Prophetic Dream/Vision I Had About EVIL Black, Flying Insects. (VERY Hesitant To Release This)

Dream/Vision I Had Abt EVIL Black Bugs. VERY Hesitant To Release This:

We all know God gives dreams and visions for warnings. We are supposed to ‘test the spirits’ also. I did not want to release this dream at all. Usually, I will get it out there, ASAP. But, this time – no. The reason why I am hesitant is because I believe there are some real false predictors out there. Giving false hope about spiritual and also political and geo-political issues. I am just “Pauli/The Mad Jewess”, (nobody special, a smaller blogger), but I do not want to be ‘counted in’ with any modern predictors.

Before I tell you this dream… I want to say that God is unleashing some real fury. And, his anger is over America as well as the rest of the nations. When I read the bible or talk with the Lord.. I sense his fury and anger. Sure, we all have impressions of his love and peace. But, I can say with great confidence that God is ANGERED.


Here is the vision/dream from last Thursday night, August 25th.

I saw a crisp, white sheet being flung out (like how we make our beds) it was flung into the wind/atmosphere. When I looked again at the sheet, it had black, flying, evil-looking insects (meaning to do harm) that flew out into the air.


This is what the black, flying insects looked like:


So, what does it mean?

I believe that perhaps some real insects that are black and harmful to humanity could be released by God into our earth’s atmosphere…? OR: Perhaps a bug (as in virus/plague/flu) could be allowed by God at the hands of man? The white sheet possibly indicating God?

We’ll see…. Think on this yourselves.

Libya’s Gaddafi, 2009: ‘Capitalist Companies PRODUCE Viruses So That They Can Generate & Sell Vaccinations’

Interesting… I was surfing around for information on an entirely different subject and I found this:


Today there is swine flu. Perhaps tomorrow there will be fish flu, because sometimes we produce viruses by controlling them. It is a commercial business. Capitalist companies produce viruses so that they can generate and sell vaccinations.

That is very shameful and poor ethics. Vaccinations and medicine should not be sold. In The Green Book, I maintain that medicines should not be sold or subject to commercialization.

“Medicines should be free of charge and vaccinations given free to children, but capitalist companies produce the viruses and vaccinations and want to make a profit. Why are they not free of charge? We should give them free of charge, and not sell them.

Here is the full, interpreted speech:


Ya really think our sweet, holy, uncorrupted companies would partner with the US government to produce a virus just to generate and sell a vaccine? Nah…….

During AIDS Epidemic-NO Masks, NO Closing Down Country, NO Vaxx Persecution:

During AIDS Epidemic-NO Masks, NO Closing Down Country, NO Vaxx Persecution:

AIDS.GOV reports that 36.7 million people worldwide are living with HIV, and 35 million have died since 1981.

Science and technology: STATUS OF HIV AND AIDS IN NEPAL

I was a performer in the Theater during the 1980’s when the AIDS epidemic really started. I lost almost ALL of my theatrical ‘gay’ acquaintances to AIDS. Nobody knew anything about it. It was really unbelievable how many people got HIV/AIDS–then died–fast. There was no pill, no shot—nothing to help people with AIDS. Everyone knew it would be years, if not decades – to create a vaccine for AIDS/HIV virus. After all, vaccines for virus’ can take 20-25 years… Isn’t it ODD that big pharma just happened to ‘create a vaccine’ for Covid19 in just a few months?

We were all afraid that we would catch the HIV virus. Some of us were a little more brave and would hug our acquaintances who were suffering and dying. But, we knew so little. When the medical ‘pro’s’ talked about HIV on the evening news, they said; ‘You could only ‘get it’ by sexual transmission,’ [however – we did NOT believe that.]

Nobody thought of closing down the country and wearing of masks. Nobody even thought of doing something like that. Nobody thought of forcefully vaccinating people.

