@vijaya Gadde Holding Back BILLIONS In Twitter Sale: She Is REFUSING To Release Info Re. BOT/SPAM Accounts. See Musk Attny Letter:

Feminist Supremacist, @vijaya Gadde Holding Back BILLIONS In Sale Of Twitter. The Board Should FIRE Her:

Dumpster Fire Twitter has a FemiNazi Supremacist issue: Vijaya Gadde. Observe the letter below, written from the Attny’s working on closing the sale. Gadde REFUSES to release the information of the Spam and Bot accounts:

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Here it is on FB:

My video on Vijaya:

NO offense to the ladies who frequent the blog…but most women in power are real schmucks. Dorsey should come clean about her. Gadde destroyed his corporation. GROW A PAIR, Jack!! I’m no Elon Musk fan but this is totally unacceptable.

#Twitter’s Nasty, Militant, Feminist, Fascist Bully @VijayaGadde Crying Over New Mngmnt. (She Had Trump BANNED)

#Twitter’s Nasty, Militant, Feminist, Fascist Bully @VijayaGadde Crying Over New Mngmnt. (She Had Trump BANNED)

I have written about Gadde more than a few times. She is a REAL issue on Twitter. My personal observation of Gadde is that she will not change- SHE needs to go. I once worked with a very bully-like, militant feminist from India. (Gadde moved here by 3 yrs of age) However: Militant, Feminist/Marxism is engrained into many (no, not all but many) Indian women from a very young age, unfortunately. Perhaps Gadde leaned this in College, who knows…

Gadde is the one who, NO doubt, had DJT banned off Twitter. I don’t think Gadde learned about respecting the position of a C.I.C. here in the states.. This is something that is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. Banning a President from a forum that is reporting NEWS is a total abuse of power. SHAME ON VIJAYA. SHAME! (Im not even a ‘ra ra ra’ Trump person)

AND: This is what a an abusive power bully does when she no longer has her way: Twitter’s Top Lawyer Breaks Down In Tears During Musk Takeover Meeting

Vijaya Gadde as a baby. Kinda how she is acting when she does not get her way.

My older posts on Cry-bully Vijaya:

I do not talk nicely about people who are in some form of leadership (corp, govt, etc) when I see that they are absolutely non repentant. You can say God made me like a “John the Baptist” type from the time I was a little girl. An indignant, warrior spirit rises up in me. At least the Lord cleaned my potty mouth. 😉

I Told You All Months Ago That #VijayaGadde Is THE “Architect” Of #Twitter Censorship Fiasco. Now We Have Foreign Leaders Condemning Us

I Told Ya’all Months Ago That VIGAYA GADDE Is THE “Architect” Of #Twitter Censorship Fiasco. Now We Have Foreign Leaders Condemning Us

My posts on Vijaya Gadde had hardly any views. Nobody cared. Now you care because you have been suspended from Twitter! In a political atmosphere that is so hostile toward patriotic people, you have to study these humans who have made themselves your enemy. You must watch them and everything they do.

Today, James O’Keefe released a leaked video of Vijaya Gadde planning not only to censor American people but to censor the world. I warned of this hag named Vijaya Gadde, head of twitter ‘safety’ and trust..

I alerted the blogosphere months ago about Twitter’s Evita Gadde. Of course, people passed over these 3 below posts like they always do whenever I post something very important. I knew this female was and is a problem for American politics.

Keep not paying attention and soon we’ll all be in the real gulags. God shows me these things in my spirit. I can’t take ‘credit’ for knowing….. But, since he really DOES show me these things, don’t trust me. Trust the Lord for Gods sakes.

Twitter Senior Executive Details Plans for Political Censorship on a Global Scale (PROJECT VERITAS)

October 28, 2020: @vijaya Is THE “Architect” Of #Twitter Censorship Fiasco. #FireVajaya Gadde, OR: REMOVE §230 Protection

October 17, 2020: #Twitter @vijaya Is A Horrible #Feminist. #ResignVijaya NOW


NOW: World Leaders Are Condemning Dems For Authoritarian Censorship of American Citizens: India, Germany, AU, Mexico, France, NZ, PLUS