People.. I am linking prophetic type MEN of God a lot recently.  I feel that we are on the cusp of great horrors.  I cannot shake this from my spirit. I honestly feel that America is going to go thru the absolute worst time we have EVER had.  NO other time will equal what we are going to go thru.

I have talked on this blog at length over the years that our payback for bankers wars would arrive.  Many of you already know our absolute abominations of baby murder and homosexual deviancy.  God is through with this.  He is going to punish us.  I CANNOT SHAKE THIS.  So, it is coming: PREPARE your heart and prepare your home.

Please hear what my brother, Mr. Frank Serritella has to say. PLEASE!!!

If you wish to contact Mr. Serritella, here is his info:


Watch this short flick.



It’s WONDERFUL How My Constant Bickering Has Turned My Fooled Moderate Family Into Americans, Again.

If you sat at the Thanksgiving table, and you did not take the opportunity to tell your family to wake the hell up..Then, you are a person that is just full of shit in life and on the blogosphere… In fact, name yourself cowardly-traitor.   If you care so little for your own kin, & unwilling to piss them off to get their asses moving, then YOU are the one that helping enable this SNAFU….

  Now, take my life… I never shut up about the threat of Communism. NOT EVER. I have screamed, shouted, ranted and raved to my family & friends for over 20 plus years.  I have told them for 2 decades that America was/is going Commie. I have written many letters, composed soap-boxes, sent in editorials to just about every newspaper in the few towns I have lived in, and have been published time and time again.    My family would get annoyed…because they didnt want me to ‘stir the pot.’  Well, I cant help it.  I will ‘stir the pot’, cuss, be a mean pain in the ass,  until my family and EVERY person around me wakes the hell up to the Commie takeover of the once great USA.  If they  keep listening,  they will realize that their frustration toward me was in vain if the things I predict come to pass.  Do people realize that genocide & death comes along with Commu-NAZI-ism?? Hello?

  Anyway…. Finally, my mother has had enough of the ‘H.N.I.C’.  You that are over 35 know what this means.  She hates Obamas guts so bad, that my once semi-p.c. mother called our prez a “Communist, Muslim Nigger“.  Whahhh, thats racist… I told her–pushing her just a little… She said: “Daughter, I frankly dont give a good G’d-damned”.    Well, well… Isnt that a peach…!!  Why would I think this is a ‘peach?’    Because nobody gives a crap what names you call people anymore.  Thanks “Liberals!”  You over-used your little weapon, and now the weapon is n.a.d.a.  I figured this would happen at some point. Hoorah.

  This, of course, shocked my devout, religious brother. 😀    But, too bad.    And, I DO love him very much…I told him flat out: ‘Brother, you were in the USAF for 20 years…you went to the 1st Gulf war, Korea, 2nd Gulf war and Afghanistan. You fixed fighters jets…for what? So my mother can vent, as an American is SUPPOSED to vent when their govt is INSANE‘.  He could only shake his head, in agreement. I wont even go there with what my step-father feels…

So, I will end with this, until I feel like writing more:

If you cannot stand up and demand your family listen to the danger we are in and headed towards- Shut your trap on the net.

If a little fighting in your living-room gets you in a tizzy, you aint worth America and never were. America suffers from cowardice and YOU are the problem..Face the truth.

Trump Leads In The Polls~GOP, Trump Is Your LAST ‘Hail Mary’

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  Trump is leading in the polls.  There have been some questions as to why he has had to ‘talk with’ the Bolshevik-Socialist scum- Schumer.. He said why:  Schumer is a democrat and NYC is a bunch of Commie-Democrats. What are you going to do? I don’t know. All I know, is that you Republicans  (I am Indep-consrvative, btw) BETTER rally behind ONE man, or face Obama for 100 years.  Think I’m kidding?? I am not. Obama will make himself the mandatory dictator of America-forever.  The Progressive monsters will make sure of it.

