@andersoncooper Covers 1 Possible Hate Crime Against Black Male In TX. Misses THOUSANDS Of Race Crimes Perp’d Against Whites

@andersoncooper Covers 1 Possible Hate Crime Against Black Male In TX.  Misses THOUSANDS Of Race Crimes Perp’d Against Whites

First of all.. I feel very badly for this young man & his family… And, even more if it is a racial crime, of course – because this blog is SICK of racism….BUT:

I am so sick of the non-news that the so-called ‘news’ puts out.  There IS racism all over America.  America is a racist country.  It hates white people’s guts. Period!!  Everyone is looking for the racist boogey-man against blacks.  White people don’t even give a rats ass about their own selves.  They rarely take up for other whites, either.  I am not even considered to be white by some other whites!  In fact, when I was young, I was called “Portugee-Nigger”, “Dirty-Red-face”, you name it.  I made it out alive. 

Now, here we go again with the typical bs on CNN, the phoney outrage and trumped up news.  HOW does anyone even take the MSM serious?  They only care for you if your race is black. Fact. 

See-Father Found Slaughtered With Ear Missing & Throat Slit In Texas Town With History of Hate Crime.. Texas Sheriff Claims He Overdosed But Family Says Its A Cover-Up!

Look at the race crimes perpetrated against white people daily by my husband: Black on White Crime



CNN Outraged By 1 White On Black Hate Crime. FAIL To Report HUNDREDS Of Black On White Race Crimes, Inc “Knock-Out”

CNN Outraged By 1 White On Black Hate Crime. FAIL To Report HUNDREDS Of Black On White Race Crimes, Inc “Knock-Out”


I had the distinct displeasure of having to watch Ashleigh Banfield at the YMCA this AM. She was ranting and raving about this hate crime, below.  Where has Ashleigh Banfield been?  Why does she not cover the hundreds of thousands of racial crimes perp’d against white Americans, Jews, Asians & some Hispanics at the hands of sons of Obama every year?  Why is she OK with calling this a ‘white on black crime’, but NOT OK with reporting a ‘black on white crime?’  She is a racist against whites and wants to see more dead. Period.

AND, that’s the left-wing for you–they care nothing for ALL of us, only black people.  That’s all.  Only black people matter in America.  They are royalty.  Don’t say the N word, don’t ever touch the holy grail.   But, its OK to rape, rob, beat and murder whites or those who look white.  ‘Knock out’ crimes are happening all over this nation and the blacks are the perpetrators, but you won’t EVER hear the Communist main stream media touch that.  Just: “Some teens acting badly.”   Further proof of their genocide against white people.  These miscreants are NO different than Germany with the NAZIs who also HID their crimes.  Leftists are evil and genocidal

See the phony outrage here (Yes, this young, black man’s life also matters, but that isn’t the point.)

The Truth Revolt shows us that the MSM reported nothing about ‘knock out’  CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC Ignore Blacks Targeting Whites and Jews in ‘Knockout Game’

To the rest of you who are waking up…. Look up this man & read about him: 


(Of course I’m not talking about patriotic American blacks.)

MN #Racism! White Supremacy: Over 30 White Males Beat ONE Black Man & Almost Murder Him

MN #Racism! White Supremacy: Over 30 White Males Beat ONE Black Man & Almost Murder him

We are trying to get your attention.  This story is actually 30 plus black males who attacked one white man and came close to murdering him.

If the races had been reversed, wouldn’t this have been the biggest story in the nation?  Why does America care more for black people than white people??  Why are the left wingers such white haters?  Isn’t this how the Nazi’s dealt with the Jews in the 30’s? Beat Jews at random???








One of the perps:

Issac Maiden

Council of concerned citizens says:

Is it a “hate crime?’ No, it’s “man accidentally walks into a gang fight.” The victim is white and the 30 – 50 perpetrators are all black. So it is a “hush crime.” CBS Minnesota went on and on claiming it was a mystery why he was a attacked. 

Story:  Horrific near fatal hate crime mob attack in St. Paul

-David Ben Moshe

Boyntown, Fl: Ku Klux Klan Member Murders 80 Year Old Black Man (Beat Him To Death)

The title was just to get your attention.  And, it did.  The only time Americans pay attention to racial crimes is when it is white on black. Which is rare.

This is what really happened:  A black animal beat an 80 year old white man to death.  Where is Fox news to report this?

The Tulsa Killer (Jake England’s) Father Was Murdered By A Black Man 2 Years Ago~WHERE WAS THE OUTRAGE?

The Tulsa Killer (Jake England’s) Father Was Murdered By A Black Man 2 Years Ago~WHERE WAS THE OUTRAGE?

There is no justifying murder. Jake England murdered 3 innocent black people.  He deserves prison.  But, where was the outrage for Jake Englands father, 2 years ago?  England says below ‘he is gone in the head.‘  Obviously, he acted out in grief and insanity.

Jake England’s father was murdered two years ago in Tulsa by Pernell Jefferson.

Jake England, 19, and Alvin Watts, 32. They were taken into custody  in Tulsa. (Free Republic)

This happened under the Obama watch.  We will have to investigate if his fathers murder was named a race/hate crime. Because these murders WILL be named racial/hate crimes.  Things HAVE to change, or we will see more and more of this insanity.  People all over are calling for the death of this man.  If he gets death, its only fair if his fathers murderer gets death.

FB picture H/T~Gateway Pundit

jake father