Commie/Leftists Dump On Whites Like Nazi’s Dumped On Jews

Commie/Leftists Dump On Whites Like Nazi’s Dumped On Jews

We can’t even go ONE day (IRL or online) without hearing some Communist, filthy, rat-bastard creep dumping on white people.  And, its usually black supremacists demonizing white people.  It makes me SICK.    If it isnt some black supremacist maggot, its some Commie with a Jewish last name.  

What the hell is with these people?  They never take a look in the mirror and see that the fascists they’re always screaming about is THEMSELVES.  

As they whine and complain about how blacks are ‘oppressed’ or whites are ‘anti semitic’ & nazi, the truth is that they, (these intolerant Leftists) are the biggest bullies in the planet.  Its hard to believe that these 2 idealistic minorities are such fascists.   A fascist is someone who typically rules by forcefully and often violently suppressing opposition and criticism.  The Communist/Fascists of today oppose free speech, hate criticism, are very forceful: Now seen destroying state and federal memorials, burning cities down, looting, rioting, beating and murdering people — as they scream that YOU are a fascist.

Make no mistake, these Leftists HATE white people and when you have a large part of the population this vehement about hating a race of people, be advised that they plan on murdering you en mass.  We saw it with the Communists in Russia.  We saw it with the Nazis in Germany.  We see it now with the modern Left-wing, Communist, genocidal murderers.

Look at this sickness:  National Museum of African American History and Culture Promotes Racist, Anti-American, White hating, Communist Propaganda

Nick Cannon Canned and Canceled –  (Finally, a serial, white hating bigot is dumped.)  But, not because he said HORRIBLE things about whites. 


CLICK on Jared Taylors bitchute and watch this–Whose Country Is This, Anyway?

RIP! Our Sweetheart, Shirley Temple Was “Racist” Who Deliberately Wore Black Face! HAHAH!

RIP! Our Sweetheart, Shirley Temple Was “Racist” Who Deliberately Wore Black Face! HAHAH!     Yep, thats what black people were telling me on twitter! Shirley Temple deliberately wore black face..!

Shirley Temple is the left’s new poster girl for white racism because they can’t find a real white racist..


Shirley Temple has passed on.  She was so adorable.  Just a little girl who made it as a big star. Then, became an ambassador and defeated cancer.  How does the left react to her death?  The usual hate-filled lies.  Like:  Shirley Temple was a racist who stereo-typed blacks even though, in 1936, she danced with Bojangles in “The Little Colonel” at age 6 or so?  A white person dancing with a black person was something that was really not acceptable in 1936 America, let alone a child & an adult:

The fact that they had Temple dancing w/ Bojangles shows ‘tolerance’…

In one of the scenes Temple starred in one of her movies-she was hiding from the Army.  In the scene, they had her face/hands disguised with black shoe polish ..OMG…’RACIST.’    Please.. Gimme a break.  We ALL know what real bigotry is here on this blog:  Blacks who hate whites, it’s an epidemic now.   I would black-face myself if I thought it could save my Jewish ass in a war.

The left is bitter and wicked,  also saying she was evil because Temple was a Republican.  They seem to forget that back in those days, the DNC was out hanging black people with the Ku Klux Klan.   They don’t recall that their beloved Democrat, FDR was a racist & a Jew-hating slob: The Tragedy of S.S. St. Louis

I loved Shirley Temple.  An icon of old Hollywood Americana.   Not the Communist piss-hole Tinseltown is now.  Here is the satanic left screaming that about ‘racist’ Shirley Temple, ‘GOP’, bla bla bla: CLICK

Temples character depiction picture in a movie where the Civil War was the story in a Hollywood flick is RACIST!!

Homeless white man brutally beaten by Obama’s kids in Reading, Pennsylvania

Homeless white man brutally beaten by Obama’s kids in Reading, Pennsylvania

In Obama’s book: “Dreams from my father” he says ‘That’s just how white folks’ll do ya.’   I believe this is how black folks’ll do ya:

Click here-Homeless man brutally beaten in hate crime mob attack in Pennsylvania

If the races had been reversed, this would be a national news story.

