Should Womens Right to Vote be Revoked?

   Coming from a woman, yes. We are emotional creatures that rarely ever base decisions on any sound logic. True, I am very patriotic and always want what is best for my country, but not all women are like that. They will vote someone in if they are ‘good-looking’. No, I won’t, but vouch to say that most do. We get our periods and turn into the devil. We can be bitchy, self-centered, turncoats and jakobites.  If you look at when this nation started going south, you might want to open your eyes and see that it happened in the 20th Century, when they gave women the right to vote.

True at the Univs, they tell women and men that there is no difference in the sexes, but thats a lie. Women are not stronger, physically than men, its a fact.  Women are not even smarter than men. You can decide for yourself, this in my opinion. Sorry if you don’t like it. It has nothing to do with “You are just like the Moslems” either.  We were never a Moslem nation, and we were fine when women stood by men, helped men, were the cheerleaders for men, loved their men, even died for their men.  Now all that we have, imo, is just a bunch of feminist bitches.  I am not talking about conservative women necessarily…but even with conservative women, they will vote in Sarah Palin only because she is a woman.  Sorry, friends, I want a MAN, a godly CHRISTIAN man as the President, and I won’t vote in a woman, I know my sex too well. Women brought you Barack Hussein Obama. Selah.

  In the beginning of this nation, the only people that were allowed to vote were property/land owners. That is the way it should be. Minorities should NEVER be allowed to vote in America, they are agenda oriented, never really whats best for our country, but “Whats in it for me?”  This is M.O., if you don’t like it, I dont give a damn.