read the bible: The King James Bible, daily. Or any older Bible.  The newer versions are watered down.  You can also read from the Torah, Old Testament: English Bible.. & FreePRINTBibles.net 
  •  If you confess with your mouth & believe in your heart that GOD raised Jesus Christ/Yeshua Ben Yosef from the dead, & live FOR him, you will be saved & go to paradise Heaven and be with GOD, forever and ever..

Full Spectrum: “Summer Of Hell Is Here, Russia Says World War Has Started”

Full Spectrum Survival: “Summer Of Hell Is Here, Russia Says World War Has Started”

US/UK/EU Government Beast can’t live without starting a war. They can’t function without bloodshed, death, bombs and mass genocide. They’re pushed the bear. The bear will strike back at some point. Like it or not…Russia & their allies are going to clean the world of the now very satanic western world.

There are many prophecies & prophetic dreams of Russia and also China attacking the west & USA. And, those prophecies ARE coming to pass. Take a look at the prices of everything. Gas, fertilizer, wheat. The western governments are insane, immoral and greedy. God is using Russia as his ‘battle axe and weapon of war’ right now.

Brits Are Fighting Back Against Their Muslims. This Is The Result Of LEFT WING Politics

Brits Are Fighting Back Against Their Muslims. This Is The Result Of LEFT WING Politics

Coming to America…

Leftist (Commies) push people until they just can’t take anymore.  Britain is now seeing a rise in ‘hate’ crimes against their Muslim population.  I don’t know if I would call it ‘hate’ crime since the Muslims do not respect the indigenous English, chase their bobbies (cops) down the street & ridicule them.  Muslims protest that they want to see a holocaust of English people.  In my opinion:  They are getting what they asked for.  Most Muslims are terrible citizens of England. (I am sure there are good Muslim citizens there, but people will not care about that when the SHTF)    I don’t ‘like’ violence.. but for every action, there is a reaction.   English are a patient people–but, their patience is now finished.

Click- Anti-Muslim crimes spike in London

How did the Fabians expect the middle class and commoners of England to react to this type behavior:




Breaking point:


*This is the result of liberal/left wing politics.  Minorities in America had better wake the hell up. This includes you left-wing Jews.  Minorities: Start respecting our country and our calls to freedom instead of fighting us.  We are very f*cking serious.  You are pushing.  This will end up bad for you if you do not stop pushing us.

Thousands Of Members Of The EDL March Against Islamic Madness In Newcastle, England

Thousands Of Members Of The EDL March Against Islamic Madness In Newcastle, England

Contributed by David Ben Moshe:

England and America should storm the Bastille and throw out our ‘out of touch’ governments.  Good to see thousands of Englishmen marching but are their traditions too polite? Will they have to be pushed to the absolute bottom??

RIP Margaret Thatcher. TY 4 Dealing With The Socialist Scourge Which Had Infested England

This was Tweeted to me:

‘Stand in line RT @ffsshutup RIP Maggie, thank you for dealing with the socialist scourge which had infested this country. #IronLady

We’re losing the generation of greatness. And stuck with old hippy/Communist bastards. Terribly sad day for normal people in England

Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s first female PM, dead at 87

There is definitely NO England now.

Stupid Brits: Make A “Queen” Fashion Stamp For Style Mag~For Michelle Obama Being ‘Best Dressed’

Stupid Brits: Make A “Queen” Fashion Stamp For Style Mag~For Michelle Obama Being ‘Best Dressed’

The Brits are out of their friggin minds.  There is NO England, now.  It is over-run with Muslims and this is what these yo yo’s worry about:

I don’t know if this is a joke, or what.  Because, for the most part, MO is NO person of great fashion.

Hat tip: May L

And buys these hideous clothes on OUR dime

Bloody Brits..

Worry about England for a change we can believe in.  Because anyone that knows anything sees that there is NO England now.

PS: I am obviously not talking about SANE Brits like Tommy Robinson & Ted (One of our bloggers).  I can’t tell you all how I weep profusely when I look at what has happened to England.  It makes me SICK.



Must C “Sex Parody” Video: BP, George Galloway Is A FREAK. MOST Israel-Haters Are Demented Psychopaths

Would You Vote For A Politician If You Saw Him Like This?

This is a ‘Respected Member’ of British Parliament:  George Galloway. He did this for supposed charity.  For what? I don’t know.  Probably to boycott Israel. Why is he on the computer?  The chip is made in Israel.

This is what Galloway said on his F/B recently:

George Galloway MP

Me and the Palestinian cause: A number of questions have recently arisen I need to deal with. Firstly if people want to talk to the Palestinians they need to contact the Palestine Liberation Organisation. This is the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people and has been for many decades. Secondly, an organisation calling itself “BDS” does not own the words or the concept of boycott, divestment or sanctions. They are entitled to their own interpretation of these words but they don’t own or control me. I will make my own interpretation. And it is this – no purchase of Israeli goods or services, no normal contacts with individuals or organisations in Israel who support the existence of the racist Apartheid creed of Zionism. That’s what I mean by boycott. That’s what I do. Israelis who are outside of and against the system of Zionism are comrades of mine – like Prof Ilan Pappe. My opponent at Oxford University did not meet this test. The organiser of the event momentarily lionised by the liberal as well as the conservative establishment needs to know this, especially as he is a medical student. To compare Israeli Zionism to “Vegetarianism” is like a doctor not knowing the difference between a pimple and a tumor. Apartheid Israel is a cancer at the heart of the middle-east. Only it’s replacement by a bi-national democratic state from the Jordan River to the sea will cure this. That is what I am fighting for.
George Galloway MP
House of Commons

Fascist, Muslim/Nazi Arabs Creating “Arab Spring” In the UK. UK Leaders Do Nothing For Their People…

Sounds just like America.

UK and AmeriKa have 2 things in common: Millions of illegal occupiers. The most corrupt governments that hate their patriots.  We bring war, war is coming to us.  While I feel for the EDL.. And I most certainly feel for patriots here at home..we have no repentance over our own sins.  (As a whole, UK or America)

So, the head is now the tail, people.  Makes me weep.  Living in a time we would see the total fall of the UK.  I know many foreign people are happy, but please bear in mind that I know we have become evil; But I have fought it the best I could. And I am sad because my fighting has been in vain.

Here is the Youtube:

UK’s new National Anthem:

Robinson did not listen to my dream:

I Had A SERIOUS Spiritual Dream About Tommy Robinson From The English Defense League……..


Dont bother telling me not to post on Islam, the news is the news.