As I Go Entertain Americans, A Horrific Video Is Embedded In My Head From #UKRAINE, @SenJohnMcCain

As I Go Entertain Americans, A Horrific Video Is Embedded In My Head From #UKRAINE @SenJohnMcCain

I am going to entertain some people today as a Miztvah.  People who are too old to utilize the net.  I do this for my own sanity.. But, among some of the elderly are the young who work there:  Brainless and without a clue that this is the atrocity that John McCain, Victoria Nuland, Pierre Omidyar, Soros and others have brought to the citizens of Ukraine:

Now, tell me how I can sing.  How do you live with yourself, John McCain??  How can American people sleep at night?  Are Americans totally without conscience??   I have been crying over this all morning long.


FINALLY! GOP Grill Kapo, Victoria Nuland Over Support Of Ukrainian Nazis & Fascists

FINALLY! GOP Grill Kapo, Victoria Nuland Over Support Of Ukrainian Nazis & Fascists

Must be Russian propaganda that Nuland is being grilled……!

We’ve been telling you this.  You didn’t believe us.  But now the GOP is grilling Nuland for supporting NAZIs in Ukraine. Is it political theater?  Where is John McCain? Why is HE not lambasted?

Take note idiot, Liberal Jews:  It is not your beloved ‘g’od, the Democrat party who is demanding why this Kapo hag is supporting Nazis in Ukraine.  So, keep voting in these wacko, Jew-hating pieces of trash.  In my opinion, ALL Jews should register non Partisan or Independent.  By the way…Nuland is a Jew. (BARF)

Video hat tip: @defendressofsan

I have been right about the Ukrainian situation from the get-go. Why people did not believe me over this LYING media is beyond me…

Nuland in Ukraine:

With Nazi Svoboda Party member, Oleh Tyanbok on the left.  Tyanbok is aligned with “Right Sector” & Yatsenyuk.  They are FASCISTS.

Here he is at a Nazi convention:

Photos are not “Russian propaganda.”  You’re all just a bunch of Russia-haters, that’s all.  You’re stuck in 1985, to the point of taking us into a nuclear war in Ukraine. THAT is insanity.  Enough with YOUR propaganda.

NYTimes: ‘Moldova The Next Ukraine’ (I’ve Been Telling You This) US/EU To ANNEX Moldova

NYTimes: Maldova The Next Ukraine (I’ve Been Telling You This) US/EU To ANNEX Maldova

*Update, sorry I had Moldova spelled wrong

The Christian-hating NY Times is reporting that Moldova will be the next Ukraine because of Russia.  This is a LIE.  Why are they (The Moldovans) joining the EU?  So that McCain and pals can become rich off of EU gas.  Period.  End of story.  If you believe what they are pushing out of DC, its official:  You. Are. An. Idiot.

NYTimes: here is the lie (Hat tip Christoph H)


Think of Moldova as “the next Ukraine,” for Russia may be about to take a bite out of this little country, nestled beside Ukraine and Romania and often said to be the poorest country in Europe. Russia already has bullied Moldova mercilessly for trying to join the European Union, imposing sanctions such as a block on Moldova’s crucial wine exports. Russia is even threatening to cut off the natural gas on which Moldovans depend.

Russia is not ‘annexing’ anyone, EU/US/NATO is.  Map of NATO EU expansion since 1949:

I have already warned you what is happening.  Before anyone else did.   Now, they are building up the Russia hate propaganda, without any remorse.

The lies coming from the MSM have completely split the conservatives from each other.  Many conservatives are SO STUPID, they believe that Putin is trying to expand the Soviet empire and is secretly a KGB agent, even though the KGB is gone.  They still believe that Russia is the USSR and there is no Russian Federation.  According to these conservatives, Russia is not an Orthodox-Christian country but a Communist country that is also NAZI:  Yes, insanity.

People like me read the truth about Russia and are not stuck in 1985.  Bloggers like me know that Putin and Medvedev have been the best leaders that Russia has seen in a hundred years.  Because we READ and research.

Netanyahu & Putin In Agreement Over Ukraine

Netanyahu & Putin In Agreement Over Ukraine

Putin tells PM that Kiev is to blame for Ukraine escalation; agree to continue cooperation.

Wow, did Netenyahu finally wake up? Don’t know.. But, Putin is not a fool.  We here know that the Ukrainian mess was instigated by John McCain, SOROS, Victoria Nuland, Senator Murphy and Pierre Omidyar.  Putin would never have went in to Ukraine if USA/EU had stayed out of there.   Make NO mistake, it is NATO who is trying to grab the former Soviet Bloc.   Just go look at home many nations NATO has ‘swallowed up’ since 1992.

