Commie-Fornia Chooses To Not Plant Crops.

Commie-Fornia Choose To Not Plant Crops

The weather warfare is working grand. The Communists just keep winning. More stimulus’s to break the system will be coming for the migrants the Leftists claim to love.

These are the fruits of an unrepentant nation:

Ive told David: Let’s leave America… but where will we go? There is NO place where people are not being affected. I watch the disaster channels on YT. It is bad everywhere. Since this is happening, we will be facing huge prices for vegetables. There will be a famine.

It Is Just A “Coincidence” That Southern Towns Are Being Hit With Destructive Weather?

It Is Just A “Coincidence” That Southern Towns Are Being Hit With Destructive Weather?

When I observe scenarios that seem to occur a lot… I always wonder if there is not a force of evil in the mix. Lots of the “Conspiracy” theorists believe there is weather engineering, weather warfare… Are they wrong? You know how the Leftist Communists hate Southerners with a passion.

There have been any number of destructive tornadoes this year in the south.

Here is one that just happened in Mississippi: TWISTER

More…In Arkansas:

TODAYNashville, TN: Severe weather possible Monday into Tuesday across Middle Tennessee

A few days ago in TX: The apocalyptic hail was so big in Texas yesterday that it went through roofs, destroyed windows and broke cars (videos and pictures)

This is something to seriously think about and if there is weather warfare being waged.