SOHO, NYC Leftists Are Angry W/ The Violent Crimes.. They’re Reaping What They’ve Sewn. They Called Us “Racists”, So, Let The Good Crimes Roll:

SOHO, NYC Leftists Are Angry W/ The Violent Crimes.. They’re Reaping What They’ve Sewn. They Called Us “Racists”, So, Let The Good Crimes Roll:

Islamic Danger to Americans: January 2009

The Leftists in Manhattan had my husband’s TV show kicked off of NY Public access Television on cable in 2007. His show talked almost exclusively about violent crimes in NYC. The Commies called my husband’s show: “Must Hate TV”… Now, the Leftists are crying in Manhattan? BOO HOO. Ya reap what ya sow, suckers! Dummies! RACISTS! Fat bigots! HATERS!

Check it out: At the NY Post

In the 1st Precinct, which covers Soho, crime has soared 52.6 percent over the last 28 days compared to last year, and year to date, it’s up 48.4 percent, NYPD data show. 


LOOTERSVILLE, ChiTown: Devastated S. Korean Biz Owner Looted Badly: $350K In Theft Bec George Floyd Justice.

Devastated Korean Biz Owner Looted Badly: $350K In Theft Bec George Floyd Justice.

Terrible.  Just a peaceful Korean family–looted–by losers that should all be executed

People I know will NEVER EVER see these ‘protests’ as anything but Communist destruction, black, violent, looters, white-Leftist anarchists.  I couldnt give a shit less about Floyd at this point.  His name is now synonymous with rioting and violence.  Which is how he lived his life: Candace Owens Says Martyring George Floyd Is ‘Bulls**t …  George Floyd was a violent criminal felon, and racially-motivated police brutality against blacks is a fabricated media myth: CLICK

“He was a violent criminal,” she said of Floyd. “Just because he was a criminal does not mean you deserve to die at the knee of a police officer. I can’t say it enough, no, he did not deserve to die in that manner.”  However, she said, “Racially motivated police brutality is a myth” and went on to claim that more white people are killed by police.

And, let me tell you something…. these assassins of life WILL probably be coming to a small neighborhood near you.  If they come way up here, I will have to shoot.   See their plans, soon enough




With #Covid19 Over, Prepare For A #SOROSSummer. 100’s Of Protesters Being Flown To Minneapolis:

With #Covid19 Over, Prepare For A#SOROSSummer. 100’s Of Protesters Being Flown To Minneapolis:

Soros is busing them in, probably –  See – Mighty 990


“Hundreds of more protestors that are arriving to the city via the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport,” he said, “so if that report that I’m hearing is accurate, we could see more bodies in the street, which could lead to more violence tonight.”

This could possibly be the worst summer that there has ever been.  It’s right before an election.  Communist Democrats hate Trump no matter what he does.  I’m not ‘ra ra ra’ Trump…but they hate his guts…Soros is licking his chops and salivating waiting on blood and death.

I hope it does not get insane in Atlanta:

Gone is the Coronavirus and to divert attention off  what a hoax the Communist Democrat party made of the whole mess, destroying the economy, leaving 35 mil without jobs, businesses closing, housing market destroyed – they immediately latched onto another story that shook the headlines in Minneapolis.

Gotta hand it to the Communists pigs: They know how to divert attention.  Everyone’s focus is off the Super depression and onto the rioting losers in MN.

It’s almost as if Obama steering the wheel again…Look at his big mouth, just like before: Barack Obama just can’t shut his ugly, purple lips.

The reason it feels like SNAFU times 1000 is because Trump REFUSES to bring law and order as he stated in 2016:


You know the drill….

“Protesters” In Ukraine Now Being Checked For Links To Radical Groups

“Protesters” In Ukraine Now Being Checked For Links To Radical Groups

Radical group means that there are OUTSIDE forces operating in this violent revolt in Kiev.  Same scenario with the ‘opposition’ in Syria, who also have outside Jihadist/rebels that aid in warring against their government.