Reportedly on Netanyahu’s request, the two leaders discussed the situation in Ukraine, which Israeli politicians have been steering clear of, concerned possible security threats could arise if relations with Moscow were to suffer.   Two days ago, US State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki said the US was “surprised” that Israel failed to support a UN vote hled earlier March in wake of Russia’s annexation of Crimea. “We were surprised that Israel did not join the vast majority of countries that voted to support Ukraine’s territorial integrity in the United Nations,” she said.

The rest: Netanyahu discusses mutual interests with Russia’s Putin

Link HAT TIP: 

Oh…by the is the latest out of Ukraine from RU loyalists, thanks to Juan McCain:

ukraine sign f you

It’s time to get the hell out of people’s countries & lives and take care of our own borders.

Sen Inhofe Lying. Saying Moldova “Vulnerable” To Russian Aggression: Maldova Is Vulnerable To McCain/Nuland & Co.

Sen Inhofe Lying. Saying Moldova “Vulnerable” To Russian Aggression. Moldova Is Vulnerable To John McCain & Co.

McCain as Gene Simmons

IF John McCain and Victoria Nuland do what they did in Kiev – to Moldova, Russia will be forced to react.  That’s the facts.  Eastern EU is vulnerable to NATO aggression not Russian aggression.  IF Russia wanted to be aggressive against these little countries, it would have done so years ago.

  • Senate Seeks to Warn Russia Over Looming Invasion of Moldova:  A new resolution being circulated by Sen. Jim Inhofe (R., Okla.) among members of the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) demands that Russia remove all of “its military forces and material” from Moldova’s territory, according to a draft copy of the measure obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

See what I wrote here:  ARIZONA’s #McCainTheInsane Worried About Moldova. He Met With Their Statesmen In 2011, 2012

And, just guess who was in Moldova on March 30.. None other than F’ck the EU, Victoria Nuland:

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland (left) and Moldovan Foreign Minister Natalia Gherman at a press conference in Chisinau on March 30

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland (left) and Moldovan Foreign Minister Natalia Gherman at a press conference in Chisinau on March 30.  Visiting U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland has said that Washington will provide $10 million to Chisinau to help secure the country’s borders:  US Pledges Moldovan Border Aid

Gee….so many protests with pretend dictators & tyrants that we’ve never heard about but I bet we will soon.. The ‘Protesters’ threw bricks at riot police who responded with batons and water cannon. Outnumbered, police retreated, leaving rioters to enter the parliament building and presidential offices where they smashed windows and started fires. Photo

See images of the chaos »  Look familiar???  Looks like Kiev..

Protest  in Chisinau denouncing a Communist election victory in Moldova

Moldoavn police officers fight with demonstrators

They say it was an ‘anti Communist’ protest.. Was that to get the sympathy of EU ‘conservatives’ and American Republicans?  Moldova should fear John McCain and Victoria Nuland.  When they come to town, you should run for cover as fast as you can.  Stay with the devil you know instead of joining the devil you don’t know.


#Crimea ~Russia/Georgian Background to the Western “Invasion” Hysteria

#Crimea  Georgian Background to the Western “Invasion” Hysteria

Last weekend, “Christian” Sarah Palin suggested that Obama nuke Christian Russia in jest. Sane Christians would ask: WWJD?    Wouldn’t they?

Please read this article linked.  You will see many similarities in the Ukraine scenario & the Georgia 2008 issue:

Russia at the time, was not “invading” Georgia – but rather pushing back US-trained, armed, and backed Georgian forces from their own armed invasion into South Ossetia. It was an engineered provocation designed to test Russian resolve and chip away at Russia’s territorial integrity as well as its influence along its immediate peripheries.


However, once again, Russia is not “invading” anything. Long before the West began sowing political chaos in Kiev, Russian troops had long been permanently stationed within the country. Ukraine, and in particular, eastern Ukraine including the Crimea peninsula, share a common heritage, history, linguistics, socioeconomic interests, and defense agreements both past and present.

Which is what we have been saying.

The whole article: here (Not a fan of this website, but its article is the truth)

If you can answer these questions:

#1. Svoboda, who joined a formal coalition with the ‘centre’-right
Batkivshchyna. Currently Svoboda Party has acquired: 37 parliamentary
seats.. Svoboda party is also known as “Nationalist Socialists” (or vc versa)= NAZIs

#2. Advise us WHY Victoria Nuland was in Kiev in Dec 2013. WHY she told an audience in DC why US spent 5 billion USD for the ‘revolt’

#3 Advise us of WHY John McCain was there inciting rioters in Dec 2013.

#4. Advise WHY Sen Murphy was in Kiev, Dec 2013.

#5. Advise WHY McCain is supporting Batkivshchyna party which is aligned with Svoboda Neo nazis.

