New York Times “NEGRO QUESTION” Reemerges!

New York Times “NEGRO QUESTION” Reemerges!

So, the folks who are suffering from white guilt & racism are white Liberal Communists from the north east.  Of course they are because they believed (and still do) that the Negro was beneath them.  They feel guilty that they emotionally still believe this.   Why else would the elites dumb-down school tests and enforce affirmative action?   Because they suffer from white guilt.   The elite Marxists installed affirmative action so that the negro would have the same chances as the white folks, minus the brains, they thought… See?   They made it ‘fair.’ But, its not fair, because the true Mensa brainiacs are the ones turned away from the right positions in many cases and even whites are discriminated against because of EOE.

The left does not criticize Obama because they do not believe he is at the same level as whites.   Therefore, as the old plantations used to say:  “We must talk to the slaves as we would talk to children.”    Patriotic people can criticize Obama because his policies suck and they would suck if he was white as cotton   😉

Well, here is more of a reason for them to suffer:

Headline of an article from the early 1900’s(THE NEW YORK TIMES)

So far this century, the Times has used the word “Negro” 2,822 times. Says Philip Bump


Image The New York Times

Senator Coburn: Breaks Campaign Promise To Investigate BHO’s Birth Cert. He Doesn’t Want To Be Called A Racist

Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., is scared to death to be called a racist and shitting in his pants about investigating Hussein Obama’s Birth Certificate, He is breaking a campaign promise he made to look into the blatant forgery of the usurper occupying the White house.

That’s the bottom line.  He says there is ‘not enough evidence.’ Wow, isn’t that the truth. Obama refuses to open his records… We say Coburn is full of bullshit.  Want proof?

Here’s Proof:

 Coburn just Doesn’t Want To Be Called A Racist.

Here is more proof, by Obama’s own admission in the 1990’s:

In 1998,  Obama said was  “born in Kenya.”

My Review Of “Obama, 2016,” The Movie/Documentary. Obama Is A Rabid, Negative, Colonialist Oppresser


Yesterday, we went and saw “Obama, 2016” the movie. QV asked me to and I did.  Let me say, first-off that America is an unrepentant nation, undeserving of mercy.  Its ‘Jews and Christians’ have no remorse over our sin.  None at all.  Only a small remnant of believers are saddened over our national sin.  We have brought bombs and war to people all over this world in the name of ‘freedom, human rights and democracy’. Which is a now a LIE.  How can a non-free people bring this insanity & call it ‘freedom’??  We have attacked countries/states without being attacked which is totally contrary to our founders.  I can understand Afghanistan after 9/11 (somewhat) but Serbia during Clinton? NO.  Iraq? NO.  Libya? NO.  Egypt? NO.  We are not hated because of the “Zionists”, we are hated for being a murdering, psychopathic nation who enables Israel’s enemies,  defying the almighty God.

Obama is Gods judgement on America.  That much was evident to me in this doc/movie.  His plan is to totally disarm us without ONE nuke, not even ONE.  While this may make enemies happy, it does not sit well with me at all.  He has already begun the disarming process and he loves it.  True, I believe we deserve a good butt-kicking.  But to be nuked into oblivion is not Gods will for ANY nation. (“Liberal” cities, states- I couldn’t care less if they’re bombed, fire away, I won’t shed a tear.) 

Obama is anti-colonial.  But, not like our founders were anti-colonial against the Brits.  He is anti-colonial on behalf of the 3rd world.  (Bottom of the barrel anti-colonialism).  His demented world view includes ANY minority, anti-colonial rebel that would rise against it’s governments for bad causes, (like the Muslim bro’hood in Egypt, Libya, etc) and unlike the once righteous tea-party movement (which is now just a GOP hack group).  Obama is for renegades and rebels.  Making his security passage name (Renegade) fit him to a T.

Obama’s mother hated her country, America. His family are all Communists (enemies of freedom & personal liberty).  Obama’s ‘friend’, & mentor, Frank Marshall Davis was a card-carrying Communist.  Barry’s anti-colonialism is just smoke and mirrors because Obama has become what he hates; A RABID, negative, murdering Colonialist.  He has plundered the people of Egypt.  He has destroyed Libya and now working on Syria to enslave their people to the Muslim bro’hood.

This was an excellent documentary and factual.  Minus Dinesh D’Souza tackling the ‘birther’ issue.  It was a dead giveaway that D’Souza knows Obama was not born in America, (Hawaii) and does not have an American father.  He only mentioned that Obama’s birth ‘was announced’ in 2 Hawaiian newspapers. Big deal, anyone can announce a birth.. So, D’Souza knows Obama is not American by birth. 

Barack Obama is NOT a tool or a puppet and anyone seeing this movie will know this.  Obama is NOBODY’S.  He has his own agenda.  Basically, Obama does what he wants.  And if he is not allowed, he will just tell the media to attack and call everyone a racist or use race-hustling techniques.  He is like a child with bad play-toys to use at his discretion. 

Another serious fact: White people voted for Obama because of phoney white guilt.   They looked for nothing in his past record and disregarded his anti God, anti American past.  They voted for ‘change’ and change is what they got.  How do you like the change??  You voted to ‘prove’ you are not a racist.  How the hell does THAT work?  Voting for a person SOLELY based on color MAKES YOU A RACIST.  I can understand that people hated McCain/Palin.  Very weak ticket.  But, you placed an enemy in the White house out of complete ignorance.  Now you have the hope.  Not hopeful at all, is it???

Side note….

I am ready should Obama win again. We are deserving of fall.  But-this time, the GOP ticket is not ‘as’ weak.  The only thing that I can say on behalf of Mitt Romney is that he is American & not progressive. that’s about it..  And, we intend to fight him as well IF Romney is elected because he is a moderate, not at all right as the Progressive media would have you believe… America should have always had a righteous prez who is God fearing, unlike Obama.    

I would hope that IF Romney is elected, he would place Ron Paul in as S.O.S.. This would ensure survival. It would make other countries happy & at ease.  He would push to bring ALL troops home and I am 100% FOR that.    It would not, however, stop the fall of America which really began in 1962 with the removal of God & prayer in schools.

Lastly: America REPENT for this hope and change, it is EVIL.

The Rights REAL Dirty Little Secret


Ms. Geller of Atlas Shrugs recently wrote an article about the right-wing big shots that do not cover Islam that much anymore in this post: The Right’s dirty little secret.  Ms. Geller is rebuking them, and rightly so, Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim and he has packed his staff with a bunch of bastards that are ALL from the Muslim brotherhood.  

But, I beg to differ that the rights ‘dirty little secret’, is lack of coverage on Islam-no disrespect intended, Ms Geller, I know your blog is about S.I.O.N… The rights REAL ‘dirty little secret‘ is covering up the Black on white ‘Jihad’ in America.  Black on white crime is out of control and has been for years.  It has been allowed to stay out of control because bloggers, journalists, and news stations lack the courage to report these crimes as racial crimes, which they are. Look at it if it were in reverse…

Why doesn’t the right cover black on white crime?  Because they are immune to it. In my opinion, this attitude is no different than the Arab countries that live with Islamic Jihad, everyday.  They are immune as well.

There are psychological reasons why people refuse to cover this ‘touchy issue.’  Most Americans, right or left are filled with ‘white guilt.’  The left-wing has brainwashed Americans to believe that ALL white people are deep-seeded racists and most whites in America are dumb enough to believe it.  I have NO ‘white guilt.’  My family and my husbands family have suffered immensely at the hands of bad blacks, but that is another story.  We are supposed to suffer this ‘white-guilt’ because “all” of our ancestors were slave-drivers.  Well, mine wasn’t.

Another reason bloggers, etc do not cover b/w crime is because they will immediately be labeled a ‘racist’ if you point out the numerous crimes of blacks on whites that happen daily in America.  Crimes that are just as bad as Islamic crimes and worse on the streets of Amerca; rape, raping of elderly, Black flash mobs, robbing, looting, beating and the ultimate; murder.  Silence is consent.  Silence is submission. Silence, while white genocide is happening in America.. (in my opinion) is no different than the silence that happened in EU during the 1930’s. This is cowardice.  Most Americans would rather the country turn to violence and lawlessness than be labeled a racist.  It’s insanity.

If we fail to report these atrocities, we are enabling these crimes. We are also treating black people as if they are animals, which they are not. Not reporting this is saying ‘blacks are just “animalistic” and not in control of their behavior‘. (Like a bad dog)  We do a great disservice to patriotic black Americans by keeping silent.  (Black patriots also disservice themselves if they refuse to cover this like Larry Elders, Thomas Sowell and Pastor Manning have).  If everyone started reporting b/w crimes, we would see and end to the crimes and murder. Obama and Holder are THE #1 issue why the Black Panthers were not prosecuted. They treat their own people like animals. Its disgusting. Not holding a certain people to account is irresponsible. I call out bad Jews when I have to.

