War-Mongering, Jew-Destroying AIPAC Joins Their Pharoah ‘G’od, Obama For WW3 In Syria.

War-Mongering, Jew-Destroying AIPAC Joins Their Pharoah ‘G’od, Obama For WW3 In Syria.

These COMMUNIST, demonic, insane, idiot, asinine, FAKE ‘Jews’ plan to lobby every member of congress.   I wish more Christians would step up to the plate and rebuke these unholy, unrighteous “jews.” LOUDLY.  Let them be scared of out their britches… The biggest reason they would want such an attack is to “secure the Jewish state??”  Really? I don’t think so.   These are the same creeps that pushed over 8K Israelis out of Gush Katif–THEY lobbied to send Jews packing out of their homes in 2005..for ‘peace.’  They are Commies and should be exposed as such–daily. Don’t be afraid to call these ‘jews’ out that are bastards.  JUST DO IT.  You know the difference between good JEWS and these Commie stench “jews”

‘One thing we can learn from history; Jews NEVER learn from history’

-Rabbi  Meir Kahane

Click – Report: AIPAC to mount major lobbying blitz for Obama’s Syria strike plan | JPost

The REAL AIPAC:  An anti semitic, Jew-hating, Communist-loving lobby group.

Religious Jew being drug out of his home, thanks to American “Jewish” AIPAC.

As Israeli pioneer woman in Gush Katif being kicked out of her home and property, (one woman against 50-60 men) courtesy “Jewish” American AIPAC.

Makes ya want to sing the Hatikvah, eh, ‘American’ ‘jews’ for Obama?  You disgraceful pigs–you hurt my fellow JEWS who love HaShem and Torah. You filth.

MLK’s Nitemare: America WORSHIPS Black People’s SKIN, NOT Their Character

MLK’s Nitemare: America  WORSHIPS Black People’s SKIN, NOT Their Character


…And, this is a tragedy for black Americans like Doreen Borelli, Al West, Ben Carson, Larry Elder, Alan Keyes, Thomas Sowell, Pastor Manning, etc.  Who DO have excellent characters.  Are God fearing individuals who have loved our once great nation, are excellent citizens and respected people.

America worships black skin, not character content.  MLK said that he wanted black people & humans in general – to be judged by their content.   I have not studied MLK.  I’ve been too busy fighting off his people who pretend to possess the attributes of brotherly love but act like barbarians and heathen pigs.  They clearly do not possess humanity:  murdering, raping and robbing whites–even killing each-other.  If this was MLK’s dream…You can shove it up your ass. I don’t want it, thank you very much.

51% of American people re-elected Barack HUSSEIN Obama.  An enemy to America.  A hater OF America.  A human-hating, war-mongering, colonial, imperialist, Communist, Muslim hybrid.  When he was elected, the Liberal blacks in NYC had posters that claimed; “The dream, realized.”  The dream is a nitemare for the WHOLE of America. In fact, a minority in charge has been a disaster.  Black liberals are too busy screaming “THATS RACIST” to anyone that opposes their Messiah, Obama.  Clearly proving that THEIR majority knows NOTHING about American politics.  They elected in this PSYCHO because they WORSHIPED his skin color, not his politics & certainly NOT his character.  Obama will turn on liberal black people. He already has.  Paybacks a bitch.


Americans worship the skin of the JayZ’s, The Beyonce’s, the Rhianna’s.  Not for their music, because their ‘music’ is vomitous.  It’s not even music.  Not anything like the sounds of the 30’s-80’s which black Americans blessed the public with.

MLK’s Nitemare. America WORSHIPS Black People’s SKIN, NOT Their Character

….And, I pray that more people realize this.  That God will be with the black conservatives in their fight against the drek among them. That God would help the fighters against rabid black racism against white people.  That God would give me and my husband strength to fight nasty, ugly-spirited, anti-freedom, God-hating, Liberal-Communist Jews who help enable the WORST in the black community:

#BOOM Clare Daly, Irish Law Maker: Obama: War Criminal Who Increased Use Of Drones, 200%

WOW! Clare Daly, Irish Law Maker: Obama: War Criminal Who Increased Use Of Drones, 200%

Looks as if Ireland has a free people living in it.  We sure don’t hear this from weak, little putz, O’Really.  We don’t hear this type rage from Shepard Smith or Bret Baier.  This is proof America is so NOT free.  The Obama regime MURDERS those that speak out against it or sends whistle blowers into hiding.  Daly brings up Syria, Paki, etc..you know, the places where Obama is ARMING Al Qaeda.

Daly asked the Taoiseach what he was going to do to ensure no weapons for Syria are going to go through Shannon, in breach of our international laws on neutrality.

“What steps are you going to take to showcase this country, not as a lapdog of US imperialism, but as an independent nation with an independent foreign policy which takes a lead in international diplomacy to outlaw the use of drones?”

Don’t say anything about this, Hannity, O’Reilly, Smith, ETC.  Cowards. Suckups.

