jObama Admin Drone Strikes @ ISIS In Kabul (ISIS Is Obama’s Muslim Extremist Army)

jObama Admin Drone Strikes @ ISIS In Kabul (ISIS Is Obama’s Muslim Extremist Army)

The idiot Communist media is praising the jObama administration for ‘destroying’ an ISIS car bomb in Kabul. Isn’t that a daisy? The CommieCrats hit their own terrorist people and expect Americans to get all excited.

Anti-War Protesters Missing In Action for Obama's Wars ...

The CommieCrats have funded the radicals BIGTIME in the latest stunt in Kabul last week.

UK Wants War W/ #Russia. UK PROPAGANDA: “Torture Chambers” In #Crimea. DONT FALL FOR IT:

UK” Wants War W/ #Russia & Are Beefing Up Propaganda: “Torture Chambers” In #Crimea

I really respect Hal Turner with the exception of his view on Israel. But, what he says is very possible: CLICK TO READ IT. ‘PROPAGANDA Begins for war with Russia in About 48 Hours — British Press Claiming Crimea TORTURE CHAMBERS – Just like Iraq “Throwing Babies Out of Incubators” Back in 1991’

This is the headlines in UK from the rag, “The Sun”:

I will not EVER support a war against Russia. EVER.

I dont care what they do over there. Its not my business. MY business is MY country and its corrupt, insane, baby-killing, anus-sucking, holding-patriots-hostage-in-prison-over-jan 6th, murdering opposition government.


READY TO STRIKE: #Russia Fires Missiles In Black Sea & #China Moved Nuke Force To “Launch On Warning”

READY TO STRIKE: #Russia Fires Missiles In Black Sea. #China Moved Nuke Force To “Launch On Warning”

Our Govt and NATO are the ones that have ‘awoken’ a bear and a dragon. That will suck for America being only an eagle – And, a sick eagle at that with an old bastard suffering dementia leading the band wagon with his army of gay happy jerk off’s and a former President from Kenya rooting it all on. The Russians are ‘in it’ to protect their nation & land. What nation does America have? A country with ugly feminists, emasculated girly-boys, rotten children, baby murderers and soldiers walking around in pumps and bra’s.

READY TO STRIKE Russia fires cruise missiles in Black Sea & moves dozens of fighter jets to border as Putin ‘strangles’ Ukraine 


Hat tips: via Mr and Mrs Brown.

Enjoy the hell coming.

You REALLY think they won’t hit our land?

Are you stupid?!

Joe’BAMA 3rd Term: 2nd War Front – First Syria, AGAIN. Now Ukraine, AGAIN.

Joe’BAMA Starting 2nd War Front – First Syria, AGAIN. Now Ukraine, AGAIN.

I absolutely do NOT believe that Biden is ‘in charge’. I believe it is Obama. Biden can’t even remember what he said 5 minutes ago. That being said: I believe that all of the same exact Obama foreign war policies are in play all over again. Biden Starts New War FrontNATO Mortars Fired On …

Below is Greenwald in talks with Breitbart and Daily Caller regarding Syria and Ukraine:

I very much believe this will bring many issues here at home. It’s possible this can bring war here. In fact, all of the hackings and servers going down is probably China and possibly Russia (maybe). This stupid government is playing with fire. Our country is flat broke and cannot afford a mass war. But, that never stopped the war mongering Democrats before.

I wrote about Ukraine and Syria non stop on this blog for many years. Just type in “Syria” or “Ukraine” in the search box.

#RUSSIA: #KeepNalvanyJailed He’s Probably Collaborating With #Soros & US Leftists

#RUSSIA: #KeepNalvanyJailed He’s Probably Collaborating With #Soros & US Leftists

Jail him and his collaborators. Keep them locked up forever. I dont give a rats ass if they are supposedly ‘right wing’. If they are receiving help from the US Media and US $$$ for their FAKE protests—- then, they’re western, Leftist collaborators and deserve severe punishment.  Anyone working with the Left-wing terrorist Americans deserve the worst penalty.  I dont really care if “Putin is corrupt”. NOBODY is more corrupt than a US politician.

The media is coddling this cat. That means he is ‘in it’ with them. Screw this guy.

Viva La Russia. Viva La Putin.

Russian ‘Protests’. Sparked By US Democrat War Mongers? US Dem Media Supports Seditionist Protests In Russia

Russian ‘Protests’. Sparked By US Democrat War Mongers? US Dem Media Supports Seditionist Protests Overseas

Convenient how this started right after Jo’Bama’s inauguration… Obama just started right back up where he left off. The Joe’Bama regime has not wasted ANY time in attacking Russia. Also Sending troops to Syria. They crave a war with Russia—bigtime. Think not? See:

Russian jet buzzes U.S. warship in the Black Sea, Jan 31

U.S. Navy Deploys Two Destroyers To Black Sea Triggering Russian Anti-Ship DrillsThe Drive Jan 30

As that is happening…


Large gathering of people for protests against Putin


I don’t give a damn if Russian instigator, Navalny is supposedly ‘right wing’. Its NOT our business to be involved in other countries affairs. This whole phony, US led ‘protest’ in Russia reeks of Soros, Obama, Murphy and the war mongering lunatics who have destroyed the world and America also.

I find it really interesting that the Democrats support insurrections overseas in one country after the next but here in the states, they accuse patriots who are dissenting against an overreaching govt of ‘treason‘. The Democrat party and members of the GOP support treasonous activity in other countries. But, if some patriots are FED UP with the Dem media and their bed buddy politicians that they decide to march to the capital and even get shot dead for their dissension, the Democrats foam at the mouth like the damned demons they ARE.

