‘Zionist Plot’ Alert! Iran to Get 20 Billion USD.

‘Zionist Plot’ Alert! Iran to Get 20 Billion USD.


Anybody that actually thinks that Obama/Jarrett are Zionist ought to have their heads examined.  They’re Communists, NOT Zionists. At any rate, it is mostly Christians who like Israel and give her moral support..

Look at what the Zionists are doing now…Funding Iran to blow up Israel (sarc) This is Valerie Jarrett’s baby.. Many people are so happy that America is now buddy-buddy with Iran.  Where are the Libertarians against foreign aid?  Crickets. Chirping.  It was always just Jew-hatred, nothing more.  While I am none too fond of the Israeli government, I certainly would not give their arch enemy 20 billion dollars.  What can we expect from Obama, though?  Just more treachery, throwing allies under the bus and shaking hands with Commie terrorists, attending funerals of genocidal, black South Africans.

SO, how is this plan working for you ‘Jews’ that voted for this piece of rotten sh*t?  You’re just doing what you did during the 1940’s: Throwing your brethren under the bus. Predictable.


Meanwhile…we are broke at home, bankrupt, in debt and our healthcare is cut off next year.

WHI: White House Insider: #Benghazi Was A “Sloppy Cover Up, Real-Deal Serious F*ck Up, They Panicked”

WHI: White House Insider: #Benghazi Was A “Sloppy Cover Up, Real-Deal Serious F*ck Up, They Panicked”

For those of you that believe there is a real White House Insider at the Ulsterman’s website, you will remember the insider; He is a long-shore man talking dude, really filthy mouthed.. I like that 😉  Some of you don’t believe it is the truth, (thats OK) We have differing opinions.. but I DO believe this White House Insider is correct. Many things he said came to pass last yr. 

UM:  What about Benghazi?  Where—

WHI: (interrupts) That was one of the things we weren’t going to discuss, remember?

UM:  Right…ok.  How about you explain to the readers why you won’t discuss it?

WHI:  Simple – too f*cking painful.  And I’m not just talking about the four dead Americans.  I’m talking about the thousands of dead from the weapons they’re smuggling.  I’m talking about how corrupt the disclosure process has been.  I’m talking about the complicity of the media to help cover it up.  You take the IRS, which I still think has real political heat that could burn this White House, you take the Solyndra sh*t, all the other stuff…it’s Benghazi that has me the most spooked.  That thing…you bring it up to military.  I know some, right?  They won’t discuss it.  Clam up.  Give you that “time to move on” look.  It’s weird.  And lots of people have asked where Obama was that night, right?  Not one definitive answer from the White House.  Not one.  Now I know for a fact that’s a major red flag.  White House protocol demands we…not the public, but you know, staff, they know the president’s location at all times.  Talking 24/7.  He’s in the can taking a sh*t?  We know.  But this White House is telling us they don’t really know where the President of the United States was when we have an ambassador under attack?  Bullsh*t.  And that’s what we call a sloppy cover up, which means it was rushed, which means they were panicked, which means it was a real deal serious f*ck up.

Read it all here: WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: “Barack Obama A Weak Ass Fool”

Obama IS BLUFFING On Iran “Military Threat”-Valerie Jarrett Is Iranian, DUH!

Is there anything that this administration says that is the truth?  Jarrett is an Iranian-firster. If you have not read the Ulsterman Report, you should.  Jarrett is the witch running things, not Obama.  Sure, Obama opens his mouth and garbage comes out, but Jarrett is the dictatorial-bitch in this administration.

  If Israel and Iran get into a fight, Israel can blow Iran away.  They have enough nukes to bottom out the whole middle east. Plus they have Gods protection.  Why all the hooplah?  For us: The issue is the Communists that have hijacked America.  Not Iran & some Muslims.  Sorry, that’s how I feel.

‘Jarrett was born in Shiraz, Iran to American parents James E. Bowman and Barbara Taylor Bowman. Her father, a pathologist and geneticist, ran a hospital for children in Shiraz in 1950.’

WAR DRUMS: Obama ‘not bluffing’ over Iran military threat…

Gun-Grabbing, Usurper Obama & His Bloody War & Murder Against American Gun Owners

Re: 3 Young Pro-Gun Business Owners & “American Sniper” Author-All 2nd Amendment Supporters Dead In 1 Month

I can see one dead. That would not be something to question.. But THREE?

Foreign-usurper, Obama is engaging in a war against gun owners in America.  Period.  There are 3 dead men in one month who were big gunners..  When is it NOT a ‘conspiracy?’ Huh?  WHEN!?  And when does someone get rid of Obama the mass-murderer?  I have written about how this rat-bastard, Barack Hussein Obama murders & drones without mercy (in other people/s countries) and I asked the question: If he does not care about murdering them, why should he care about murdering you?  

We all know this SOB was not even born here.  Yet, he is allowed to continue because he is a f*cking black man.  People are more scared of being called racists than they are of being MURDERED!!

