Obama Has Anti-Islam Filmmaker Arrested. Nah, Obama Aint A Muslim…

This looks to me like the ‘progressives’ are losing ground and cannot give up their new fascist America to the neo-conservatives (Who I cant stand because they refuse to call out the sins of America when America is wrong) They dont want to lose all this power… Maker of controversial film jailed and the police took him away, no questions asked. YOU ARE NEXT.

  When a regime of hatred and division loses ground, they must have another plan in play… Looks like America is submitting to Islam:

US Political Prisoner: Police arrest Muhammad moviemaker

I have ALWAYS believed that Obama is a Muslim.  Its pretty easy for a person like me to believe this.  I have read the Koran.  When a Muslim changes and converts to Judaism or Christianity, he/she MUST change their Muslim name.  Obama NEVER changed his name.  

He is still Barack HUSSEIN Obama=MUSLIM