#6. Advise WHY BBC put out a documentary about 10 days ago revealing that neo-nazis took over this ‘revolt’

#7. WHY did Pierre Omidyar co-funded Ukraine revolution groups with US government, documents show

When you can answer these Q’s, then you are qualified to talk about Ukrainan situation.   Until you can, you’re not qualified.

NO CONSPIRACY:  Sen. McCain, Sen. Murphy and Victoria Nuland were involved in the Coup D’Etat in Ukraine.  That’s the facts.  If you don’t want to deal with these facts, then its evident:  You have your head up your ass.  You just want to nuke and murder Russians based on 1980’s hatred of the former USSR.  Even though the USSR didn’t hurt us, either.  At any rate: John McCain was also involved in the Georgia issue as well.

America has a reputation of calling itself Christians, yet assists in having murdered Christians in foreign countries like Serbia & Syria.  America now has a reputation of installing the worst leaders like Morsi who had his Muslim bro’hood murder countless Christians and coptics.

America:  When will you face your murderous ways?  America is a murderer: 55 million dead babies proves this.   God will allow America to go through judgment, wrath and horror for hurting his people all over the world, he will avenge.  Count on it.

We, here – are trying to avert nuclear WW3, you are trying to make it happen.  God is WITH us, he is against you.

Why Is “F’k The EU” ‘Jewish’ Victoria Nuland Pictured With #Ukraine’s Nazi Party Leader, SMILING?

Why Is “F’k The EU” ‘Jewish’ Victoria Nuland Pictured With #Ukraine’s Nazi Party Leader  SMILING?  We, here on this blog take up the cause of white Americans but we certainly HATE NAZI-ism.

 According to Victoria Nuland’s Wiki page: Religion Judaism  Click.

There are 2 things I absolutely hate in this life:  Communism & Nazi-ism.   And, often, we find they are strange bedfellows, right next to Jihadi-Islam.  What is incomprehensible to me is to see a ‘Jewish’ person so slap happy, standing next to Neo Nazi Svoboda leader Oleh Tyahnybok in this picture: (He is on the left)

nuland in ukraine

More here: Images compiled by Michel Chossudovsky of Global Research, hat tip Chris H. I dont agree with EVERYTHING on the GR site, but most is accurate.

For someone who says “F’k the EU”, she seems to embrace the same humans who f’d our people.   She should resign, as should John McCain.  For the life of me, I can never understand these types of “Jews” who always make buddies with people that would LOVE to murder them.  Like Max Blumenthal, who is endorsed by David Duke.  Nuland’s excuse will be that she ‘didn’t know’, we say garbage:  Victoria most certainly DID know.

These pictures we found also beg the question:  Just who is going to be in charge of Ukraine???

WW3 Alert? Ukraine, Fed Up With 3 Mos Of EU/USA Interference-Release Fighter Jets & Tanks. What Say Ms Nuland?

WW3 Alert: Ukraine, Fed Up With  Mos Of EU/USA Interference-Release Fighter Jets & Tanks. What Say Ms Nuland?


Where is fat mouth, Ms Nuland with her “F THE EU?”

Ukraine, who has had just about enough of the EU/USA led ‘protesters’ in Kiev, have released fighter jets and tanks into the populace.  John McCain and Victoria Nuland must be having massive, sporadic, orgasmic, ecstasy spasms–they LOVE war & death…Just like the good liberals they are. 

Western powers represented by the EU and the US have nothing to stand on to protect Ukraine and can only offer lip-service at best. So once again, it appears that Ukraine is doomed and the best one can hope for there, is that Russia will allow the West to leave.

The rest:  Ukraine’s Military Releases The Armored Vehicles And Fighter Jets

Meanwhile…we have the 2 biggest fruitcakes:  Krauthammer and O’Reilly, who want to engage in World War 3 against Russia just because they have a hard-on for Vladimir Putin. 

An art collage from March 2013

More, finally Drudge is on it and others are reporting on it:

Fierce clashes in Kiev as new wave of unrest grips Ukraine   LIVE UPDATES
Russia accuses US diplomats of ‘puppeteering’ Ukraine 32
AP video still
Kiev up in smoke as violence resumes in Ukraine capital LIVE
Ukraine: Deadly clashes around parliament in Kiev...Live…

MSM Jumps When Nuland Says “FU”, But NO Q’s Why She’s Been Engaging In WAR/Revolution In Ukraine

MSM Jumps When Nuland Says “FU”, But NO Q’s Why She’s Been Engaging In WAR/Revolution In Ukraine

A couple of months ago, I started posting on the revolt in

Ukraine Protest

I knew there was US involvement in the Ukrainian FUBAR after I saw John McCain with the ‘protesters’ in Kiev who were brought in from the EU to demand Ukraine join the European Union.   These ‘protesters’ have burned the city of Kiev to the ground in an effort to become enslaved to the EU.    I can’t tell you how many Americans were rooting for the side of violence (these were also ‘conservatives’)  How can one claim to be conservative and Christian, yet root for violence in another country where there were no issues before WE got there?  Priests have stood in the gap, facing the protesters.  They faced the protesters to protect law & order.