Look at this casualty list:

Keith Ratliff, Gun Enthusiast of FPSRussia, Is Shot to Death 

John Noveske Killed Days After Posting Psych Drug Link to Sandy Hook 

‘American Sniper’ author Chris Kyle fatally shot.

And look at Obamas WAR against gun-owners: DHS Raids Gun Collector – Confiscates Nearly 1,500 Guns – No Charges Filed

Read more: here

See what they did to the latest casualty in Obama’s war against America:

UPDATE 2-3-13 @ 10:45 am CST: On Fox News now, Eye witness who lived across the street from where Routh was captured said authorities had Routh on the ground with 4 “shotguns” aimed at him.

UPDATE 2-3-13 @ 10:45 am CST: Chris Kyle spoke out about Obama’s gun grab. Watch the video at Pat Dollard.

UPDATE 2-3-13 @ 10:20 am CST: MyFoxDFW is saying Kyle was known for “his dedication to helping disabled veterans,” and that Kyle had a foundation, FITCO Cares: (FITCO was so-founded by Chris Kyle and Jason Kos)

Above excerpted from Chris Kyle Deadliest Sniper Murdered at Rough Creek Lodge: Suspect in Custody? UPDATED

When is a ‘conspiracy’ not a Conspiracy?! In every form of fascism, (Communism or Nazi-ism),  opposition is met with death and murder.  Valerie Jarrett was quoted;  ‘It’s Our Turn. Payback Time For Those Who Oppose Us’.

Even the CIA says killer Bush had nothing on Obama: Former CIA chief: Obama bigger killer than Bush | Global Research

In your heart, you know I’m right and in your guts, you know they’re nuts.  

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To Neo-Conservative GOPers: Think on this, good and hard.. When the end of this comes, I want all of you to know: Obama was not even born here & you know it.  So, did you deserve to die because of your cowardice, GOP bots?


Oh, that picture is from Breitbart.. He is just ‘dead’ out of nowhere, too.

Stupid Liberals Crying Over Obama’s Lack Of Females On His Team. Remember The GOP “War On Women?” LMAOFF

Click on this bogus “New Civil Rights” website… A dumb female sheeple for Obama is bitching about Obama’s lack of females LOL: Where Are The Women, President Obama?


Laughing 1Female uglies got dup’d by Barack Hussein Obama the insane.  What don’t you dumbbell feminist idiots for Sharia not get?  Obama is a Muslim before anything (by nature) and a Marxist, next.  Muslim men do not respect women.  
I noticed how he even placed that dog-ugly Jarrett in the back so she can’t be seen. LOL… Cracks me up.  They LIED about some GOP war on women.  Who knew that Obama would turn on the Liberals and female moonbats so fast.. What a riot.

See Jarrett behind the fatty in the blue, oxford shirt?

This should be the Feminist poster against Obama.

Wake up you stupid  Liberal women, you are SO had by this IDIOT!!!

SoNeo- Democrat art work brought to you by The Mad Jew Bitch

Obama’s Arab Spring: Syrian Street ‘Rebels’ (JIHADISTS) Hang Child After Murdering Family

This AM on Faux news, there was a bimbo saying; “Everyone wants the ouster of Assad.” (I turned them on by accident)

This story below is what will take place (DAILY) with Assads ouster.  We didn’t hear news like this from Syria before Obama and his monsterous staff of Marxist/Jihad lovers started a war in Syria.  Obama is the plague, Hillary Rotten Clinton is the bitch that is helping him spread the Sharia.  …And Valerie Jarrett is sitting back licking her chops just begging the Muslim brotherhood to take over in Syria.  Stupid idiots think this is a “Zionist” plot.

Fox news now is comprised of gasbags, bimbos and bastards.  Turn them OFF. They are pushing the Islamic Spring, they are liberal pieces of SHIT, now.  Maybe they always were.  

This excludes Hannity (sometimes)

Jihadist “rebels” in Syria Hang Child after Killing Family Members (Obamas clusterf*ck)

BUT, But, Valerie Jarrett Says: “We’ll Take Obama Care As A TAX”

BUT, But Valerie Jarrett Says: “We’ll Take Obama Care As A TAX”


Something for you to think about regarding tax that I said on the news cable TV show, JTF.ORG in Manhattan and Queens, NYC:

Patriots in Boston started a rebellion which turned into a revolution because of a tiny tax of one half of 1% on tea and that was called ‘tyranny.’  Today, we pay federal income tax, state income tax, in some cities and counties; a city income tax, excise tax, FICA, property tax, school tax, sewage/water tax and if you have anything left to spend after all that, when you go to buy something, you pay a sales tax.  Yet, we call this ‘freedom.’

Are we insane??

-David Ben Moshe

OBAMA-LAND Moron Speaks: Valerie Jarrett Says “Unemployment Stimulates The Economy”

 Reality and math are NOT the liberals forte.  This is why they need to relegate themselves to music, movies, stage, opera and interior decorating and leave the business of business and government to us, the adults, before its too late.

This is what the ‘educated’ left wing thinks ‘stimulates’ the economy….