Wikipedia already has a page for the US instigated protests in RU, it was put up 4 hours ago. 2021 Russian protests – Wikipedia

FP Navalny Protests Sweep Russia as Kremlin Cries U.S interference…

CBS: Tens of thousands join protests in support of Russian opposition leader, Navalny ...

WA TIMES Russia protests: Alexei Navalny supporters defy Putin ..

.NY SLIMES: Pro-Navalny Protests Sweep Russia in Challenge to Putin …

Zero Hedge: Kremlin Tells US ‘Back Off’ Navalny Case As Viral ‘Putin Palace’ Story Deflated

Why are these MONSTERS antagonizing Russia? Do they WANT us bombed here at home? Does anyone recall that it was RUSSIA that defeated the Nazis? They did the major amount. You really think the Russian people are going to sit back as the neo Commu-Nazi Democrats attack them? Are these DEMoncrat GOBLINS insane? God AINT on the side of our queer military and our LGBT, baby-slaughtering country.


My Prophetic Dreams From Years 2009-2020-Russia/Chinese Invasion, War In USA & Mass Chaos, By: The Mad Jewess

So, What Is Coming? Pastor Dana Coverstone’s Dreams

US Government Brought Coups To Many Small Countries. Now WE Face The #Coup

USA Brought Coups To Many Small Countries. Now WE Face The Coup

I really hate to write a post like this in such a time but my emotions are not ‘high’ and my judgement is not clouded by this chaos. Ive never written things that were popular. I dont have many cyber friends, I dont have friends in real life. Mostly acquaintances. Thats just how life is for a person of prophetic persuasion. People do not like prophetic types.

Dear Americans: We brought this same type of coup insanity, destabilization, chaos and confusion to so many much smaller countries. We brought war, death and destruction through coups & regime change. We thought it was ‘good’ to bring ‘democracy’ to small, poor countries because they had a supposed ‘dictator’ in charge. It had nothing to do with dictatorship. It had to do with oil and resources. Riches we already have here. Bringing ‘Democracy’ to me now— is a curse word.

In the late 90’s, the media cheered and so did the American people as Bill Clinton bombed the Serbian people – destroyed their bridges on the river Danube and humbled the Serbs by stealing Kosovo from them. Americans do not seem to remember that the Serbians were our allies in WW1 and WW2. In the 2nd world war, the Serbians saved 500 American B-24 flyers that were shot down. How did we repay our allies, the Serbs back? We bombed them for over 70 days. Then we broke up their land and gave Kosovo to the Moslems after we changed their regime, foisting their leader out by coup. What right did we have to do this?

Then came GWB’s Iraq war which brought national debt to the likes we had never seen. In the end, the Iraq war was ‘justified’ by the findings of Yellowcake not WMDs. We changed the regime there by coup, which is not our right, Constitutionally speaking. [The Democrat party didn’t vote for the Iraq war because it was a Republican President bringing it. They only like bombing and coups when THEY are in charge. I’ll explain later in this post…] Before the Iraq war, we honeycombed the mountains of Afghanistan to catch Al Qaeda who we created and armed. Hillary Clinton admits this:

Then, Democrat Obama came to power and the war-mad lunatics were on an all-out quest to destroy the middle eastern world through the “Arab Spring”. Barack Obama changed the government in Egypt by coup and told Hosni Mubarrak to go:

What right did he have to do this?

As if Obama’s Arab Spring, middle eastern conquest was not bad enough, Obama then turned his wrath to change the Gaddafi/Libyan regime by coup, demanding Gaddafi ‘step down’:

What right did he have to do this? WHERE is changing regimes by coup in the US Constitution?? And, if that wasn’t bad enough, the ‘anti war’ “Progressives” were right there with him and the “Neo” Conservatives, save the Code Pink Commies.

As all of this destabilization, and coup-foisted regime changes were taking place in the middle east, Obama and the war mongers then demanded that Syrian President, Assad ‘must go’. Obama and the bomb happy, war-mad men then tried to foist Assad out by coup, but failed.

OUR Government is 100% responsible for bringing the biblical destruction of Damascus:

Our government armed ISIS. When Matt Drudge was sane, he posted this in 2015:

Secret Pentagon Report Proves U.S. Complicity In Creation of ISIS

Matt Drudge: 'America has been arming ISIS' | Global Geopolitics

Then, the war hawks and Obama took a rest. After they awoke from their demonic sleep, they turned their eyes to Ukraine to bring about regime change with the removal of President Viktor Yanukovych. By this time, Obama must have appointed war monger, John McCain to be the head chief of the coup in Kiev. Here is John McCain and Chris Murphy fomenting revolution & coup in 2013:

John McCain was a Senator in ARIZONA not Kiev. What was he doing there? Fomenting a revolution and coup in a foreign country is something a Senator from AZ should be doing?

After McCain changed the regime in Kiev by coup, these are the people he put in power. (Neo Nazi’s) Here is Victoria Nuland being grilled by one of the only sane Reps, Dana Rohrbacher. Nuland claimed that the US Govt/ Neo Nazi lead coup was ‘peaceful’. She’s a liar.


Many bloody years of Coups at the hands of OUR Government. Don’t say: “But we’re not responsible, they are!” NO. WE, the people elected in these madmen. Time and time again. Before Obama’s 2nd term, he had already brought 2 completed coups and a failed one in Syria. But, he was elected in again. Because Leftists and their Communist conquest is much more important than stopping war aggression.

President Trump promised to ‘rid the swamp’ but he didn’t and now we face the coup. Many Leftists don’t care as long as Trump is gone. You see what a damned mess this is?