By the way, you morons… The O birth certificate is not valid, here is MORE proof:  Team Arpaio: We Have Two 1961 Hawaii Birth Certificates That List Negro Not African

Obama & Hillary STILL Want WW3 Wit Russia & China. Talking Of Attacking Syria For NOTHING!!!!

The bitch, Hillary and her lapdog bastard, Obama still want to attack Syria.  Even though Russia and China said BUT OUT, none of your business being involved in a Civil war.  AmeriKan Commies don’t give a damn whose lives they wreck.  

And AmeriKan dumb sheep say; ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK.  Yes, they do.  Quite a few people I have talked in life, say; “Look how the poor Syrians are being treated by Assad!!”  I told them; “Are you mad?”  ‘We never heard one single thing about Assad until Hillary and Obama started their Muslim/Jihad Arab Spring in the Arab States.’  Just keep drinking that Commie water, dummies..Thinking we are supposed to attack countries for no damned reason.

Down with Hillary and Obama. May God avenge the rest of the world against these serial, war-mongering pyschopaths.

Al Queda-Lovin OBAMA & The DEMOCRATS Are Pushing For Syrian Invasion, They Want WW3 W/ RU & CH

These people need to DIE, just die.



First Egypt (Now the radical, Al Queda Muslim bro’hood is in charge of Egypt), then Libya, (Now the radical, Al Queda Muslim bro’hood is in charge of Libya)


The DEMOCRATS want to invade Syria who is allied with Russia and China.  Remember when they pretended to champion against the Iraq war?  Remember how they called the GOP “war-mongers?”  You all know now, that they were FULL OF SHIT.

They are WORSE than the war-loving GOP. Way worse.

‘Champions’ for ‘leaving countries alone?’



US Democrats Push For Syria Invasion


Truth Or Lie? “Assassination Attempt” On Hillary Clinton

Who knows what to believe anymore with this administration of insanity….  News for assassination attempt on Hillary Clinton

Everyone in the M.E. and Far east knows what the Obama administration has done in Egypt, Libya and now attempting in Syria.  Everyone knows the truth over there, but Americans are content with believing any piece of bullshit that the White house puts out, including Shepard Smith on Faux News.  IF this even happened, why shouldn’t it? Huh?  People are SICK and tired in this world of the war mongering GOP AND DEM.  That’s the facts.

America, you are no longer a ‘super’ power.  You are a war mongering monster. Face it.  Deal with it.  You need to start really asking yourselves these questions:

1. Why did we need to go to Iraq?  Did it help preserve freedom HERE at home?

2. Why did we put boots on the ground in Libya?  Did it help preserve freedom HERE at home?

3. Why did we drone Pakistan?  Did it help preserve freedom HERE at home?

4. Why did we demand the ouster of Mubarrak, Gadaffi, and now Assad?  Did it help preserve freedom HERE at home?

If you really look at these answers and finding yourself saying; “NO, this did NOT preserve our freedoms”  Then you can welcome yourself to sanity.

George Washington warned that “We should not be involved in foreign entanglements.”   So, you take a damned good look at the GOP AND DEM.  They are both rotten to the core.  

This news of Hitlery does not surprise me one bit, we are hated worse than ever BECAUSE of Obama & Hillary..

WAR-MONGERING Hillary Wants A War IN Syria. Russia Says: Ok Bitch, We Will Meet You There With Our Troops

WAR-MONGERING Hillary Wants A War IN Syria. Russia Says: Ok Bitch, We Will Meet You There With Our Troops….Right here…

Obama and the Jezebel, SOS – Clinton want to start a war with Russia and China; Add N. Korea in the mix.  N. Korea currently is teaching their children to ‘hate the American bastards‘.   This is so great, huh?  Sends a little tickle straight up my leg, watching what these stupid, asinine, debaucherous democrats (Commies) do on a daily basis to destroy America and try to destroy the rest of the world.    This bitch and her queer-ass prez/usurper, BHO have set the cold war back in motion times 5,000.

An immoral people will be defeated.   America is immoral.  Read Sun Tsu, the Art of War and why morality is the most important virtue in war.   America will never be able to beat Russia, China AND N. Korea.  Got me?    We do not have will here at home to oust these tyrants.    And these same tyrants refuse to allow our troops to shoot back.  Its a no-win.   We WILL lose on our own soil.   Remember why we lost; The DEMOCRAT PARTY and their enablers: The GOP and our refusal to hang every last traitor against America.

See what N. Korea is teaching their children: Demonizing Americans  Something America is not EVER Allowed to do because of the Commies and the Jew-haters (enemies within) who  LOVE, love, LOVE  Muslims & Islam and that would be a huge no-no to make Islam look bad… (Boo fking hoo)..


GO TO HELL, Hillary SODOM Clinton.

New Year With Armani

Tell ya all something… NEVER in my life did I want to see America just fail.  But the only way to revive a remnant is to actually pray for this monster to fail. The monster is a demonic, now. It must die.