Raise Your Hands If You Believe Sandy Hook Is Some Type “Set-Up”

I have watched all of GoldbugGal (Our other blogger’s) Youtubes re. S.H., CT and I must raise my hand. Something is wrong.  Plus the fact that I also blogged myself – on the other ‘mass’ shootings which were screwy as well, but nothing is as screwy as this Sandy Hook thing.  Why did they have all of that acting going on during S.H.?  I have never been into ‘conspiracies theories’, but after having watched many videos that show something is wrong with the ‘mass shooting’ at Sandy Hook; I believe the US Govt IS THE top-conspirator of all evil.

 No wonder Cass Sunstein wants to BAN ‘conspiracy’ theories.. He probably is the stager of these events.  Who knows.. (BTW: This link is the Bolshevik leftist rag, the SALON) So, even those asses believe the govt has the potential of evil…

My hand is raised re. Sandy Hook, CT.. I believe that there is some set-up, of which I don’t know, except Obama (FOREIGNER, posing as prez) WANTS all of our guns.