Anderson Cooper Addresses Sandy Hook “Conspiracies”. Cooper Should Address Robbie Parker’s Laughing & Smiling

Address this, Anderson Cooper – you lying, little mary:

Here’s a story of a little baby who got ‘murdered’ by a 125 lb bug-eyed madman. Her name is Emilie Parker. This is “Emilie”

Below is Emilie’s Daddy, Robbie.  He is not really bothered that his sweet daughter has been murdered some short hours ago:

Doncha all just love it when they murder your children? It’s so friggin hilarious. Makes me laugh like crazy when I think of little children being murdered. Especially when it’s one of my own…


Their conversation in the photo below, went like this:

Let’s all smile for a minute for a nice, photo-op with dear leader… We realize our daughter has been ‘murdered’, but, we’re all laughing and smiling like jackasses because we KNOW that we have frauded the AmeriKan idiots…’

Looks like Obama is letting his homo side come out in this pic below..Like he is ready to tongue-twirl with ol Robbie..

CLICK: Daily Kos reports nothing but Bolshevik/Marxist insanity, but you can see that the mary, Cooper is addressing us.