The TYRANNICAL D.C. Demons Are Building A Concrete Wall Around The White House But NOT The Border. They KNOW They Could Be Hanged By The People

The TYRANNICAL D.C. Demons Are Building A Concrete Wall Around The White House. They KNOW They could Be Hanged By the People

The ONLY reason a government builds a wall like this is because they are tyrannical, dishonest & criminal. An honest government does not need to build walls around it’s house for the President—Only a tyrannical one.

These DC bastards absolutely KNOW they are evil, corrupted and will probably ALL be hanged at some point. Governments like this are usually always destroyed.

Hat tip: They’re building a concrete wall around the White House… Here’s the video…

Lord, I ask YOU to destroy them.

….Because YOU, LORD have issue with DC more than anyone walking on earth. Bury every last one of them oh God in Jesus name.

8/2/2021 White House Vax “Requirements” YT Vid Gets 124 Thumbs Up, 1.5K Thumbs DOWN

8/2/2021 White House Vax “Requirements” Gets 124 Thumbs Up, 1.5K Thumbs DOWN

Biden has 124 thumbs up on his fascist insanity.

NO vax, not for me, not now, not ever–SO HELP ME GOD.

Larger image: CLICK

Photo’s/Video Of Boxes Being Packed Into Trucks, At The White House West Wing

Photo’s/Video Of Boxes Being Packed Into Trucks, At The White House West Wing

This seems to be what is happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, White House, DC at the west wing. Here are some photos and a video: Click to watch the video

There are no rabbits coming out of hats and no ‘plans to trust’.

At least three pallets of boxes stacked several feet high were seen at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave
Trade Adviser Peter Navarro is seen carrying a picture of Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping

Biden, (I mean Obama) will be the new (very old) occupying Dictator. A sick, old man who can barely think and probably has a form of dementia. Biden can’t run the nation which is probably why they chose him. They don’t want interference. You can see “Biden’s” cabinet picks…All Obama’s leftovers. Why? Because it is Obama who will be running the show from his dungeon in hell: B.O. Will Run The Country ‘Thru’ Biden, Feeding Lines With An Earpiece?!

You’ll never convince me that Biden got more votes than Obama or Trump. Ever.

#WhiteHouseSiege – This Group Plans to “Lay Siege” & “Occupy” The White House Sept. 17-Nov. 3

#WhiteHouseSiege – This Group Plans to “Lay Siege” & “Occupy” The White House Sept. 17-Nov. 3

Communists do not understand that we have a voting process.  You dont ‘lay siege‘ to the Commander in Chief unless he has gone full blown fascist or totalitarian Communist.  They don’t understand because they were not spanked and they had ideological College professors teaching them Marxist regurgitation.

 Trump AINT a fascist and he is NOT a Communist.  But,  he has coddled with the Communist Left (maybe not in words..)  AND the phony right for the last year and a half.  This has thoroughly pissed off the Independent Right and the Center Indep’s  who wanted people in both parties behind bars for crimes against humanity and treason.  

I AM sorry but I must tell it as it is:

Trump did absolutely ZERO as this nation was burning to the ground & statues and war memorials were defaced and vandalized.    A lot of talk but no action.  He signed an executive order about online censorship and promised strong police, ‘very strong‘ but the big tech Communists, & the Leftist street terrorists just ignored the executive orders and snuffed off his mouthy police show.      Trump’s mantle has been ripped.   It was ripped in January 2020.  He was given a prophetic word by a female prophetess to ‘rid the nation of enemies within‘ but, he did nothing just like ancient King Saul of Israel.    It is what it is.    I feel bad that he is dumped on day in and day out – but when GOD puts his gavel down and says RID THE NATION OF ITS ENEMIES and you do nothing—-its over.   The fat lady is singing.    We are open to ANY evil that comes our way and we ARE on our own.  Lord, have mercy. Please.

This is what the Communist street terrorists are planning:


The Communists AD:


‘Protesters’, Black (COMMUNIST TERRORISTS) Outside The White House Attempting To Declare A “Black House Autonomous Zone”

‘Protesters’, Black (COMMUNIST TERRORISTS) Outside The White House Attempting To Declare A “Black House Autonomous Zone”

I find it very interesting that these miscreants all of the sudden have fences and barricades…

I don’t know why Trump and the ‘fascists’ don’t just shoot these people dead.  Some fascists they turned out to be.  So disappointing…

Shoot them, what the FK are you idiots waiting on??? (Communists are destroying the Andrew Jackson statue)

Tale Of An American President: A Spoiled, Rotten Brat Who Slides Down Lunch Counters

Tale Of An American President: A Spoiled, Rotten Brat Who Slides Down Lunch Counters

