White House Insider: “ObamaCare Kicking The Hell Out Of The White House”

White House Insider: “ObamaCare Kicking The Hell Out Of The White House”

The Democrat Dracula, Obama should resign in our opinion…

I occasionally read The Ulsterman to see what the White House Insider is saying.  YES, I do believe that the Ulsterman has contact with a person that is ‘inside’.  Insider believes that Chris Christie is going to be the GOP contender.  More GOP insanity=Democrat insanity.  He says that Hitlery will be the DNC contender.  Wow, so, 2 traitors for contenders.. At any rate.. As I believe and I know many of you believe:  ObamaCOMMUNISTcare is kicking the sh*t out of Obama.  


Obamacare rollout is kicking the hell out of the WH right now.  I also think that if the GOP had given up a few more million to the  Cuccinelli campaign, the Republicans might be celebrating a victory in Virginia which would have been a very nice pick up for them.  They dropped the ball though.

(Newsflash to the WHI:  Most of the T-party is just GOP.)

The rest: WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: “Just Shut Up And Listen”


BOLSHEVIK Iranian Valerie Jarrett: ‘If Obama Wins Election, There’ll Be “Hell To Pay” For Those That Opposed Him’

BOLSHEVIK Iranian Valerie Jarrett: ‘If Obama Wins Election, There’ll Be “Hell To Pay” For Those That Opposed Him’

The friendliness of the left wing, when in power – never ceases to amaze me.. Guess what JEWS that vote Obama..They WILL come for you, first.  Make no mistake.  Anytime a ‘revolution’ is carried out, you are the first to go. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  Meanwhile..if Obama wins, I am 50 ft underground with our neighborhood militia praying for the invasion of America by Russian and Chinese forces because we will have deserved it IF Obama gets elected, again.


Valerie Jarret – “After We Win This Election, It’s Our Turn. Payback Time.” (WSI)

Because Of GOP Infighting, White House Insider Bets Obama Will Win In 2012. So, Keep It Up Dummies


Coulter, Drudge, even Breitbart attack Gingrich/Santorum in favor of Romney (The white Obama).   Coulter viciously attacked Gingrich in favor of her flavor, Romney.  All of these idiots make waves and serious division in the GOP.  It is important to tell the truth about these candidates, yes.  Bring up the bad WITH the good.  But – if you GOPers do not want this Muslim, Commie, illegal-alien in the White House again, you had better straighten your asses up.    Even Mike Savage was dumping on Santorum last week, calling him “Sanctimonious”.  That shocked the hell out of me, considering Savage is a moral man.   He then made a U-turn. Thank God.  Gateway Pundit (Hoft) who I admire, attacks everyone, because he is in favor of Newt Gingrich.  These larger websites are going to be responsible for getting Obama elected again.


A White House Insider believes Obama has a 60% chance of winning. And if the monster wins again, you better believe his teeth will come out. He will make America into a 100% Communist nation. That’s the facts. And don’t blame the Joo for this one–its you REPUBS that are doing this.  Better unite.  Tell the truth and take the motto; “ANYBODY BUT OBAMA, 2012”


On the issues, (in our opinion, here)

-Mitt Romney:  Can balance the budget, but is not a moral man. He stands with the #OWS crowd (abominable)

-Rick Santorum:  Very moral and ethical. Knows that satan is alive and well. Not pro-‘gay’ or pro-abortion.  Big Govt Repub with the spending-not good.

-New Gingrich:  Knows how to take on the Commies in D.C.. Would be a good leader, but his Fannie/Freddie put us into collapse. Semi-moral.

-Ron Paul:  Would be good fiscally, end all foreign aid, and bring all troops home. Limit Government. Is with #OWS Communists.  Not moral at all, voted to repeal DADT. The most immoral of all four candidates.

The White House Insider says:

UM:  If you were to wager – place a bet on Barack Obama winning the election in 2012…what odds would you give him?

Insider:  Right now?  The way these Republicans are messin’ around?  Better than even at this point.  Maybe 60%.  Maybe a bit better than that.

All Of the GOP “Conservatives”: Drudge, Coulter, Savage, Paul ETC Are Going To Put Obama In Again

Right now, Santorum is on the surge. And what do we see? 10 days ago, Ann the MAN Coulter was dumping on Gingrich.  Gingrich is running for Prez just as the others are.  She attacked Gingrich in favor of Romney.  Is she stupid? Yes.  Now, its Trump, attacking Santorum. He endorsed Romney.  Fine, whatever.  WHY attack another person that is in the race?  Ron Paul is attacking Santorum, saying that “Santorum has an atrocious voting record“.  This is coming from R. Paul, who voted to repeal DADT so that ‘gays’ could serve openly. Pot. Kettle. Black.  Michael Savage has been calling Santorum; “Sanctimonious Santorum”.  Has HE gone insane?  Drudges website is filled with attacks on Santorum.

(Even when I, personally have attacked Paul’s campaign- I didnt attack RON PAUL-I attacked his NUTTY followers.)

Has everyone lost their collective head?  All of these idiots aforementioned are going to give us Obama again.  This White House insider, (below)  is reaching out to try to bring you Republicans around, and you are not listening.  YOU are giving us Obama, again.

White House Insider Says: “Cook the Books Campaign” Is On The Way.

The Insider also advised us that there would be a ‘home for the holidays’ campaign, and that happened.  Now, Obama is going to cook the books to make himself look better.  But….in all honesty, there is NOTHING that will ever make this MADMAN look better.  And, I feel convinced, that looking at the Obama polls, the American sheeple are so stupid, they will vote in the nut, again.

Thanks FAUX news for being LOUSY opposition, with the exception of Judge Napolitano.

See what the lunatic will do now:

WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: Heads Up – The Cook The Books Campaign Is Underway



Eric Holder’s Fast & Furious Day Of Reckoning IS THE Issue. *NOT* #OWS, GET FOCUSED!

  You all must read the Ulstermans report with the White House “INSIDER”.  I have been saying over and over that this is the most important issue right now, and I am not joking, here is proof:

WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: FAST AND FURIOUS-CRUCIAL, Also: They Got Obamacare – Now They Want the 2nd Amendment

Also, see the Daily Caller:

Grassroots campaign puts pressure on Congress to call for Holder’s resignation

Click on this picture:


BREAKING => “April 2, 2009″ DOJ Document Indicts Holder … – Political Vel Craft