Pussy Rioter with her Communist fist – fully supports the radicals and violent ‘protesters’ in Kiev:


Many people here in the states have decided to support the radicals & violent protesters in Kiev, believing they are fighting an ‘illegit government.’   Believing that the situation in Ukraine is the same as here (with conservatives against our government) which it isn’t.    These same type conservative Americans supported the Syrian rebels, the Muslim bro’hood, the Libyan rebels & thought those protesters were trying to oust bad dictators,  Assad, Gaddafi etc..  Only to find out, AFTER the middle eastern FUBAR that they were wrong in their irrational thinking..  What a catastrophe the east has become, now.    Forward back to Kiev:  Here we go again, only its Ukraine under fire.    Americans (even ‘conservative’) Americans support the “Pussy Rioters”, a radical group of women who are pro-fqueer marriage, pro-abortion, everything sick and liberal. The “Pussy Rioters” are linked to these radicals in the streets of Kiev.  They were involved this whole last summer, working to agitate Ukrainian youth.

It didn’t even bother these conservative type people here in America that these same “Pussy Rioters” went into churches – naked – to ‘protest’.  Why did they do this?  To make a statement that “Putin is a dictator.”    Uh hello, Americans?  Why worry if Putin is a dictator at all when we have one right here?  So many people are stuck in circa 1980 with Putin.   It is 2014.   America has the tyrant, now.   A tyrannical dictator with a totalitarian administration which has brought destruction to the middle east, emboldened Jihadists and now inflaming violent radicals in Kiev, Ukraine.

Stop worrying about Putin.   It’s not that I ‘like’ Putin,  but what he does over there is none of our business.   Ditto Ukraine.   The only thing we have to worry about with Putin is if we meddle too much in the affairs with his allies.  He may go postal on America with his friend, China.  They could nuke us if we don’t leave countries alone.

This is not your America, anymore.  When are you going to SEE this?  We are NOT exceptional, at all anymore.  It is what it is. I don’t like it, but it is what it is.

13:18 GMT: (the last update)

Almost a 1,000 people, involved in violent riots at Grushevskogo Street, are being checked for links to radical groups, Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs has said. Protesters, who seized the Trade Unions Building and Kiev’s mayoral office, have “a fair quantity” of guns, it said. The rest: here

Is it some type of a coincidence that one of the Pussy Rioters is visiting the states?  Hell, why not?   We love Jihadists here.   Why not just bring in a radical Commie..  We feed and pay Hassan Nidal 100K a year.. don’t we??? Pussy Riot To Make First U.S. Appearance

This video of a Ukrainian ‘protest’ below – is from over 7 weeks ago.  These ‘protesters’ have been violent from their beginning:

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2 White Babies Murdered By ‘Sons Of Obama’. One Was A 2 Year Old That Was Beaten To Death.

2 White Babies Murdered By ‘Sons Of Obama’. One Was A 2 Year Old That Was Beaten To Death.

TNB: Obama’s ghetto Boonis Africanas are at it again:

Click: Two more white babies murdered by black males

Murdered little white boy,[beneath] named Cody Allan Rollins aged 2 by beating him to death:

Murdered little boy named Hunter Wise, 3 years old:


Want to solve this out of control black on white crime?  Say what you will.  I say put white Christian men back in charge of America.

-David Ben Moshe

Violent, Vile, BITCH-Hillary Clinton: “Chemical warfare is planned for~’Rebels’ get first anti-air Stingers”

Should we rise against this heathenistic bitch, will she throw chems all over us?  And, pray tell, who will give WE THE PEOPLE  some air stingers? Hmm?   NOBODY will. Because every nation HATES Americans because of the slimey debaucherous Demon-CATs and their GOP enabling scum.

This depraved pig, Killary goes into others countries and topples their leaders, murders Christians and sends the country back 200 years.  Did any of you hear that a swarm of bees attacked the bitch, Hitlery?


 Please, let wasps find her, suck the poison out of her and torment this evil witch for all eternity.


VIOLENT, HATEFUL 420 Boston Hempfest Youtube Removed-It Told The REAL Story, We Have Updated Video

They can remove these videos until the cows come home.  It will not stop the behavior of some minorities that act terribly.  By removing this video, the ‘liberals’ have hung one of their comrades out to dry. SO typical.

Click here to see the updated video This is a HORRIBLE hate crime against an ‘anti-racist’ liberal

Noah David Simon @CriticalAnalyst mentioned you:
@MadJewessWoman and typical of #youtube. they deleted the video because it told the real story. #censorship