FINALLY! GOP Grill Kapo, Victoria Nuland Over Support Of Ukrainian Nazis & Fascists

FINALLY! GOP Grill Kapo, Victoria Nuland Over Support Of Ukrainian Nazis & Fascists

Must be Russian propaganda that Nuland is being grilled……!

We’ve been telling you this.  You didn’t believe us.  But now the GOP is grilling Nuland for supporting NAZIs in Ukraine. Is it political theater?  Where is John McCain? Why is HE not lambasted?

Take note idiot, Liberal Jews:  It is not your beloved ‘g’od, the Democrat party who is demanding why this Kapo hag is supporting Nazis in Ukraine.  So, keep voting in these wacko, Jew-hating pieces of trash.  In my opinion, ALL Jews should register non Partisan or Independent.  By the way…Nuland is a Jew. (BARF)

Video hat tip: @defendressofsan

I have been right about the Ukrainian situation from the get-go. Why people did not believe me over this LYING media is beyond me…

Nuland in Ukraine:

With Nazi Svoboda Party member, Oleh Tyanbok on the left.  Tyanbok is aligned with “Right Sector” & Yatsenyuk.  They are FASCISTS.

Here he is at a Nazi convention:

Photos are not “Russian propaganda.”  You’re all just a bunch of Russia-haters, that’s all.  You’re stuck in 1985, to the point of taking us into a nuclear war in Ukraine. THAT is insanity.  Enough with YOUR propaganda.

Vid Of Victoria Nuland In Kiev, Ukraine. Nuland Was Key Figure For #Benghazi Cover-Up: Also Involved W/ Violent Protesters In Ukraine

Victoria Nuland, Key Figure For #Benghazi Cover-Up Also Involved With Violent Protesters In Ukraine

How did our interfering work out for Chris Stevens in Benghazi?  Christians in Syria & Egypt?  I hope conservative people who felt sympathy for these ‘protesters’ are happy now.  We have sent BILLIONS to turn yet another country upside down.


BELOW-Let’s flashback to Nov & Dec 2013.  This is what the Obama administration was doing in Kiev: Undermining.  (Meanwhile, conservative Americans have been FOR Obama’s aggression in Kiev, Ukraine) without knowing it.  That’s because they were too damned busy making fun of our stance re. Kiev, Ukraine on many other websites instead of researching the truth.   You only have yourselves to blame as natures laws of cause and effect will take place.   I warned you about what was happening in Ukraine and you laughed me to scorn.

Top U.S. official, Victoria Nuland visits protesters in Kiev as Obama admin. ups pressure on Ukraine president Yanukovich

A spokesman for the embassy said she (Nuland) had visited Maidan, where several thousand of protesters were calling for the resignation of President Viktor Yanukovich.  The rest:  Top U.S. official visits protesters in Kiev as Obama admin. ups  pressure with Yankovych…

Here is Nuland in Kiev, she was giving ‘food in exchange for demonstration.’  Sounds more like ’30 pieces of silver…’

(Picture below from this link: Victoria Nuland in Ukraine.)


Nuland below in DC giving a speech about “Civil rights, democracy, justice’ and the usual ‘human rights democracy’ that has inflamed the middle east.

QV says:

The US proved to be eager to encourage opposition to bring down a DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED government of President Viktor Yanukovych and install a pro-Western government, which would allow Ukraine to join NATO and then the EU. The 2010 elections’ results have been accepted and recognized by the opposition, by the European Union, by the US, by the whole international community. What right does anyone have to violently overthrow a democratically elected government?

Any Amerikaner or European care to explain?

Has any Russian or Ukrainian diplomat gone to support and coordinate the Occupy Wall Street movement in the US? NO.

The interference and bullying comes only from the West. State Department’s Victoria Nuland has been openly supporting the protesters and, together with numerous diplomats from EU countries, has visited their headquarters, holding rousing speeches in front of the raging crowds. Victoria Nuland openly admitted that the US spent billions of dollars on ‘democratizing’ Ukraine, which is actually an admission of political bribery.

The Final Grand Lie spread by the mainstream media is that Ukraine would be better off economically after signing the Association Treaty with the EU. I have already listed the genocidal impacts on the Ukraine people should Ukraine sign the AT with the EU vampires.

This is what you paid for: TERROR.

Nuland brought you these talking points:

Nuland has emerged as one of the key figures who has been accused by various sources of initiating a cover up of the 2012 Benghazi attack. After reading the first draft of the State Department talking points that stated that the incident was a coordinated terrorist attack, she sent a message writing that they “could be abused by members of Congress to beat the State Department for not paying attention to agency warnings so why would we want to seed the Hill.”[4] After this memo UN Ambassador Susan Rice was given talking points that formed the basis of her statements on This Week with George Stephanopoulos,[5] Meet the Press,[6] State of the Union with Candy Crowley,[7] and Fox News Sunday.[8][9] Conservative critics have argued Nuland’s nomination as Assistant Secretary of State may come up against firm opposition from Republicans, based on her role in the Benghazi controversy.[10]

Eat crow, we f’d up another country in the name of ‘Democracy.’ NOTHING ‘good’ comes from anything the Obama administration installs.  Nothing.