Vaxxed Nurse Commends The Unvaxxed: “They Were Right All Along, The Smart Ones.” Says She “Regrets It”

Vaxxed Nurse Commends The Unvaxxed: “They Were right All Along”. Says She “Regrets It”

I knew we were not wrong. HOW can we stand before the LORD with a change in our DNA? HOW? You’re another whole person!

I commend her for coming forward. It takes a lot of character to do what she is doing.
I feel sorry for her.

“Progressives” Are Being Censored & Silenced On NYT & More Regarding Covid Vaccination DEATHS: Also Saying “Vaxxed Are SUPER-SPREADERS”

“Progressives” Being Censored & Silenced On NYT & More Regarding Covid Vaccination DEATHS: Also Saying “Vaxxed Are SUPER-SPREADERS”

A vital wake-up call for all of us | NC Policy Watch

I have to be up front and brutally honest: WE TOLD YOU SO. Maybe put your idiot politics aside and start listening to OTHER Americans instead of greedy Pharma corporations?! I really am losing all patience for stupidity and brainwashed lunacy.

5 hr ago

I‘m long time subscriber to the New York Times (and progressive voter). I posted a comment on a Covid article that just said the vaccines don’t stop transmission or stop people from contracting the coronavirus. I went back to the article later and the comment was deleted.
Popular US media outlets have been 100 percent silent on deaths caused by vaccines. Even New Zealand has covered a recent death from the Pfizer vaccine in their news, for Pete’s sake. But our media has a code of silenc

e.It’s crystal clear that American media outlets are working in tandem with the government and the drug manufacturers to disseminate their misinformation.1984, indeed.
I have a screencap saved. But, if you hit ‘5 hrs ago’ above, it will take you directly to his comment in particular.

Inventor Of MRNA Technology: Fully Vaccinated Are COVID ‘Super-Spreaders’

Click: Inventor Of MRNA Technology: Fully Vaccinated Are COVID ‘Super-Spreaders’

I believe him. But, the MSM has labeled the INVENTOR of mRNA as ‘fake’. What an insane world we live in.

COVID VACCINATED, 39 Yr Old #NFL Fantasy Football Writer DIES From Covid19 :(

COVID VACCINATED, 39 Yr old #NFL Fantasy Football Writer DIES From Covid19

This is so sick & sad. Just watching young people die from this killer shot: Popular fantasy football analyst Mike Tagliere dies at 39 … (The MSN omits the fact that the vaxx killed him over a few months)

I have been reading a little about him. People really loved this man. They had nice things to say about him. What a shame. This is just terrible.

The Vaccinated Walk Around SCARED To Death Of Covid While The Unvaccinated Aren’t Frightened At All.

The Vaccinated Walk Around SCARED To Death Of Covid While The Unvaccinated Aren’t Frightened At All.

In a sane world, people who received a vaccination would not walk around in fear because they received the ‘magic potion’ serum. But, not now. These are magnificent, evil times. A strange age. A Twilight Zone, indeed … where everything is bass ackwards.

How To Sell Stolen Art, And Why You Shouldn't Bother

From the beginning of this Communist instigated virus, I was not afraid. Around me were people who looked like chickens without heads…like scared little girls.

I remember when the Leftist-Globalist schmucks ‘allowed’ us to start going to the store, (how thoughtful…) My husband and I were the ONLY people without masks. The fools with the masks gave us the dirtiest looks. I just smiled back, thinking: ‘Aren’t your masks safe, you silly flibbity-gibbits?’ I would ask these fearful, little, toddler, bed-wetting adults if their masks only worked if I wore mine. It’s kind of comical but it’s definitely lunacy run amok.

At present, its the Vaccinated, scared chickensh’t bastards that are walking around filled with horror-movie type paranoia. They are vaccinated but their vaccine does not work if you don’t get a vaccine, also. DUMBBELLS.

The unvaccinated do not walk around scared because God has removed any fright from us–all together. It’s not there. The fear of covid is non-existent for the unvaccinated. The vaxxed walk in dread because the spirit of the Lord has allowed them to be so. God has sent the frightened vaccinated camp into a delusion of complete terror. They no longer own their souls: their fear possesses them and the state owns them. Of course there are a few that are OK but not many.

Most vaccinated people I meet along the way are scared to death of Covid & the unvaccinated. They live in a type of mental prison, giving dirty looks at the free. Welp, keep giving your nasty looks. The answer is still NO.

This should be the anthem of the vaxxed.

Have pity on your vaxxed acquaintances….because they may NEVER come out of their mental prison of paralyzing dread.