VIDEO: Commercial Pilot’s Statement From The ICU About Vaccine Destroying His Life & His Flying Career

VIDEO: Commercial Pilot’s Statement From The ICU About Vaccine Destroying His Life & His Flying Career

I saw a looney-toon Leftist say this video is a ‘hoax.’ Everything is a hoax that is the truth to these basket cases who have fallen under a strong delusion.

Go watch the Pilot’s video on GAB.

“And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming: Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:”

2 Thessalonians 2:8-11

This Vid COMPLETELY Debunks The Commie, Jan 6 Propaganda Abt “Insurrection”

This Vid COMPLETELY Debunks The Commie, Jan 6 Propaganda

Communist Democrats are filthy, dirty, rotten liars, imprisoning innocent men. I never saw this video.

Get that video and send it to every single person you know. Imprisoning innocent men is disgusting.

NEW January 6th Video Completely DESTROYS “Insurrection” HOAX

January 6th Video Completely DESTROYS “Insurrection” HOAX

Capitol lockdown: 'QAnon Shaman' poses in triumph after Trump rioters  'attempt coup' - Mirror Online

“We have a right to peacefully assemble.

-Mooseman of the Capital”

The Left—as usual is lying.

They are liars.



Slime. Devils. Pigs.

Immoral and filthy.

Why Did RU LGBT “Rights” Release Attacks On ‘Gays’ Right Before Olympics? Why NO Outrage About Muslim Lands & “Gay” Treatment There?

Why Did RU LGBT “Rights” Release Attacks On ‘Gays’ Right Before Olympics? Why NO Outrage About Muslim Lands & “Gay” Treatment There?

Well?  Didn’t anyone ask this before they watched this video? Seems to be a strange coincidence like anything the left puts out–especially propaganda put out by the NYTimes.  Would they have done this if the olympics were held in Saudi Arabia?  I don’t think so.

Many commenters on youtube believe this is a propaganda piece…given the timing, I also wonder about that myself.  BUT, some facts: Muslims hang gays, murder them & torture them in the Muslim countries and the LGBT is quiet about THAT, aren’t they? They don’t dare say anything about the sweet Jihad Muslims.  Looks to me like an attack on the Orthodoxy in Russia. 

Here are the facts about the ‘gays’   ~The more they push their militancy on society, the more men are going to react negatively towards them.  You can call it ‘homo-phobic’ or whatever name you chose, but human nature will not allow militancy.  The tide is turning against the ‘gays’ in America.  The best thing for gays in US  to do is just live, mind your own business and stop pushing your views on people.  We here would not ever encourage beating ‘gays’ and will stand in the gap if it were to happen around us because we do not condone offensive violence.  At the same token, we are asking sane ‘gays’ in USA to not shove your show on folks to put us in that type position were we would HAVE to defend you.

Commenter on youtube:

‘Also I find it hilarious that this shit also goes on in America AND Britain and also the Middle East, yet the most you hear of “gay bashing” always is reported from Russia, never Saudi Arabia or anything.   Gotta Kiss that Saudi oil ass.  But really this boils down to criminal behavior, Putin has even allowed gays to join the olympics and such, the only thing is you cannot spread your homosexual propaganda around to people and children, which, truthfully if you see the type of shit people do at folsom fair (go look it up) you can understand the hesitation to even ALLOW THEM, because when you portray yourself like that, when you walk around nude in front of children pissing on other men and donning penis rings, you can’t complain when people think you’re less than human. Though I don’t think EVERY GAY should be beaten and brutalized for what other gays have done’

He is correct.  Whether you like it or not.  People are not going to stand for the below display much longer in America. They don’t want their children to see it, and they’re tired of a debauched society.  Folsom Street fair can be seen in USA on any given day in areas of San Francisco, given the weather being warm.

Know this:  For every action, there is a reaction.

“Evil” White Racist Male Feeds The Homeless On Thanksgiving In L.A.

“Evil” White Racist Male Feeds The Homeless On Thanksgiving Of EVERY Race In L.A.

Look at the video of this evil, white, devil racist who is feeding homeless people in Los Angeles.  What a cad..  This is a white male oppressor who Noel Inatiev wants to commit suicide.

Wonderful video in this link- Vitaly Gives Out 1,000 Turkey Sandwiches To The Homeless In LA!

Wonderful display of humanity.  Just incredible.  A feel good moment.

Communist RAG, Salon Dumps On Lara Logan After Apology Re. Benghazi Misinfo (Commies NEVER Apologize For Wrong Info)

Communist RAG, Salon Dumps On Lara Logan After Apology Re. Benghazi Misinfo (Commies NEVER Apologize For Wrong Info)

Apologizing for mistakes is one of the most honorable attributes a human can possess.  Most ‘liberal’ journalists lie and name call Americans every day and NEVER apologize…

It’s amazing.  Logan is trying to get the right story & truth out about Benghazi.  You do remember she was raped in Tahir, Egypt – over and over??  The fact that she is able to try to report this certain scenario – putting emotions aside – yet still has the guts to admit there was misinfo re Muslims- this tells me that Lara Logan (although a liberal) is trying to get this story out to the public and the truth about Benghazi, Libya.  It is hard not to generalize all Muslims when you have been a victim of violence, let alone, gang-rape by Muslims.   Of course, the Communist cabal at the Salon is never satisfied and they are viciously attacking her.   No doubt, feminists are not even there for her right now, either.  Obama, their phony Messiah comes first in protection, not a female reporter.

See the nasty Communist post at Salon- CBS’ erroneous Benghazi debacle explodes

Her apology/ statement (Something Communists never do is apologize-they are unforgiving, filthy pigs.)

“The most important thing to every person at ’60 Minutes’ is the truth, and today the truth is that we made a mistake, and that’s very disappointing for any journalist, it’s very disappointing for me,” Logan said on “CBS This Morning. “Nobody likes to admit that they made a mistake, but if you do, you have to stand up and take responsibility and you have to say you were wrong, and in this case we were wrong.”

Apology on video:

Feminists were not  really outraged by Logan’s rape:

Thanks for trying to be sincere, Lara Logan.

UltraViolet Feminist Bitches: We Don’t Sue People In America For Having Different Opinions Than Yours

UltraViolet Feminist Bitches: We Don’t Sue People In America For Having Different Opinions Than Yours   This is “Ultra-Violet” website  UltraViolet | Press

MANY of us hate feminism and you ARE responsible for helping destroy this country. Children are supposed to have Moms, not power bitches from hell.  That is OUR opinion (We who are SICK of feminist supremacy)  If you don’t like the fact that we have a differing opinion than you….Why don’t you just GET THE F*CK OUT OF MY NATION? GO, I wish you peace..

…This pussy-whipped pig:  Doug Gordon wants to sue Williams, Dobbs and Erickson for having an opinion on an opinion show, Megyn Kelly’s hour of bullshit; “America today Live”

Here, see this CRAP


Feminism is man-bashing, now. Nothing more than that.

Photos of Syrian Massacres Perpetrated By Al Qaeda (America-Funded) Recycled as Gaza ‘Atrocities’

This is what Muslims do. Most Americans believe the Muslims.  After all, they elected in a Muslim Negro.

The whole story:


The original massacre, in Syria.

The "recycled" massacre, transplanted to Gaza.

Muslim, Barack HUSSEIN Obama Says He “Fully Supports Israel’s Right To Defend ‘Itself'” Bullsh*t, Mr.

Obama says he supports Israels ‘right to defend itself‘.  This is 100% bullshit.  Complete.  Tell it to the people of Libya, who now have the Muslim bro’hood in charge BECAUSE of Obama.  Tell it to the people of Egypt, ditto same situation as Libya.  Tell it to the Syrians & Christian Syrians who are fighting off Al Qaeda who Obama and Hitlery aided.  You can fool dumbbell “Jews” that voted for your sorry ass, but you aint’ foolin me, you Muslim lunatic.

Obama sent 1.2 billion USD to the Muslim bro’hood.  He is so full of crap, his eyes are brown–they are brown, anyway.

You can click here to see he is, as usual, full of shit.  Don’t worry Jew haters.. He hates Israel, he is YOUR dream come true.
 Dont lose heart…

350,000 STALINISTS+ Trying To Get Macy’s To Fire Donald Trump Because Of Obama’s Fraud Birth Certificate

The Stalinists want Trump fired because he exercises his right of free speech. Look at the tags:

Donald Trump, Video, Business News, Donald Trump Birth Certificate, Donald Trump Birther, Dump Trump, Macys, Macys Donald Trump, Macys Dump Trump Petition, Retailer Petitions, Business News

This is the post:  

  The left is still runnin’ scared over Obama’s fraud birth certificate.

Facts can’t go away:

19 African Newspaper Sources, Plus Obama’s 1991 Pamphlet Say Obama Was “BORN IN KENYA”