NOW: Even though there is a 98% survival rate with COVID, the cowards closed the nations, forced mask mandates, forced social distancing and more and presently, to make things worse:

* CNN: Segregate Unvaccinated, Make Them Pay For Tests Every Day

This is why I believe that the current events are the ‘finale’ of things. Because this vaccine AND illness is engineered by governments and the media to murder the population. De-population. The ‘mark of the beast’ system. The ‘powers that be’ are doing this on purpose with agenda.

I pray that God will judge everyone involved in this de-population agenda. That he would cause them to become confused. That he would render them useless and destroy ALL of them. That me and mine and you all would live to see them ALL destroyed by God almighty.

The Chinese Produced An Animated Film About A Virus & Life-Saving Vaccine In….2016!

Chinese Produced Animated Film About A Virus & Life-Saving Vaccine In… 2016!

As usual….just another ‘coincidence…’

Hedgehogs (2016) - IMDb

This is totally unbelievable.. But, if you are ‘in the know’, you understand that elite American Commies and Communists in general have a ‘code of ethics’ that claims the elite must show people what they are going to do to the world:


Hedgehogs was made in 2016 and released in 2017. It’s a Chineseproduced film directed by Jianming Huang and starring Chevy Chase as a voice-actor.

PLEASE GO READ THIS!!! Chinese-produced animated movie introduced American kids to the idea of a fearful virus, masks and life-saving vaccine — back in 2016

Our OVERLORDS Now Warning Americans Will “Fall Ill” With Tuberculosis

OVERLORDS Are Now Warning Americans Will “Fall Ill” With Tuberculosis

TB Symptoms + 5 Natural Ways to Prevent & Treat Them | Best Pure Essential Oils

You must gather that the next potential virus/disease bio-weapon will be T.B. and your Overlords are informing you of this beforehand…Aren’t they just so thoughtful…..   😦

Global lockdown measures as a result of the coronavirus pandemic could lead to millions of people contracting tuberculosis (TB) over the coming years, according to a new study.

Gee, a ‘new’ study is warning we are all going to ‘fall ill’ from Tuberculosis.. Kinda like how Fauci warned we would all get sick from Covid19.. Fauci: ‘No doubt’ Trump will face surprise infectious disease …and then it happened.

Interestingly enough… right as renowned Scientist, Mikovitz is warning that Fauci would be responsible for murdering a lot of humans, the same NBC news is reporting that Youtube and Facebook is having a ‘real problem’ removing her documentary.. Probably because the powers that be are going to attack us next with TB..


Social media networks are working to remove or stop the spread of a viral pandemic conspiracy video that contains false, misleading or unproven claims about Covid-19.

Unproven, misleading“…. Yeah right.  Mikovitz states what happened to her the same way, same events, over and over.  A person telling the truth remembers exactly what happened and shares the SAME story, SAME events…over and over. 

Liars and prevaricators like the Mainstream can’t keep up with their own fabrications.

Here is some advice from me to you:     GO to the ‘conspiracy’ websites.  Use your senses God gave you to discern what is the truth.  You CAN do this.  Break free of the Mainstream.  They LIE. 365, 24/7.  FOX included.

Take precautions against the next coming bio-weapon:



#CORONAVIRUS: USA Has Seen About A Dozen Cases With No Fatalities

#CORONAVIRUS: USA Has Seen About A Dozen Cases With No Fatalities

This is good news.. Bad news is that if China does not start containing this virus with mandatory quarantine-countrywide-the world economies can spiral and descend foisting mass chaos.  So, we need to be in prayer.. pray that China will get ‘un-confused’.  

Here is the story:

The male patient, who’s name has not been released, was first isolated on Jan. 26 after showing signs of the illness. The man had recently traveled to Wuhan, China, the center of the outbreak.  He was the first confirmed case of the coronavirus in the state. The United States has seen about a dozen cases with no fatalities.  The rest, click here

Patriot Nurse is giving instruction on how to keep healthy during flus and virus’s: