The TRUTH About What Is Happening In #SouthAfrica

The TRUTH About What Is Happening In South Africa

This video is lengthy but it tells you what is happening in South Africa.

In this video we discuss the violent insurrection by ANC and EFF members who are going to try and use the current chaos in South Africa to commit a coup against President Ramaphosa.

Commenter on Youtube:

Maruis Cordier

13 hours ago I am very concerned with the hatred that the politicians are spreading it’s concerning that I received a voice note from a family member in Australia that played a clip from Zuma’s family instructing blacks to attack white-owned businesses and properties.

HUNTING WHITES: Want Your Children In Schools? You Must “Racially Identify”

HUNTING WHITES: Want Your Children In Schools? You Must “Racially Identify”

This sickness never stops. According to the radical Left, whites-ALL whites are racist and ‘born’ racist. Therefore, must be ‘racially sensitive’, ‘humble’ themselves, not be ‘arrogant’, be ‘less white’. And now….You must identify yourself so the Commies can determine if you are white. Because ‘white people have a thought process’. The Natso’s did the same type thing to ALL Jewish people.

In my world, this is called HUNTING. When we hunt for something, like an animal – we watch ALL of its attributes and weaknesses. Eventually, we kill it OR buy it. Hunting is conquering. Owning. That’s what the Left has done to whites. Assessed their attributes and weaknesses to demonize and dehumanize. Eventually mass murder. That’s where this type of hatred ALWAYS leads to.

Don’t like the above star reference? Stop acting like a friggin Nazi, then.

Maybe the propaganda posters are not hanging in the windows like Nazi Germany…. But the seething hatred the Left has for white people on their radical blogs, websites, posts, news media is THE SAME type hatred the Natso’s had for the Jewish people – ALL Jewish people. Only now it is ALL whites.

A Los Angeles mom pushing for schools to reopen has accused a teachers union of racial profiling after they asked for her ethnicity in an email and later blamed ‘white wealthy parents’ for a ‘rushed return’ to classrooms.   Click here to read the full article Disgusting!!!

BTW: hunting Whites in ‘Knockout Game’ Attack

(Removing Statues) Cultural Genocide Is Being Perpetrated Against Southern Americans

Cultural Genocide Is Being Perpetrated Against Southern Americans

Everyone that is American should be OUTRAGED by the removal of the Confederate statues and the Confederate flag. This is the removal of the whole culture in the south.  What makes the rest of Americans think they’re not next?   When cultural genocide starts, its just a matter of time before they start murdering humans. 

Nobody is doing a damned thing to stop this.  The President is not recognizing this cultural genocide which is very frightening.  Whats next? The American flag must go? The Communists have already disrespected the national anthem by kneeling in a gesture meant to bring attention to Police officers who have nothing to do with the price that MILITARY has had to pay.  Of course  idiot, young, radical Communists don’t know this because they are stupid, dumb and violent. 

#Culturalgenocide  Cultural genocide or cultural cleansing is a concept that lawyer Raphael Lemkin distinguished in 1944 as a component of genocide.   The precise definition of “cultural genocide” remains contested.  However, The Armenian Genocide Museum defines cultural genocide as “acts and measures undertaken to destroy nations’ or ethnic groups’ culture through spiritual, national, and cultural destruction.   Cultural genocide involves the eradication and destruction of cultural artifacts, such as books, artworks, and structures, and the suppression of cultural activities that do not conform to the destroyer’s notion of what is appropriate.

See it here.

Allowing this to continue is allowing the future genocide of Southern Americans.

Raw: Confederate Statue Vandalized in Columbus - YouTube

Protesters in North Carolina topple Confederate soldier statue

Take A Good Look At The Future Of Your White, American Sons:

Take A Good Look At The Future Of Your White American Sons:

This is what Socialist, Marxist professors are doing to your white sons—-and they will keep on doing this unless you take your children out of their white male hating schools.  They don’t like your pretty, white daughters, either.  Answer; Home-school.

Hat tip:  365


1 black male arrested, police search for 2 others after day-long crime spree – White female pistol-whipped and robbed

Rangel failed to pay rent on Harlem office but state bailed him out

Woman, 20, says she was gang-raped by black males at Detroit apartment before complex burned

Who are the violent, rapist, feckless losers, again??

-David Ben Moshe

San Antonio: Cody Robinson, White Man Beaten Brutally By Blacks Trying To Get His Story Heard

Cody Robinson, White Man Beaten Brutally By Blacks Trying To Get His Story Heard

This ‘knock out’ attack has hardly any media coverage.  If Corey was black, it would be on CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN.  Corey is not privileged enough to be the right color.

My original post is here:  See This Poster On Reddit: “I Was A Victim Of knock out game

Cody Robinson, 30, said he had just arrived at his car after leaving the España Bar de Tapas, at 5638 W. Hausman Road, around 2 a.m. when an unidentified man punched him in the face and shouted “knockout.