[I have been busy with entertainment contracts for MJ.  Have not been able to post]

-David Ben Moshe

72 Murdered Near Our Border, & The Left Wing Wants Them To COME RIGHT IN

 across dragging the kid. What a strange number, eh?  72…Reminds me of something.. Reminds me of 72 virgins with Il- Allah. 

    Anyhoo… This is what the left wing creeps want to allow into our land, to murder us, murder our children, grandmothers, little girls, etc. You left wing rats should die-NOW! You are pro-murdering SCUM. Downright Nazi-like and totally genocidal, just like Hitler & Stalin. YOU are the maniacs. People like these lunatic, America hating Marxist-Nazis: Your World misleads on coverage of nun’s death to advance myth of immigrant violence

The people YOU support and help over Americans, MMFA, you should be ashamed. You call conservative Americans the haters, just look at YOUR ‘friends’;

Convenient Forgotten FACTS Re. The Sanctimonious, Harmonious DEMOCRAT Party

The DEMS have just changed positions on their deep seeded racism; It is now directed at WHITE PEOPLE, for agenda purposes…  These bastards will HANG YOU, make NO mistake!

Some convenient forgotten facts on the party of love, peace and harmonious sanctity, the DEMOCRATS:

Democrats fought against anti-lynching laws.
Democrat Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia, is well known for having been a “Kleagle” in the Ku Klux Klan.
Democrat Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia, personally filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964 for 14 straight hours to keep it from passage.
Democrats passed the Repeal Act of 1894 that overturned civil right laws enacted by Republicans.

Democrats declared that they would rather vote for a “yellow dog” than vote for a Republican, because the Republican Party was known as the party for blacks.
Democrat President Woodrow Wilson, reintroduced segregation throughout the federal government immediately upon taking office in 1913.
Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s first appointment to the Supreme Court was a life member of the Ku Klux Klan, Sen. Hugo Black, Democrat of Alabama.
Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s choice for vice president in 1944 was Harry Truman, who had joined the Ku Klux Klan in Kansas City in 1922.
Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt resisted Republican efforts to pass a federal law against lynching.
Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt opposed integration of the armed forces.
Democrat Senators Sam Ervin, Albert Gore, Sr. and Robert Byrd were the chief opponents of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.
Democrats supported and backed Judge John Ferguson in the case of Plessy v Ferguson.
Democrats supported the School Board of Topeka Kansas in the case of Brown v The Board of Education of Topeka Kansas.
Democrat public safety commissioner Eugene “Bull” Connor, in Birmingham, Ala., unleashed vicious dogs and turned fire hoses on black civil rights demonstrators.
Democrats were who Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the other protesters were fighting.
Democrat Georgia Governor Lester Maddox “brandished an ax hammer to prevent blacks from patronizing his restaurant.
Democrat Governor George Wallace stood in front of the Alabama schoolhouse in 1963, declaring there would be segregation forever.
Democrat Arkansas Governor Faubus tried to prevent desegregation of Little Rock public schools.
Democrat Senator John F. Kennedy voted against the 1957 Civil rights Act.
Democrat President John F. Kennedy opposed the 1963 March on Washington by Dr. King.
Democrat President John F. Kennedy, had Dr. King wiretapped and investigated by the FBI.

Democrat President Bill Clinton’s mentor was U.S. Senator J. William Fulbright, an Arkansas Democrat and a supporter of racial segregation.
Democrat President Bill Clinton interned for J. William Fulbright in 1966-67.
Democrat Senator J. William Fulbright signed the Southern Manifesto opposing the Supreme Court’s 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education decision.
Democrat Senator J. William Fulbright joined with the Dixiecrats in filibustering the Civil Rights Acts of 1957 and 1964.
Democrat Senator J. William Fulbright voted against the 1965 Voting Rights Act.
Southern Democrats opposed desegregation and integration.
Democrat Senator 1964 – Senator Al Gore Sr. votes against Civil Rights Act.


