Will The Spoiled Rotten Brat Leftists Riot Over #BreonnaTaylor Verdict?

Will The Spoiled Rotten Brat Leftists Riot Over #BreonnaTaylor Verdict?

No officers have been charged. So, get ready for the riots to commence.

You can look at some of the facts about this case.  I guess Im just sick and tired of American blacks thinking they are the ONLY people the Police target. They’re not.  In actuality, its more whites being killed by Police.  There are good Police and bad police.  The rabid Left acts like they are ALL bad and this is why they are the most screwed up people in the nation.

“BURN IT DOWN! BURN IT DOWN!” Angry Mob Storms Louisville Streets

Breonna Taylor: Say Her Name… But Talk With FACTS

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The Facts: Many Blacks Want #Zimmerman Dead Just Because

The Facts: Most Blacks Want Zimmerman Dead Just Because

2 families:  One has upstanding citizens in their family with the head being a judge.  The other had a wanna be gangster father and a pot-smoking, violent son.


Are not many of these people the eternal malcontents? The same as the Commie-Liberal “Jews”?  

The facts are this:  Many Blacks seem to delight in blood.  [As we post here many days on their horrific crimes: Black on white crimes.]  These phoney outrage protests should come as no surprise that they want another dead person.  “A pound of flesh” seems to be their requirement of Americans for blacks.

Tonight, they are marching through Los Angeles.  When marches turn into riots, as they usually do with this type people, our safety should be in our right to keep and bear arms to use in self defense.. 

The ‘Princes of America’ (My husbands new coined phrase) have spoken; They will not receive this verdict.  To them, Trayvon is a boy.  I find this amusing that they call Martin a boy, yet scold  when someone else calls them ‘boy.’    At any rate-Trayvon is a child in their minds.  Never mind the fact that Martin was a pot-smoking hood who was also violent and a racist that made fun of crackas.  His Twitter handle was “NO LIMIT NIGGA”

Evidently, he had no limits:

But we all know (Those who research) that little, baby, child TRAYVON was a thug

October 2011

And this is what most Obamas sons really think of you patsy Commie libs:

I hope the Leftists pigs are happy tonight.  They have again enraged the black community for Obama into thinking Trayvon is like Medgar Evers..And Zimmerman is possibly a member of the Ku Klux Klan.  When this is over, we will have nobody to thank for this FAKE racial mess but the Communist drek that occupies this nation for the last 50 years. May they all rot in hell and die…speedily…God willing.


This post is not meant for patriotic black Americans, obviously.