  You think Pawlenty has the gutts to attack like Trump has been attacking the Muslim from Kenya? Palin? Palin who cries and writes on her facebook page everytime the left wing hacks attack her? And…has a SOROS operative on her staff??  Huckabee? The tax and spender/murder-releaser?  Ron Paul who says ‘audit the fed’ every so often to keep people interested? The same Ron Paul who is for ‘gays’ serving openly in the Military?  Mitt Romney with his Mass healthcare failure? Newt Gingrich, who abandoned his wife when she was ridden with cancer? What would Newt do when America totally collapses? Duck and run for cover?  The only other one that was even possible was John Thune and he is gone.

Sorry, GOPers, you got your “Hail Mary” and its Trump.  Push for a Trump/Bachmann ticket, because that’s all you’ve got left.


ANONYMOUS Email I received re. possible terrorist attack from the SouthWest ~MUST C.

  ANONYMOUS: I will start out by saying my dad called me at work today and I was so busy I couldn’t talk, but he said make sure you call me tonight, we need to talk.  It was a weird day at work.  I couldn’t believe how many people were using the copier machine tonight.  It was muslims copying all their “vital records”, from their passports, to their govt cards here, to this form that has their picture in the left upper corner and something written in their language front and backside.  They were getting multiple copies at a time, MULTIPLE of every member.  Ones that had been in earlier were coming in with others helping them to work the copier machine.  I had to help several times, so I got a good view of the many vital records they were copying.  When I got home and spoke with my dad….it all makes sense.  I think they know an attack is coming.  I think they are preparing.  I think they realize they may die too and that’s why they are taking so many copies of these documents.  
When I got home, I called my dad to tell him about the muslims copying all their vital records.  The other thing they were doing is getting 20 dollar money orders.  Over and over the entire night, but near the end this one muslim girl (her family is from Iraq, say they are Christians), came to my desk to cash in 4 of the money orders, however; I know her entire family and they didn’t purchase even one of the 20 dollar money orders, but were cashing in four. 
Email TO FBI:
Email she/he received FROM the FBI:
2/7/2010 11:49:30 A.M. US Mountain Standard Time
  Sorry the agents have not gotten in contact with you. Unfortunately i have no control of them out there. Your knowledge would be very helpful to me if you only lived in toledo. They seemed interested and asked if they could contact you. I did forward them your latest information. Hopefully that will stimulate some contact. Keep me posted
*************Better wake UP people
Date: 2/7/2010 11:49:30 A.M. US Mountain Standard Time

Email TO FBI:

Just wanted to check in.  The local agents have not contacted me since we last spoke, so I’m sending this to you. 
# 1, LEFT OUT for security of this person.
# 2.  Yesterday at work, 2/6/2010, it was a busy night at the copier.  I assisted many of the people, foreigners from the middle east, many wearing the hajib, were making multiple copies of their vital records.  They copied their passports, their government cards (in color) along with a document that shows their picture in the left upper corner and then has writing in their language on the front and backside of the document.  It wasn’t just one copy, it was multiple copies of each.  We had so many that in my 7 hr shift, the copier was busy for probably 5 hrs straight.  We normally have 5-10 customers using the printer during a shift, this was ongoing throughout the entire 7 hr shift. 
The other thing they were doing is getting 20 dollar money orders.  Near the end of my shift a female, who I know from the complex I lived in where their family lives, came in and cashed in 4 of the 20 dollar money orders.  This female and her family did NOT buy any of those money orders, but here they were with 4 of them trying to cash them back in. 
# 3.  Western Union allows a “paperless” transaction, no filling out of Forms required if you have a “gold card”.  This last week our store # XXXXXXXXX had their western union machine go down, so they sent them to our store XXXXXX   Because of the downed machine I learned this “paperless” transaction process is being manipulated and the CARD they are to show is not being asked for.  I had 2 customers in particular that were very upset that I was refusing to do the transaction unless they filled out a form as they had NO CARD.  They said the “other store” XXX doesn’t make them fill out a form, they just TELL THEM the number.  That is a major problem.  The card is to be SHOWN, not told.  When it is told, anyone and their mother could be in front of us and Not the person whose number was used.  I told the front end manager about it XXXXXX who said, the customer is probably lying.  My concern is store #XXX is the TRAINING STORE and if they aren’t complying with that policy, then they aren’t training others to either.  The lady that refused to fill out the form for over a 1/2 hr while she argued with me, then my managers finally filled out the form.  When I pulled up the account using her phone number, the spelling of the name on the form was different from the spelling in the system, (mgr XXXXXXX) was there as I questioned her about it.  Her response was “I was in a hurry so I misspelled my name”.   She then was attempting to imply “my problem” was HER color.
# 4.  Customers name in the First transaction I performed for him was ??? Abdullah.  I remembered his name well because Abdullah being the King of Jordan.  I had asked the guy (jokingly) …are you any relation to King Abdullah?   He said, yes, I am.   I had no reason to question him, it was our first transaction and he threw off no red flags.  Each time I saw him, I addressed him as Mr. Abdullah.  Then he came to do another transaction, but this time he was sending to Wasan Abdullah and he was using the name, Omar Latif.  I questioned him on it.  He said Wasan Abdullah is his wife and he’s Omar Latif.  It makes no sense and does not add up.  I cannot ask for ID because the dollar amount isn’t high enough to request it, so I’d probably be considered to be harassing the customer more than I’d be supported by my managers for trying to ensure compliance with the standards and laws.   
# 5.  I have filled out suspicious activity reports prior in our xxxxx.  Of course I hear nothing, absolutely NOTHING in regards to follow through, what is being done with the reports I have made (although there is a procedure to be followed when the reports are created).  I wonder if they even get any attention as there is never any questions, no responses and the same people come in to perform another transaction.  What’s mind boggling is some of them have said anti American rhetoric, like when I asked for ID since they were sending 1000 or more through wire transfer or wanting over 3000 in money orders.  A gentleman I remember very well yelled out for everyone to hear “America will not Dictate to Me” as he left to probably go to another XXXX to get the remaining money orders made.  There is no notification sent to the other stores to alert them of anything…whether it be a wire transfer that shouldn’t be done or money order limit that’s attempting to be manipulated.  We’ll prevent not a thing.  That’s why I’m contacting your agency.  It clears my conscience.  I’m equivalent to a dishwasher at XXXXX by our society’s standard, but You and those in your organization can do something.  Lastly, like last night,  I have no time to even fill out reports.  There was a transaction recently, it went to Egypt, that I can remember.  I wanted to take the names down and send them off to you because the guy was obviously knowledgeable on the LIMIT requirements.  His total came to 999.99, one penny under the limit to where I could request his information.  He came in and already had the form filled out, he was professionally calm and had exactly the right amount he pulled from his pocket.  He didn’t have to count it, he pulled it out and handed it to me, showing me he knows the fees.  My customers complain how I get NO HELP because my desk is So busy, so, by the end of that night…I had forgotten to take the guys name down to report to you.  Same with other reports, after a 4 hr continuous line, I can’t remember the details and God forbid if I take the time to try to and get a quarter punch on the time clock.  It’d be like an officer at a scene where he’s distracted for hours.  Meanwhile the scene is cleared away, the other calls take priority and then he/she has to go back and try to remember everything to create a report.  I’m at a disadvantage. 
That’s the news in our neck of the woods.  Like Congress has now admitted that another attack is expected within 3-6 months, I can see why, how….. 


On November 5, 2009, one of the most major terrorist attacks was perpetrated on our soil since 9/11, the NEWS reported that there were at LEAST 3 shooters, (2 for sure) now they are playing duck and cover-up.  Everyone is concentrated on this one shooter, Hasan, when there was ANOTHER.  Why are they doing this? I will tell you why. 

They don’t want you stupid, dumb Americans to get too upset with The Religion of Peace.. They don’t want Americans to be enraged with a treacherous enemy within, worse than even the Bolshevik cancer, that is devouring us, inside and out.  This enemy that wants us to ‘feel sorry’ for these barbarians.  Well, I don’t. Where is the TRUTH, media?! 

SHOW THE TRUTH to Americans, or face the closure of Cable, Direct TV, etc. We have had enough of your LIES.

People!! WAKE UP.  Islam and leftism is OUT OF CONTROL and power-mad.  We have to wake up! 

WikiAnswers – Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased  You know the rest..

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