Explicit Democrat support given to the causes of the Jim Crow laws… The era of Jim Crow laws was governed by southern Democrats like Alabama governor George Wallace and Mississippi senator Jim Eastland.


thats_racist.gif thats racist image by cascy128


This is Maureen Dowd from the NY NAZI SLIMES. 

This is what the liberal slimey pig says;

I’ve been loath to admit that the shrieking lunacy of the summer — the frantic efforts to paint our first black president as the Other, a foreigner, socialist, fascist, Marxist, racist, Commie, Nazi; a cad who would snuff old people; a snake who would indoctrinate kids — had much to do with race.

  Ok, synposis from the Mad Jewess… She is saying that over 58 MILLION PATRIOTIC dissenters are lunatics.  Well, what did this bitch say when the hard core left was out there shitting all over our troops and when Code Pink was calling for the MURDER of US troops?? She does not think that THAT is LUNACY?  Undermining our guys? Undermining our nation after the most horrific attack EVER in the world??

She then goes on to call Mr. Hussein the first “Black” President…Well, NEWSFLASH, he is NOT an American “Black” –He is White and Kenyan– Hello dear….IS THERE ANYBODY IN THERE? We call Obama a NAZI, because it is SIMPLE: National Socialism= NAZI, you dumbbell.

Dear Ms. DOWD….Please enlighted us AMERICANS….Where is Hussein’s Long Form B.C.?  Why did he appoint Van Jones, a CONFIRMED Communist? Why did he study with Marxist and Socialist Professors??

If it looks like a Marxist, smells like a Marxist and acts like a Marxist, Dear Ms. DOWD, it IS A MARXIST.

BTW…Bimbo….A racist would be someone that called Hussein a “N-gger”, not a “liar”- you dipshit- flibbitygibbit.

li⋅ar – a person who tells lies.  

rac⋅ism– hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

Yes, these ARE 2 different things, Dear Ms DOWD. Wilson calls Obama a “LIAR” and Wilson gets called a “RACIST?”  WTF??!!

Then, she goes on here and states that we also accuse Hussein of indoctrinating our kids…Well, dear BROAD, WTF is this:



Ms. DOWD… Can you please tell me WTF calling someone a LIAR has to do with racism??

Are you some kind of JACKASS, or do you get up every AM and eat dumb for breakfast?

I tell ya people… this  crap is getting OLD.

You can read the rest of what this bitch says right here, if you can stomach her bullshit:

Just in the past 24 hours, we’ve had the dimmest bulb on the New York Times op-ed page blanket-smearing southern Republicans over some supposed secret wish to call Obama “boy” while CNN anchors hold up Bill Maher — Bill Maher — as the new vanguard in incisive racial commentary:

IMO, she is an:

The Mad Jewess..  
 is Independent.


What Is



org? exists to strengthen Black America’s political voice.

Our goal is to empower our members—Black Americans and our allies—to make government more responsive to the

concerns of Black Americans and to bring about positive political and social change for everyone??!!! REALLY?

We were heart-broken and outraged by the catastrophe that followed Hurricane Katrina. And we were devastated to realize that no African(REALLY? WHY THE LOOTING??)American organization or coalition had the capacity to respond on the necessary scale.


Really…how about the WHITE people that are getting the SHAFT in their OWN nation? 

(BLACK-POWER/PANTHERS good, WHITE power bad….TSK TSK..)No no

Where is the NAACP for white people? THERE IS NONE, why??

It would be RACIST! 



The RACISM now, IS directed at WHITE PEOPLE.

Remember Mike Richards? Yeh, the guy that said the forbidden N word, what should be forbidden is the W word.

He made great comments on how many orgs there are for black Americans and NONE for WHITE Americans, WHY?


Ive ALWAYS LOVED Mike Richards!

I've ALWAYS LOVED Mike Richards!