Where in the Hell are all of the Rough, Tough, Lean & Mean Looking Men?

Seriously…I was watching FOX News, and all that I could think was:  “How can we ever fix this nation, stand up to enemies with men that look like the damned Pillsbury Dough boy?”

Look, we have SERIOUS enemies. Enemy #1.  Bolshevik/Communists that are psycho mind f**kers. #2. Islamic Militant Oppressors.   The enemy within has to contend with the enemy OUT THERE.  Rumors of Chinese invasion. Now, can you IMAGINE Cass Sunstein, that demented left-wing looney tune coming in contact with a sub-human that looks like this below- OR Harry Reid? Better yet, SCHMUCK Schumer?


Against this;

Prince Harry Reid..

Against this;

Think about it… Just take another look at left-wing LUNATIC/MARXIST Cass Sunstein: (Who will be polite to the Jihadists, Russians, etc) Sure, Cass, you moonbat, sure…

Cass Against this??!!

Which side do YOU think will win in a fight?

Men, WHERE are you?

Women are scared…they are. I know I am. We have a damned TYRANT in the W.H.,  and the world is falling apart- WHERE are men that are like Wyatt Earp? William Wallace?!  It is truth, this damned brainwashing has good men baffled. 

I pray that God would rise up and PLEASE bring some men that LOOK LIKE MEN & FIGHT LIKE MEN

Like; John Wayne

Wild Bill Hickok

Gen. G. Patton Jr.

Gen MacArthur 

Fiorello LaGuardia

Ulysses Grant

Stonewall Jackson 

Norman Schwarzkopf

William Wallace

Chesty Puller

Even men that look tough and act like;

Sam Elliot

Tom Selleck

Clark Gable

Humphrey Bogart

I could go on and on…but we NEED strong, rough, tough men that KNOW HOW to handle this EVIL right now.

  What the feminist movement has done to men hurts me so damned bad, that I could absolutely wipe them away, off the face of the earth, and not shed a tear. 




Men are the BIGGEST contributers of this blog. They are the VERY reason I am here… And these bitches from HELL have tried to ‘de-ball’ them, well, guess what, we will DE-TIT those assholes, and run their ass back to the damned kitchen where they BELONG.

We are stuck with this below, because of these mind-f**king bitches ;

SOMEONE needs to wake the hell up.  An immoral nation will fall and cease to exist all together.


Tough, Rough, Sweaty and all, WE NEED MEN.

See this;  The Anglobitch Thesis 


An Excellent Write-Up on “The Hated White Male” By David Yeagley

From “ScorpioRose“~My Dear Male Bloggers, you should read this mans website. This is just what you need. MEN need to take back their nation, I AM SICK of WOMEN.  SICK OF IT!!

The Hated White Male
By David Yeagley
March 31, 2010
VISIT: The Hated White Male 

Excerpt from above: The most hated creature on earth is the white male.  Specifically, the middle-aged, white, Western male, and particularly the American white male, is the most despised, condemned, and denigrated human being in the world.  

He can’t do anything right.  Unless he is praising the poor Negro, or lauding some forlorn “indigenous” people of color somewhere in the world, the white male is universally regarded with moral ostracism.  He is believed to be the inventor of all ills, the abuser of all races, and the war-monger-in-chief across the globe.

David Yeagley, the Grandson of Comanche Leader, Bad Eagle. A Fine man. This is the type man that is needed for the white man to get out of this mess. This nation, on both sides believe that women are more capable than men–this is totally incomprehensible to me.

Visit the- Web site of the Bad Eagle Foundation.

The New Royalty, by Dr. David Yeagley: