3 Year Olds Chant “Union Power” After Reading New Childrens Book

Remember when we went in our backyard and played? Climbed trees? Played baseball?  Now, kids go to school in America and learn how to be Communists.

Click: Three-year-olds chant ‘union power’ after reading new children’s book

No more:

Democrat-Communists In Michigan Beat Up Conservatives: Union/Dems DON’T Want “RIGHT TO WORK”

Imagine America, a country that used to work its ass off…Now, do not want to work at all.
Just what do these idiots think ‘right to work’ IS?






America, Land Of The Arrogant: New Movie Trailer That Bashes China, Courtesy Of AmeriKan Commies

The people in this video blame everyone but themselves.  This doc is narrated by Martin Sheen.  Richard Trumka is in it.  All the haters of anything capitalist/free enterprise.  Complaining about Chinese quality control & emissions.  What a laugh riot… Did they have quality control in Commie Russia? I think not.

SO-where were AMERICANS to stop jobs going to China? 1st: They were busy demanding $25.00 plus an hour for a factory job with:  Time off, vacation time, health care and all the benefits that the ‘wonderful’ unions were so proud of.  2nd: They, themselves cared nothing for the corporation they worked for and had no loyalty to them, only to the union, who are not job providers.  3rd: (after corps went to China):  Americans were laying on their couches,  content to take the severance pay that was offered, were more than willing to accept unemployment and food stamps when the fat-cats moved their companies to China. Instead of accepting less and ditching the UNIONS.

End result: Factory worker is now out of work.  The “evil” capitalist company decided to take this work to China so they could live the old American dream.. Believe it or not, they are living the ‘American dream’…With cheap crap made in china, which is not so cheap anymore…

(Factory workers making $22-plus an hour LOL…LOL.  The arrogance of the complacent, slothful, bratty United States commoner.)

Americans, with the unions did this to themselves.

THAT IS WHAT UNIONS HAVE DONE TO OUR ONCE GREAT COUNTRY, but let’s blame China…Why not? We only owe China a few trillion…no biggie.. Unions, once needed, are now for losers.

Do you think a good worker should get the exact same pay-raise as a lazy worker when the contract is up?  The UNION thinks so!


Leftist Crazies Call Gov Walker “Hitler”~Hitler DIDNT Outlaw Unions, He DOUBLED Unions (DAF)

Read this factual piece written by the Graph.  How long are you going to believe these buffoons?  I predict that Obama will make his own govt union for these dummies. I do, and they will call right wingers; racist, bigots, fascists, etc…ALL while they are taking power and demanding submission from Americans.  Either you join them or die, that is what is going to happen, HERE in a once great place, called America.  Justice WILL come to these people. Maybe not in their physical person, but the psychological, mind-persecution, and eventual genocide they will inflict on those contrary to them WILL be judged by GOD, who will send them to hell, and America will become infamous for becoming a dictatorship.  Thats what is coming, because Americans will sit back and take it.  Not me, I will die with my gun, fighting back in honor.

 Go to fullsize image When Hitler came to power, he moved to correct this hyperinflation while keeping his national socialist views front and center. In 1933, the Nazis disbanded the Weimar unions and replaced them with the ‘new and improved’ union, the German Labor Front (Deutsche Arbeitsfront, DAF)

See this, found by Donna:

Hitler Didn’t Outlaw Unions – As a National Socialist, He Went Double-Down On Them

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Unions: Barack’s Got Your Back

Read at Fox News

We all know what side Obama is when it comes to unions. When he said this, we shouldn’t be surprised!

So he feels that ‘public employees’ shouldn’t have their rights breached upon. How does he feel about our Constitutional rights being meddled with? Talk about bizarre priorities!

Drama Queening the Wisconsin Melee: Get More Protestors

Read at Big Hollywood

Seems that the unions want their komrades…er…want support for their cause in Wisconsin. They’ve requested star power, to attract attention to their (selfish) cause. Read the letter here.

What’s next, are they going to get Obama to the Wisconsin state capitol?

Protesting WI ‘Teachers’ Could Reap $9 Million from Taxpayers to Attend Rallies

Go to fullsize imageIT PAYS TO CALL IN SICK… Back in the day, it was called ‘hookey’, skipping. Now you get paid for it.

  Yes We Can get paid to do NO work.  (If you are a leftist/Communist/Progressive/Liberal/Marxist whatever they call themselves this week…)  From Sweetness & Light:

From Wisconsin’s MacIver Institute


Look at this. Chipotle Chain had no choice but to can these illegals. We are supposed to be a nation of LAWS. The SEIU is breaking the LAW by supporting these people that are NOT LEGAL.   SEIU in this sicko video, encourages illegals to protest in a foriegn country, OUR country.  This is sick. How can any American that is HONEST take up for this madness??  You should be ashamed, SEIU!! HOW DARE YOU try to pass yourselves off as some ‘honest’ union that only wants your pay- you ENCOURAGE illegal activity!!!!  We are at war with Mexico and Mexicans FROM Mexico, and this is what these BEASTS encourage!