What I Personally Think About The #COVID19 Hot Mess

What I Personally Think About The #COVID19 Hot Mess

  1.  I believe Covid19 is real.
  2. I believe people have died from Covid, I believe people have been sick from Covid, I believe that more people have recovered from Covid than have been sick or died.
  3. I believe that the states should never have shut down during the Covid.
  4. I believe people’s lives are going to be much more affected by the shut-down than by the disease/virus, itself.
  5. I believe that the media has driven people into fear so badly that, psychologically, people are mentally sick now.  Because the media has lied about the numbers, this has grown a garden of questions that the media is too cowardly to answer so they label the question askers: “Conspiracy theorists”
  6.  I believe the John Hopkins website has overblown the # of deaths and has made this nation completely paranoid.
  7. I do not believe people not wearing masks are a risk to the people that are wearing masks.  After all, your mask that you believe in works, right?
  8. I believe Covid has turned an already pussy nation into worse pansies than ever before with snitch phone lines.
  9. I believe that the CDC/HHS has sent documents to Dr’s advising them to falsify the Covid #’s: MN Dr. Reveals HHS Document Coached Him on How to Overcount COVID-19 Cases — WITH COPY OF DOCUMENT (VIDEO)
  10. I believe what I do with my own body is my choice for this particular issue.
  11. I believe you should mind your own business instead of being a good little German  with people who are not in fear of this disease and take care of their immune systems.
  12. I do not believe that people should have to get the vaccine if they do not want to.  If people want the vaccine then people who did not have one are NO threat to the pro-vaxx crowd.

Thats what I believe about this hot Covid mess.