If there was ever a mirror to reflect the state of a most pitiful nation, this would be it’s reflection:

This above photo was on the White House website.  This ‘President’ is a foul person.  A total embarrassment to sane people.  Let’s take a good look at world events and problems here at home that this child is getting away with:

  • IRS scandal
  • Benghazi-gate
  • Sanctioning Russia for the White House Coup D’Etat In Ukraine
  • Supporting Nazis in Kiev
  • Funding the Syrian Rebel terrorists  (Al Qaeda)
  • Installing puppet regimes in Egypt, Libya and Ukraine
  • Signing one erroneous executive order after the next.
  • Spending millions on vacations, courtesy of the US tax-payer
  • Destroying our health care system

I could go on and on.  The list is endless.  But, I want you to take a good look at this idiot who is representing us…It should be NO wonder why people like me admire Vladimir Putin.

Oh, it’s racist to point out that this spoiled brat is undeserving of his position.

(Official White House Photo by Pete Souza, from Jim Hoft)

Ukrainian COUP Lie: Obama’s W.H. Says “No Ethical Issues” W/ Biden’s Son (Ukraine Gas Co)

Ukrainian COUP Lie Obama’s W.H. Says “No Ethics Issues” W/ Biden’s Son (Ukraine Gas Co)

When does this administration ever tell the truth??  Not a ‘smidgen of corruption’, eh?

White House On Biden’s Son Joining Ukraine Gas Giant – No Ethical Issues Here (Yes, and there are bridges in Brooklyn for sale)

This is the most corrupt administration in our history.  Now that the Farce Is Complete & Joe Biden’s Son Joins Board Of Largest Ukraine Gas Producer..

A coup happened in Ukraine, courtesy of John McCain etc.. But, its always Putins fault.  Never the traitors in our own government?  Biden just happens to have a son who is going to be working with Ukrainian gas but this is all a ‘conspiracy theory…’  NOT.

What conservatives will come and admit that they were 100% WRONG regarding the US/EU lead Ukraine Coup?  Which one of you will have enough balls to apologize for putting me through a bunch of liberal, psychological bs?  I told you over and over:  Ukraine is Egypt, Libya and Syria.  How come you only believe its bad when it’s the Muslims???  These sonofabitches who have hijacked the govt of Ukraine are NAZIS AND FASCISTS.   Just as bad as Muslim Jihadists.   You should be ashamed of yourselves.   I got kicked off of ‘conservative’ forums and treated horrible for researching and telling the truth re the McCain lead Coup in Kiev.   I got called a “Putin sympathizer, Putin’s slut, Russian propagandist.” You bastards can go FUCK YOURSELVES.  

You just want to believe that America is great and it ISN’T anymore.  A TRUE patriot calls out it’s governments evil actions when they have gone rogue.  This is NOT my America…And, if its yours, please don’t talk to me anymore.

Deal with your ugly selves…THIS is what you helped put in power with your Obama/McCain propaganda from HELL:

By the way:  The “KGB” Vladimir Putin wins, you LOSE.  Calling him Hitler.. Sick jerks.  The Russians FOUGHT the Nazis you MORONS!  Stop criticizing him when our own country is in the shitter.  HYPOCRITES!!!

vladmir putin animated GIF

I told you the same thing about Syria and it took most of you a YEAR to catch up.  Get a grip.  Suspect everything.


Putin Is A LEADER. Obama Is A Tweeter


I have to tell you that it is easy for men to admire a good leader when his own country is leaderless…. So, don’t get all worked up if you see this because:  Real men don’t follow titles, they follow courage.

At any rate: Go look at Obama’s Twitter page sometime.  Tweets, tweets and more tweets. Tweets about himself, tweets about how tough he looks in a pair of jeans.  Suck it up, America..  We have a little pansy-ass in the White House who not only hates our once nice country but is deplored throughout the world. And not respected in the least bit.

Yesterday, a Pussy Riot supporter (Communist-enabling, Pseudo-Conservative) dropped off a written post/link here that was long-winded and self righteous.  The post went ON and ON about Putin the Soviet KGB, dictator, bla bla bla.  But, the post didnt mention what type of aggression that Russia has acted out against the USA since Putin has been in Russian politics. You know why it didn’t mention this? 

Because RUSSIA/PUTIN hasn’t carried out ANY act of aggression against the USA.

So.. Put a sock in it, America.  Putin is not an enemy, Obama is.  Putin will become our enemy if Obama doesn’t go back to the golf course—and stay there with John McCain for the next 3 years because congress lacks the cojones to remove this ass.

Putin is a leader, Obama is a tweeter.  Here are his bloviated, idiotic tweets:



Embarrassing gasbag