More Western And USA Media & #Zelensky Pushing Fake “War” Photos & Videos All Over The Internet; Including “Ghost Of Kyiv” Hoax Just Like Palestinians

Submitted by David Ben Moshe:

The media-government complex cannot be trusted in anything. When you take images from a movie and present it as real as to what’s going on now and when you take images from somewhere else around the planet and present as what’s happening now, just 2 reasons why you can’t trust anything that comes out of the government and media.

We may as well be watching Pallywood;

FAKE: Ukrainian commando group crossed the Russian border …

A running list of the fake photos & videos of Ukraine …

Video purportedly showing ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ MiG-29 pilot is fake

Fact Check: Fake Images And Videos From Ukraine: Mashable.

Right from “Blue check mark” Twitter’s Ukrainian government account;

Zelensky’s “Defence of Ukraine” unit.

After these were posted, BBC corrected their propaganda:

No, this photo is not from the current Russian bombardment of Ukraine: it has been circulating since at least 2021 related to Gaza (Palestine)

Here’s the best one yet;

I may take over the website & blog. The Mad Jewess is burnt out. – David Ben Moshe

From Syria: Many Live Videos Of FAKE Wounded People In Rebel Demonstrations- Obama & Hillary Clinton Lie

These are older videos from January-April.  But it has just been brought to our attention from QV, today.  Are you going to keep believing Shep Smith?  Do you really think that Assad’s removal will promote peace in Syria?



More Videos Exposing The “Peaceful Protestors” Of Syria

Syria – Peaceful Protesters are burning a Government Building in Ariha, Idleb 20-05-2011

Syria – Peacful Protestors burned the Police Cars in Ariha, Idleb 20-5-2011

Syria – Peaceful Protesters killed a Policemen in Aleppo 27-01-2012

Syria – Terrorists Attack the Oil Pipeline in Quriyeh, Deir Ezzawr 28-01-2012

Armed Gangs fired an RPG at a Monastry in Sednaya, Syria 30-01-2012

Syria – Terrorists blew up a gas pipeline in Tel Kalakh, Homs 30-01-2012

Syria – Empty Coffins live on Al Jazeera – Only in Syria (Yep – peaceful protestors holding coffins during a march – proven to be empty fakes)

Syria – Terrorist makes jokes about the arab observers.. seconds later.. shooting at buildings

Syria – Terrorist makes jokes about the arab observers.. seconds later.. shooting at buildings

Syria – Terrorists burning houses in the vineyards of Madaya

Syria – Female Terrorist in Banias, Tartous

Terrorists trying to destroy a Syrian Tank

Armed Terrorist Groups in Idleb, Syria

Syria – Terrorist throwing Dynamite at Security men in Deir al-Zawr

SYRIA – “Peaceful Protesters” shooting at Policemen

Homs – Militants firing Rockets from a Mosque at the Army

Camera filmed the Killing of Policeman Raed Ashour1

-David Ben Moshe