See the story: Man punched, stomped in alleged knockout game-style attack

Cody Robinson

-David Ben Moshe

Obama Sons (& Daughter) Beating Elderly White Women Aged 84, 86 & 89

Obama Sons (& Daughters) Beating Elderly White Women Aged 84, 86 & 89

Contributed by DBM

How long are white people going to put up with being beaten by these white- hating black youths?  It’s time to protect your children & elderly.  Buy guns, use them

Click: (Black) Parolee charged in murder of (White) 84-year-old Novi woman

Click: (Black) Suspect Identified In Beating Of Elderly (White) Woman

Click: (White) Victim, 89, grateful (black, African-american) mugging suspect caught



89-year-old woman

Georgia McKee

Bernice Schaufele

‘KnockOut Game’ Breaking News: Woman Punched In Face By Black Male In Los Gatos. @BrianBeutler

‘KnockOut Game’ Breaking News: Woman Punched In Face By Black Male In Los Gatos. @BrianBeulter

Brian Beulter from “the Salon” says patriots/conservatives are obsessed with black on white crime.  No, black males are obsessed with knocking out innocent people.  Where is Eric Holder?  He’s out looking for white Nazis.  Many left-wing rags say this is a pretend phenomena.

We hope this lady is faring well after being hit so hard:

CBS: Woman Sucker Punched In Possible ‘Knockout Game‘ Attack In Upscale Los Gatos

NBC: Woman Punched in LWoman Punched in Los Gatos May Have Been Victim of Knockout Game

Patch: Los Gatos May Be Related to “Knockout Game

In NYC, the NYPD calls the ‘knock out game’, harassment: New York cops think this woman being hit in the face is simply HARASSMENT?  Hat tip:

-David Ben Moshe

Documented: Over 100 Black On White Attacks Since June. Media Ignores Racial Violence & Genocide

Documented: Over 100 Black On White Attacks Since June.  Media Ignores Racial Violence & Genocide

My friend, “Fire Andrea Mitchell” has a blogger acquaintance who documented 100 crimes of blacks against white people since June.  There is probably more, but the media is complicit in hiding this violence and genocide of American whites:

See the names documented: Nearly 100 black-on-white attacks since June – media ignores

American conservatives worry about some Muslims who might be potential terrorists sneaking through our borders.  Meanwhile, the Communist-left has turned many American blacks INTO terrorists.  By the way, leftist:  If you are white, you too—-ARE a target (morons)

ADD TO YOUR FAVORITES: Ice Cavern covers the knock out here: Ever so slowly, reporters are starting to figure out a version of black mob violence called the Knockout Game


#TNB-Obama’s Bastard Sons In All Out War, Beating/Murdering White Women Left & Right.

Obama’s Bastard Sons In All Out War, Beating/Murdering White Women Left & Right.

These beatings and murders are the end products of ‘anti’ racism.  White people:  Stay with whites.  There are no race/hate laws that protect white people. Get armed for the tenth time.

Our prayers are with these families.

Click: Many in Greenville service industry relieved after black man arrested in White fellow server’s death

Victim (Beautiful ‘vivacious’ blonde woman murdered by a black bastard)

Misty Michelle Johnson


Samuel Hawkins Jr

Click: Warrant issued for black man in connection with death of White mother in front of 3-year-old 


White wife of a savage (She should have married a white man)

Kristi Delaney

Her savage husband:

Johnny Lashawn Shipman

Click: Deployed black soldier watched stabbing attack by a fellow black soldier on his pregnant white wife

Another white woman who paid the price for ‘anti-racism’:

Rachel Poole

Rachel and Justin Poole

Click: White ‘Amish Mafia’ actress beaten up by black rapper boyfriend who ‘broke her nose, teeth and cheekbones’ 

Esther Schmucker and black boyfriend


New Nation News

-David Ben Moshe

Obama’s Sons Start Week Off Murdering Pregnant, Young White Woman Plus More Atrocities

Obama’s Sons Start Week Off Murdering Pregnant, Young White Woman Plus More Atrocities

White people are still not armed.  Most whites in America don’t know there is a race war going on because the main stream hides these race/hate crimes perpetrated against them.  If these atrocities were in reverse, it would be front page news.


Stephanie Terlisner

Click- Pregnant White Woman, Unborn Child Die in Shooting by Black Male

Matthew Morrow

Click-Vigil Held For White Pasadena Man Killed by Black In Drive-By Shooting

Kim Kilgore

Click-Black woman suspect arrested in fatal Cobb shooting of White female college student


Lindsey Sparkles Lashayla

If you are white and unarmed, you are irresponsible.

-David Ben Moshe

Thanks to New Nation News for reporting these crimes–because the main stream refuses to.