Some blogs/sites below I mention are starting to get in the fight against b/w crime- WND being the strongest. Leaving out race is wrong.   Why? Because, if you leave out the race, how will people know what to look for??  Especially with these black flash mobs.

So, the right has allowed these people to get away with murder and are guilty. There are blogs that must be commended for their bravery against the black Jihad:

WND is becoming the leader in this fight, thank GOD:

increasing trend of Black-on-White crime – WND

Bill O’ReillyBlack on White Crime Goes Unreported (Which O’Reilly started to do, only because it is a ‘hot issue’, and also because he reads this website and I rebuked him for being a coward, not reporting b/w crime)

Four Black Men in St. Louis Murder Bosnian  – The Gateway Pundit (He mentions the RACE sometimes.)

Justifying Black on White Violence | Grumpy Opinions

I’m a Man! I’m 41! | anti obamapuss-operativus idioticus

Freedom Is Just Another Word…

Wave of Black Mobs Brutalizing Whites [Video] – John Malcolm

The White Side of the Story of Blacks – Boudica BPI Weblog

As the rest of you big shots and other little bloggers fail to report this, others like me and the above mentioned will continue to be labeled racist, haters, bla bla bla.

I Am *Suffering* From White-Rage & Am In Need Of Reparations.

I am. And hate me, I don’t care.. I am going to speak my piece.  If you don’t like it, simply put..I don’t give a damn. Take me off your blog-rolls and F*ck off.


This black on white crime and illegal on white crime is making me so f’n angry that I am about to go nuts. This Trayvon Martin issue just put coals on the fire. Jamiel Shaw was an honor-roll black student that was MURDERED  by a ‘white’ Hispanic ILLEGAL, and there was NO RAGE, even though Miss Shaw, Jamiel’s mother has been fighting for justice on behalf of Jamiel for YEARS.  I covered that story 3x, it was picked up by O’Reilly last year, FINALLY.  But still no rage against the illegal occupier (It does not suit the black liberal, white-guilt liberal agenda)

I have been talking about this evil racism for over 3 years and the subject is not getting enough attention.  Every damned day I see what is happening. (I realize most of America does not see, or does not want to see) But, everyday, I see more and more injustice against the ‘evil’ white peopleRapes, murders, robbings-the fleecing of American whites from ‘minorities’ taking place.. day after day, minute after minute, second after second, and I am about to bust loose.

(Example above of a GOOD black person.)

What makes me want to blow up the TV, or blow a gasket the most, is watching stupid, idiotic morons like Bill O’Reilly, who said the other night “The blacks have suffered injustices for centuries in America“.  Well, FOOL…They AINT BEEN SUFFERING INJUSTICE since the late 1960’s when we started PAYING them off…For what? I was not a slave owner. I am not a southerner. I am 1/4 Seneca/Iroquois.  MY people didn’t have slaves.  I hired black people and Mexicans too, while in management, over and over!! I hired based on character. NOT SKIN.  Which is what I THOUGHT was right.

O’Reilly is suffering from ‘white guilt’.  THAT means that HE has been nasty to black people in HIS life.  YOU don’t speak for ME, O’Reilly…I am not a person that has treated people unfairly–IN MY LIFE.   Black, white OR purple.   In fact, O’Reilly, (you stupid, retarded buffoon)… instead of giving blacks equal rights (Which is what they originally marched for) YOU northern progressives put them back on the plantation in ‘homes’ they now call ‘the projects.’  Instead of giving them equality to WORK FOR IT. You think I am wrong?  They are only allotted a certain amount of money every month for doing zero.  In the old days, in some southern states, they gave them 3 meals a day, that is what they were allotted. So, what’s the difference?  There is none. Just some geography and a little change.

So, now I find myself seriously angry with white-rage. I want to watch black-face cartoons, etc.  Anytime I see a black on white crime, I say the meanest things to the computer–I AM HOT.    I am suffering in this cruel world without justice.  I want my MONEY BACK. I want a REFUND from these ‘reparations’ that I have had to pay out of MY income for crimes I NEVER committed.   I am mad, I am angry, I am going to burst. I am TIRED of the total injustice against my fellow Americans that are white. I am NOT joking.  This may sound like a laff-riot to you, but it isn’t to me, & it isn’t to many American whites. 

I am tired of being called a ‘f’n cracker, f’ white bitch‘.  I am sick of it.  All we do is pay, pay, pay and there is no gratefulness.  Just ‘f*ck you, white cracker whores.’  Time for reparations and equal time to have white rage.

Either this changes, or you bad blacks are going to see this in reverse…SOON: