Bad Dream About Leftists ‘Removing’ White People:

Texas State newspaper fires anti-white column's author as backlash escalates | Fox News

Im sure you know: California City Slammed For ‘Racist’ Trees, Forced To Remove Them …. Tucker Carlson reported on this sheer stupidity. BUT-

You think it sounds ridiculous? It doesn’t to me. The Left is eventually getting ready to remove white people in EU and America and any western nation that is populated with whites.

I didn’t see Tucker Carlson’s video about ‘racist trees’, by the way.

At any rate:

Last night, I had a bad dream. In the dream were various radical Left groups. They were giving out white CDs/DVD’s. On these CDs/DVDs was vile propaganda against white people–to remove them. I was very upset and told my Grandmother that this was genocidal.

Anything the Left does is nefarious and genocidal. They’re not getting rid of trees because the trees are ‘racist’. They’re getting people used to them ‘getting rid of’ things. The more things the Left gets ‘rid of’, the more desensitized we become. See? When they start getting rid of white people, en mass, it won’t bother anyone. Capiche’?

Oprah Has A Hate Southerners Movie Out Called “The Butler”, Me & Mine Will Not EVER Watch This TRASH

Oprah Has A Hate Southerners Movie Out Called “The Butler”, Me & Mine Will Not EVER Watch This TRASH

This movie talks about black power as well… like it is a GOOD thing.  How’s that black power workin for you white liberals who are raped, murdered and robbed in the liberal cities BY blacks..? I would not watch this movie if you paid me a million dollars.  I am SICK of this 1960’s whaahh, boo hoooo, blaming us for 2 generations ago garbage.  

Oprah is a sick, white hating, racist witch.

Some dumb whites will go to the movies and watch it. Why don’t they just bring the whip and beat each other up while they’re at it. Pour on the guilt over a cocktail, talking about some racist garbage they were not even a part of.
This makes me want to puke.

See his power fist? ….Black power good, white power/pride, bad.  the hypocrisy is amazing, the double standard amiss.

See this post, its a review of the USUAL white hatred at the movies: Should white people boycott The Butler?

&  Black director of new Oprah movie admits that he only picked white actors who are far-left activists  (Of course he did, because we all know these actors are not racists and live in Harlem, correct?)

By the way…..

I love the south, been there many times. Nicest people in America.

In USA: If You LOOK White, You ARE A Target. If You Don’t GET This…You’re An Idiot

In USA: If You LOOK White, You ARE A Target. If You Don’t GET This…You’re An Idiot

I am sickened that more white people do not care about themselves. Teachers & Professors teach white-hatred from cradle to the grave in American schools and colleges and you act like this is not real..


Everyday, my husband faithfully posts on the crimes, murder and mayhem perpetrated by the sons of Obama against white people.  Sadly, when the Zimmerman case was going on, we got tweeted constantly.  Now, when David posts on these horrific crimes–rarely does anyone tweet, facebook, re-blog etc. Right now, the only thing we can do is REPORT this.. I have about 10 faithful soldiers with me on twitter that tweet these horrendous acts of violence with the ‘hash-tag’,  “#BlackPrivilege”.  Unfortunately, they are the only ones that do this for white people and the victims of these atrocious crimes.

Its incredible that white people are so damned brainwashed that THEY believe they are the ‘racists.’  How can this be possible?  I don’t get it, people. White on black crime is almost non-existent in USA.  There are thousands of black on white race-hate crimes posted on sites that we link up–sites that we believe to be honest-hearted people who care.  Yet, white people don’t give a damn about themselves. AT ALL.

I will tell you for one last time:  If you are white, or look white, you are a target.  Just as the blacks were targeted in the south in the 1960’s, YOU are now the target.

 Racism is a very serious thing.  It is an affront to God.  For people to be beaten, raped and robbed just because they are perceived as being weak or having a different skin color–that, in itself – is an incredible evil.  That more Jews are not helping in this fight against race-hatred is astounding to me.  This vile insanity is not much different than how the Jews were dealt in pre-war, Nazi-Germany. Targeted just for BEING Jews.   And, if that is too much for so many “Jews” to believe in, start sifting through these crimes on this blog.  I am ashamed of ‘Jews’ AND ‘Christians’ in America.  All you seem to care about is tweeting the latest thing that the impossible jackass, Obama does instead of worrying about your own neighbor.  It is appalling.


In America, the white is now as the Jew was in Pre-war, NAZI-Germany. and if you don’t think so, you are an idiot.  WE are on the right side of history, you fake “Jews” and “Christians” are NOT.

#Senseless: It Is Only A Race/Hate Crime When It Is Perpetrated Against A Black Person. Why?

It Is Only A Race/Hate Crime When It Is Perpetrated Against A Black Person. Why?

I just got into it with a moronic, anti-white people, race-calling scumbag on Twitter.  Evidently, my husband is a racist because he has had victims in his family who suffered race crimes, ditto myself.   My David Ben Moshe admits not being pro-black. So? Who cares. Its his prerogative to not like someone.  As long as he does not hurt anyone.   I like all people…UNTIL they give me a reason to NOT like them. Their race does not matter as much to me, personally-as it does my husband. (I am more angry at illegals of the Hispanic origin.)  I daresay they bother me more than Russians or Chinese (immigrants) I have come across. Probably because you don’t see Chinese or Russians as Secretary of state homes screaming “SI SI PUEDA!”  ALL illegals are bad in my book, but the Hispanic ones are SICKENING to me.  This is no offense to Hispanic patriots, but it is what it is..

I don’t know how many people have been victims of racial crimes (black on white) in America but my guess (by Davids posts here-which are many) It is out of control.  I follow government fascism & post on that- but my husband chooses to post race crimes against white people.  It is his passion.  I suppose he is partial because of his family member who was a beautiful, young, virgin girl who was to be married.  She was raped, beaten, & sodomized.  After the race crime, she suffered abortion, something that she was against, being Orthodox/Jewish.  The perpetrator was black..  I know I have posted this before, but this idiot on Twitter made me so sick, I am talking about it again.

There is a serious NAZI-type supremacist element in the air in America.  (A mix of NAZI and Commie)  And, it is not coming from the white faction.  It is coming from the minorities. Who claim victim-hood, 24-7.  Who are usually NOT victims of racial crimes.

..I am first.. American.  My ethnicities are: Seneca/Iroquois Christian, Portugee/Jew, Scottish & Austrian.  The Iroquois didn’t have slaves. The Portugee Jews were busy being chased the hell out of Spain. The Scots were busy fighting the English.  So what in the HELL are my ancestors guilty of? Nothing. We had NO slaves on the Iroquois ‘plantation.’  NO slaves in the ghettos of Portugal.

At any rate: I must advise you white people; you are the ‘neo-nigger.’ I don’t use this word, without quotes- but, some of our bloggers do.  And, they can, because many of our bloggers/posters have been victims of race crimes. Plus it is their 1st Amendment right.   I don’t the word because I was taught that it is a ‘holy’ word.  The N word is just about as holy as God, himself. That is what I was taught.  I can’t help this because I was brainwashed to believe that this word is even worse than “fuck”.  Don’t ask me why.  I don’t know.   My opinion now – is that it was a farce.  

Most blacks I know, good or bad – call each other ‘nigger’ without any problems.  BUT-Jews don’t just call each-other kikes unless a Jew really IS being a kike. American Indians don’t call each other ‘reds’.  I don’t hear any Scots calling each other “MCCs”. I don’t hear Portugees calling each other ‘brownies.’

So what the issue? I don’t know. Why would a black call another black a “Nigger?” Why? If it is such a holy word, why use it in a derogatory way, yet freak out if someone other than yourselves uses it?

Back to the American race crime problem (against whites) which is an issue of epic proportions:  SARC-There is NO such thing as a race issue in America against white people.  Whites deserve what they’ve got coming. This is the “Liberal” mantra in America.  If a white person is beaten, raped, robbed or, God forbid, murdered–its no biggie. Plenty of whites to go around.  But, you touch the BLACK holy grail and you are OVER.  Case in point, Paula Deen.  Even jokes are made now because of the HOLIER than thou word she used, TWENTY SEVEN YEARS AGO..

If someone does not start covering these crimes, and I mean bigtime in the main stream media, I fear white people will become like the South Africans, who are murdered all the time, day after day.  And if someone does NOT cover these crimes, you fake reporters will be guilty of their murders and GOD WILL require the blood of American whites at your hands.  You being supposed ‘watchmen’- who say nothing ARE NAZIS. And just as the NAZIS tried to cover their crimes, you are guilty of the same.  To black patriots, I have to say: WHY ARE YOU COVERING THIS UP? Why? White people came to bat for you in the 1960’s. And I hate to remind you, but:  ‘No good deed goes unpunished.’


[See this post as well,  from EFT, my Jew bro: Racism hypocrisy- When Rachel Jeantel says ‘cracker,’ it’s a cultural thing; but when Paula Deen says the ‘n’ word, it’s racism..Learn more: here ]

TX: ‘Son Of Obama’ Beat 83 Yr Old Woman To Death In Carjacking. Police Are On Manhunt For Murderer

‘Son Of Obama’ Beat 83 Yr Old Woman To Death In Carjacking. Police Are On Manhunt For Murderer

Contributed by David Ben Moshe-

Leona Faye Swafford, 83 years old has been beaten to death by another son of Obama.  Diversity is working fine. Nothing is wrong.  These people are violent and dumb. A mighty dangerous combination.  However, being dumb is no reason for violence.  This is what Obama’s ghetto has brought to the white people of America–on a daily basis.  Black on white crime is an epidemic and out of control.  Even Liberal, Bill O’Reilly is starting to cover it on FOX news.

For complete updated coverage, click here.

“She was a very sweet lady,” Havran said. “She was always working on her flowers in the front yard. “And most mornings and evenings, she sat outside on that wrought iron bench.”

Havran described the neighborhood as quiet and generally safe.

Police released this composite computer sketch of the carjacker:

What’s With The Phoney Media Turning On Obama; THATS RACIST, This Is Just RACISM. SHUT THEM UP

What’s With The Phoney Media Turning On Obama; THATS RACIST  This Is Just RACISM. SHUT THEM UP


How dare the holier than thou leftists stoop to our ‘evil’ level.. This is just racism.

They are picking on Obama cuz he’s a bro.   They should just leave him be.  I hate all of this anti-black people racism..  These white people have some g’d nerve going after MY prez like this on ALL sides, now! This is an anti black conspiracy!!!   So what if 4 are dead from a youtube video in Benghazi.  So what.  Who cares about the IRS thingie.  No issue if he can’t produce a birth certificate and we don’t know who the hell he is.    B.F.D. that some border agents died because my Prez armed some Mexicans.    Who is James Rosen?  WOW, the heath-care bill will bankrupt the nation…So who cares.   So what.

Obama should drone these bastards for picking on him!   Just like he did to those 200 plus children in Yemen and Pakistan.  Obama is a GREAT leader.  He got rid of that Mubarrak dude and put in Mr. Morsi, a peaceful Muslim man who just does not care for Jews too much, calling em apes n pigs n all…  AND, he helped murder off that Gaddafi guy.   He killed Bin Laden, too (True that there are NO pictures of the evidence) but whatever.

You follow my drift.  I just think it’s downright mean that everyone’s picking on my poor, innocent Prez.

#Communist Writer, DAVID SIROTA From “Salon” Says ‘LET’S HOPE THE BOMBER IS WHITE’

#Communist Writer, DAVID SIROTA From “Salon” Says ‘LET’S HOPE THE BOMBER IS WHITE’

REAL #WhitePrivilege: 

2 years ago, this privileged white male was beaten into oblivion by a black gang.

What I find particular amusing with this #Commie-bigot (David Sirota from “Salon)  is that he seems to think that ‘evil’ whitey is somehow ‘privileged.’  What can we expect these days, though?  Most #Communist whites like Sirota are oblivious to the pain that blackies and brownies inflict upon the ‘evil’ whitey’s on a daily basis.. Whites are not in enough pain in their own nation.. Forced to listen to a foreign, usurper, #Commie prez whose DOJ allowed the Black Panthers to go scot-free after intimidating ‘evil’ white ‘racists’ in Philly, 2008..  Whites are privileged, though… Even though white Po’leece at Cambridge, MASS acted stupidly..

So, this is what the bag of baked wind has to say:


This is the asshole, below… a white ‘privileged’ Marxist nut-job, building racism against his own self, yet in pretense, he is an ‘anti-racist’.  Ya can’t make this shit up.  Most people are mourning over the loss, this jackass just wants a white dude to be guilty.. How is that ANY different than wanting ALL Muslims to be guilty?? Or one lone wolf Muslim to be guilty?   There is no difference.  Racism is racism, bigotry is bigotry.  And, a stupid shithead will always be a stupid shithead:

Meet Mr. Shithead:

So, jerkoff, Davey….What if it is (as usual) a white #Commie lib like Ayers?

Meanwhile…”White Privilege” rears its ugly head:

New Nation News

MSM FAILING To Show Mobs As BLACK Mobs-If These Were White Mobs, They Would Show It

  Go to fullsize image Failing to show who these assailaints are, will only result in more people getting hurt and even murdered.  It is time to stop the bs. These terrorist black mobs are organized.  People think that terrorists are only Muslims.  Sorry, that’s not the way it works. Any one or group that is carrying out this type terror is a terrorist group, period.

  In the 1960’s, Alabama and Mississippi had a very strong KKK.  In order for the KKK to not lynch, torture, beat up, even rape black people, they had to show that their assailants were white and racist & carry out necessary punishment.  There is NO difference now with the white KKK of the 60’s vs. these black terrorists now. The aggressers are black, and they are attacking white people–on purpose.   It is time to demonize this group of black terrorists and stop the madness.  White people should not have to live in fear and die like they do in South Africa.  We are not living in the 60’s anymore and the racism is directed at WHITE PEOPLE.

  The MSM failing to show that these are racial crimes is making them an accessory to these crimes.  IF the MSM refuses to show that these are racial crimes, motivated by murder and violence, there will be a terrible retailation at some point.  People are not going to put up with this type of uncivilized behavior. I won’t.

  Eric Holder, the Attny Gen has failed in his duties.  He allowed the Black Panthers case to go scot free, emboldening bad black people.  The MSM is saying ‘mob’, making *NO* mention that these are BLACK mobs.  They would not do the same if it was white people. It is time to get REAL fairness going on.  NOW.

 People will not know who to look for as they are out, innocently shopping, etc.  It is time to put an end to this ‘political correctness’. NOW.

View Image

White People Only…

Go to fullsize imageIn New Jersey, there was a sign outside of a motel saying ” Parking For White People Only”…. ‘Nanas Apartments

‘Whites Only’ Sign Posted In Jersey Shore Parking Lot…

  Everyone is hysterical over this. Gee, I wonder why.  Is it because of this racial equality bullshit? Nah.. If it was, white people would SUE Essence Magazine.  Nah, its just the race-card again.  The ever trusty race card.  Maybe NANA does not want anyone but white people? Maybe she planted the sign? Maybe someone set her up?? “Parking for whites only” sounds strange.. Maybe she just wants whoever SHE wants to patronize her business…

   Is it because she does not want illegals, (bed bug situation, uncleanliness)?  Maybe she does not want black people there??  Or did NANA do this because OBAMA is the pres, and wants to show how evil whitey is?  Maybe NANA is scared to death she could be mobbedDont know… Read it yourself, they say it was a ‘prank.’  Either way, as One Radical says, it didn’t threaten anybody.. I agree with him. Who got hurt?  NOBODY.


I can tell you this much, though, ‘minorities’ (Yep, Kenite ‘Jews’ inc…) “Evil” White man is SICK of your shit.