Will War Derail Trump’s Reelection? YES.

Will War Derail Trump’s Reelection? YES.

There are many of us who are not “MAGA” ‘Ra Ra Ra Trump’ patriots.  We’re not “Never Trump” holier than thou idiots.. However, we really do see him as a much lesser of an evil.  Granted, Trump is in no way as evil as most of the GOP or DEMS currently holding seats and there are a few things he has done exceedingly well including the economy.

But, one thing will most definitely murder off his chances of re-election: WAR.  The Left and the War mongers might be propping up a fake war to keep him out ALSO.  Think about THAT!!

This is what Buchanan has to say: Will War Derail Trump’s Reelection?  Buchanan’s voice has been correct on this issue.


We have a war right here at home. A battle is being waged in Virginia: Patriotic Americans against hardened, Communist, America hating, white hating pigs who stole seats in Virginia. The people of VA gun rights are under attack.  We have a battle being waged against Trump by the same aforementioned Communists.  We have a war on our southern border.  There is a fight to stop the demographic shift and we’re losing. The Jews in NY are in a war against blacks. Black males are murdering whites. Our children are being kidnapped and forced into slavery in  foreign countries.. Pedophiles are wandering the streets. Militant drag queens are showing their dicks off in school libraries…ETC!!


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#IMPEACH China To Obama: STAY OUT OF OUR DISPUTES! Stop Inspiring Militancy!

China To Obama: STAY OUT OF OUR DISPUTES! Stop Inspiring Militancy!

Another country we are screwing with.. And, how much do we OWE them?  This is not how a debtor treats a creditor. What’s next, propagandists? That the Chinese prez is the worlds biggest dictator??

The war machine must make money.  They just can’t leave people be, can they?   Now, Obama is being told by China to get lost.  Obama is the most hated CIC ever.  I’ve never seen such an outcry from so many people here and abroad.  And, this phony ran as an ‘anti-war’ candidate.  Can you imagine how many moderate-type Liberals who are anti-war must feel about this idiots betrayal?  Americans are going to have to unite together and throw the trash OUT!

It’s not just China-Here is Obama burned in India:

PA 9741936 The best Barack Obama burning effigies   Islamists go bonkers for Bonfire Night (photos)



Pakistani protesters burning an effigy of President Obama and an American flag


Yankee Go Home! Posters on the barricades in the People's Republic of Donetsk. #ukraine http://t.co/og0OyIQtkC

The moron and his constituents need to GO! 

SYRIA-Assad Is Winning His Country Back But, John McCain HATES That. He Wants Jihadists In Charge

SYRIA-Assad Is Winning His Country Back But, John McCain HATES That. He Wants Jihadists In Charge

Anyone that knows anything about this Syrian ‘crisis’ understands that Obama helped fuel the Arab Spring – which is really a nitemare for countries in the middle east that are already in dire straits. 

Now, McCain – the fruitloop, war-monger says that the ‘situation is worsening in Syria because the rebels are losing’. Wow, boo hoo.  I feeeel soooo bad for Al Qaeda. McCain needs to resign and we need to demand he gets stuffed into a straight jacket.. Plenty of nursing homes in Phoenix where they can force-feed him 300 mg of thorazine 3x a day.  McCain is helping WW3. He may have served, this is correct, but he is deluded about this situation-OR he is helping a Muslim revolt. I believe the latter. Ever since he became a politician, he is wrong on just about everything.

Click to read the sickos synopsis: McCain-Syria crisis worsening

L U N A T I C.

War-Loving Lunatic Obama Deploys Troops To Central Africa To Help “Rebels” Bring Human-Rights “Democracy” BS

Obama has not had enough murdering in Syria, Libya, Egypt, Yemen & Pakistan.  Now, he is sending troops to Central Africa, no doubt to help radical African Muslims turn THEIR country into an Islamic militant shithole. 


CLICK: Obama deploys troops to Africa

Where are the ‘liberals’ to call this insanity out?  They were always full of shit.


‘Conservative’ Americans Using Jihad Talking Points From FOX News Re. Syria. Syria Is A Redux Of Libya & Egypt!!


Anyone that has been paying attention to the Libyan & Egyptian clusterf’ck that Obama and Hillary created – knows, without a shadow of a doubt, that the revolutions there last year were a big, fat failure.  This last week has shown for sure that Obama’s Egyptian mess is murderous and violent.  Egypt now has a dictator in charge because of Obama, ditto Libya.  US Ambassador, Chris Stevens was KIA along with 3 other military men in Benghazi, Libya.  Libya is totally destroyed because of Obama and the Demo-Communist party of radical ‘change’.  So, we all know this. At least those of us paying attention know this.

The sick part about all of this is that Fox news helped Obama with his Egyptian failure, ditto Libya. They are filling people with LIES against the Assad leadership as well… They (the neo-con & progressive wackos) couldn’t wait to unseat 2 leaders…But, the ‘Conservatives’ never took enough time to find out what would happen if we did this.   Now, Fox is touting endless rhetoric on behalf of the Syrian Rebels.  They just cannot learn. And, what’s worse?  They refuse to learn.  Syria needs Assad.  These type countries can’t just ‘unseat’ leaderships without falling prey to radical Jihadists.   We should know this and stay the hell out.

Yesterday at the YMCA, I was talking with a nice man–an acquaintance of ours. And we really like our neighbor..  We started talking about the Syrian mess.  One of the first things he tells me is that; ‘We have to protect the women and children from Assad.’  

OK.. Lets end the hypocrisy for just a damned minute.

America does not give a rats ass about children, maybe 50 yrs ago we did, but certainly NOT now.  That’s the facts.  We have allowed the murder of 50 million innocent babies by abortion.  Suddenly we ‘care’ about these children in Syria?  Spare me the BS.   I am sick to death of it.    My friend is worried that Assad might ‘sarin gas’ his people.  “Assad’s people?”    The people fighting Assad are not Assad’s “people.”  They are radical Jihadists.  This, Mr. & Mrs. “Conservative” American  is who YOU are helping.   In fact, many radical Jihadists have come in from other countries to help the Jihad (aka Muslim bro’hood.) Against Assad. They are not ‘rebels’, they are REBELLIOUS.   It is against US policy to assassinate or unseat leaders.   It is against the Constitution to engage in wars and slam boots on the ground without any congressional approval, (which Obama does continually)  But, this does not stop the RINO’s, and it certainly will not EVER stop the Demo-Communists in their power-grabs. 

Nevertheless, I was very passionate about this subject because our acquaintance wanted to push his Fox talking points.  I advised him that Assad was trying to protect his Christian populace and humanists from radical Jihadists.   I asked him why Christians don’t matter to him (since he is a Christian)  Well… He walked away.   It is much easier to walk away than to stay and refute with facts.  Isn’t it?  

Let me tell everyone this much; IF we invade Syria (for no reason, they did NOTHING to us) this will be the start of WWIII.  This is the “Sarajevo Moment” of 2012/2013.  Russia and China told us to ‘back off’ of Syria and we refuse to listen.  We act as if we are the top dog and have 16 Trillion to play with, instead of 16 Trillion in debt.  

I leave you with this:

This time, people will come here to attack.  You understand this?  Is a nuclear war with Russia and China worth Syria’s mess?  I say no.  I say; Let Assad handle his own mess that we helped create.  Get out of dodge before it’s too late.

America, this time: We will not be bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  This time we will be bombed, bombed and bombed some more.  You think not?? Really??  6 years ago, I would never have believed that a Muslim, foreign usurper would be the CIC, but he is.  So, think again, sheeple.

Now, observe what people are saying to Hussein Obama:

Listen carefully to this video (the words)

Wake the F’ck up, American Conservative people, you ARE being brainwashed BY Fox News.

UPDATE: Traitorous-Scumbag, Robert Reich: “Get Ready For Obama/Hillary Ticket.” ~I TOLD YA ALL SO

Previously reported. 29 December, 2011 @ 7:49 by themadjewess

Update, they are discussing this on Bill O’Really. If this is truth, you will see every dumb broad in America voting for Obama, AGAIN, because of this feminazi bitch. 

Hold on to your seats, this is going to be a bumpy ride.

You can’t ever keep your eyes and ears off of these Marxists. They are DESTROYERS. They are not Democrats, they are not ‘liberals’, they are cold, calculated, evil, satanic, destroyers.

Gaddafi September 9, 2011 Speech: “Resist”

You can thank that evil bitch, Hitlery Clinton and her lesbo b.f.f., Samantha Powers for this MESS. We should NOT be in Libya. If Libya falls to these ‘rebels’, it will be just another country that will become an Islamo-fascist state.  Which is what Obama and his buddies in France and UK would love.


Gaddafi Speaks: “What Have We Done To France & Britain? Are We Palestinians? Somalis?”


  We are in a country that has done nothing to us since the mid 1980’sReagan bombed Gaddafi’s tent because he was one of the leading sponsors of terrorism in the late 70’s, early 80’s. It was not OUR decision to allow the Lockerbie bomber to go scot free.  WHAT ARE WE DOING??!!  Where is the phoney, liberal outrage?  Why is the Drudge report so happy over this massacre? Does Drudge realize who will be put in place, if Libyan Gaddafi goes? Has America lost its friggin collective head?!

  Our dictator, tyrant, psychopath, Obama demanded Gaddafi step down.  Now the tyrant is demanding the Syrian King step down. Why? Because he is a MUSLIM/MARXIST, period.  Why in the hell else would this lying drek (as a US president even care about what is happening over there) unless he is a MUSLIM?  This will give the Egyptian brotherhood (Muslim brotherhood) an opening to  take over Libya as it has in Egypt..

  {Don’t even bother going there, telling me this is a “Zionist plot.”   All of these nations were hostile toward Israel, but they kept to themselves. NOW, they will bomb, bomb, and rocket Israel…. If this is the ‘Zionist plot” that you MORONS are talking about, it is evident, you are officially insane.}