DOD-Dept Of Defense Says That Russia & China Have “DEW”, Directed Energy Weapons:

Dept Of Defense Says That Russia & China Have “DEW”, Directed Energy Weapons:

Ive had my suspicions about how the fires on the Left Coast have gotten started.. Maybe “Winnie The Pooh”, (The US Govt) put his hand in the honey pot one too many times and pissed off the wrong people..

A couple of folks have questioned this:


Another Question:

Strange Photos & Space Shots Of #CaliforniaFires

8FF62EC3-51B1-4046-991D-CCE34DC7A52CStrange Photos & Space Shots Of #CaliforniaFires

9/09/2020 — California  — Color enhanced view from space of California:

9/09/2020 — NIGHT 2  off Coast of California — Color enhanced view

This is what it looks like as it is hitting the ground:

Someone is attacking California with some type of fire-beam.  

I believe my ‘lyin eyes’.


US Govt Is The “POG” ~ “Palestinian Occupied Government”-“Zionist” Obama Gives 500 Mil To Palis

US Govt Is The “POG” ~ “Palestinian Occupied Government”- Obama Gives 500 Mil To Palis

How’s this working for the Obama-bots?  How is all that foreign aid helping people here at home?  Where’s the outrage from P’lestinian- Puppet, David Duke?  I thought he was against foreign aid??  Oh, I guess it’s bad only when it’s on behalf of Israel..  

Well, the world has gone insane, with Obama the profane.. .. (Poem I wrote)   How in the frick can we afford ANY foreign aid?!  STOP AID!! ALL AID!!

Click here: Obama gives $500 million to Palestinian Authority