Yet, many Americans were STILL for the violence in Ukraine.  Even after I advised these gasbag-idiots that if Ukraine joined the EU Union, they would be infiltrated with Muslims–they still didn’t budge and thought that the ‘protesters’ there were oppressed by their government just as the U.S. is… Many conservatives have even thought that the “Pussy Riot” (maybe a little outlandish) were a legit group of well-meaning young women.  The “Pussy Riot” is pro-homosexual marriage, militant feminist and pro-abortion.  Yet “Conservatives” in America still supported these wack-jobs.  The “Pussy Riot” took their sick behavior into Orthodox churches-NAKED-and still ‘conservative’ Americans supported these freaks. 

Finally, one the evil skanks from the “Pussy Riot” visited  Bill de Blasio, at City Hall in NYC to discuss prison reform.  The “Pussy Riot” pig  discussed ‘prison reform’ and she had the ear of the Communist, DeBlasio….And, thats when “conservatives” woke up.  Because De Blasio’s a Marxist, y’know and that’s when we Americans care.  Only when things affect us, do we give a shit.

Yes, I am angry with conservatives because you should know better.

Meanwhile, this bitch, Nuland has been engaging violence and the overthrow of the government in Ukraine and nobody asks what that hag was doing in Kiev.  American “conservatives” only cared that this bottom-feeder said “F*ck you” to the EU.  Did Nuland’s aggression receive the support of the congress?  Did congress vote to go to war in Ukraine?  NO.  So, what is this bitch doing, engaging in war & undermining a government?   And, why has the MSM said NOTHING?   The Obama administration and most members of the house/senate have turned another country upside down, are engaging WW3 with Russia because of Ukraine and everyone is worried about “F*ck you”

Here is this vile witch with Vitaly Klitschko, the violent ‘opposition’ leader in Kiev, Ukraine:

You know why we have no country anymore?  Because we don’t give a damn about anybody but ourselves.  We don’t ‘love our neighbor’, we murder our neighbor and pay for their deaths like assassins:   US Gov Sending 20 Mill Of YOUR Tax Dollars To Ukraine Every Week To Fund Violent ‘Protesters’

I am on the Lords side, too.

I will keep this on sticky so QV can let ya all have it.

RU: US Gov Sending 20 Mill Of YOUR Tax Dollars To Ukraine Every Week To Fund Violent ‘Protesters’

RU: USA Govt Sending 20 Mill Of YOUR Tax Dollars To Ukraine Every Week To Fund Violent Protesters

Obama & US Govt want WW3 with RU/China…Is a New Cold War Brewing?

How do you like YOUR money going to a bunch of radical Communists & Nazis (mainly from the EU) who are undermining the government in Ukraine and murdering police?  Many conservatives believe that the ‘protesters’ in Ukraine are fighting against a tyrannical government just because WE, here in America are.  In our opinion, all governments are corrupt.  Our sentiment:  it is better for Ukraine to stay with the ‘devil they know’ (Russia) than to go with the Muslim loving EU Union.  We also believe that the far left just wants to destroy every white country.  Should Ukraine join the EU Union, it wouldn’t even be 5 years before 50K Muslims or more would occupy their cities and towns in the name of ‘diversity and tolerance…’

 Sergei Glazyev, advisor to Russian president Putin claimed today that the US was spending $20 million per week on the Ukrainian opposition, including supplying opposition with weapons. It is clear from recent photographs that street gangs are more organized and better equipped each day.

This is what the ‘protesters’ are wearing now:

Ukraine unrest: Timeline  From:  BBC News

21 November 2013: Ukraine announces it will not sign a deal aimed at strengthening ties with the EU, sparking protests

17 December: Russia agrees to buy $15bn of Ukrainian government bonds and slash the price of gas it sells to the country

16 January 2014: Parliament passes law restricting the right to protest

22 January: Two protesters die from bullet wounds during clashes with police in Kiev; protests spread across many cities

25 January: President Yanukovych offers senior jobs to the opposition, including that of prime minister, but these are rejected

28 January: Parliament votes to annul protest law and President Yanukovych accepts resignation of PM and cabinet

29 January: Parliament passes amnesty law for detained protesters, under the condition occupied buildings are vacated

We have tried to post on Ukraine as much as possible:

Vid Of Victoria Nuland In Kiev, Ukraine. Nuland The Mad Jewess

Ukraine | The Mad Jewess

Think for yourself.. Meanwhile, Victoria Nuland has made this an international crisis with her big mouth and pushy ways: US ‘Ukraine-gate’ Threatens to Blow Up Into Major Conflagration