Until ALL Blogs Start Covering Black On White Crimes, The Left’s PHONY Race Narrative Will Continue

Until ALL Blogs Start Covering Black On White Crimes, The Lefts PHONY Race Narrative Will Continue


Every single day in the USA, there is a racial crime perpetrated against a white person at the hands of a black son of Obama.  But, we never hear about it except on a few select websites that are brave enough to tell the truth.   Some report these crimes out of hatred for ALL black people and some like my husband and myself post it because we are tired of white people getting murdered, raped, robbed, or beaten in ‘knock out’ by a Son of Obama for walking while white.

Whatever the case may be: Until the search engines are filled up with the truth regarding the true bigots, Obama’s sons:  The phony race narrative will ensue.  We’ll just keep hearing how ‘whites are privileged’, ‘white men are evil’, ‘white race needs to be expunged,’ etc.    You need to stop worrying about being called a racist and grow the hell up—people are being murdered, beaten, robbed, etc.    Blacks, Jews, Mexicans, Asians, whites, EVERYONE should be exposing this..    It’s serious violence, hatred and bigotry.    Every other person in the planet knows that whites are THE target in America…..except American whites.

So, put up with the lies, or report the truth. OR, join the left and call everyone a racist.  The only way to combat a lie is to tell the truth.

Take a good look through this website and the racial crimes in the last month:  Black-on-white



My Rebuttal To 2014 #WhitePrivilege Conference: ‘The Pitfalls Of Working With Black People’

Rebuttal: ‘Pitfalls Of Working With Black People’

Contributed by David Ben Moshe-

Communists from the White Privilege conference of 2014 listed 29 reasons why working with white people is a pitfall.  I have taken the liberty of explaining why working with blacks can be bad for you.  Liberal, black Democrats of course:

Here is their list:  Larger – Gateway Pundit

wpc flyer painted

Here is my rebuttal:

Scan0092Keep yourselves away from these people.


#WhitePrivilege: Teachers Have Been Fired For Grading Minority Tests Correctly

#WhitePrivilege: Teachers Have Been Fired For Grading Tests Correctly

Contributed by David Ben Moshe-


Decades ago, a very close friend of my wife, lets call her Mary, maybe because that was her name, had a dream to be a teacher. She was a moderate in the political realm and one day she received her teaching credentials. Being a moderate, she would fit right in with most of the other teachers, since there was little to argue about.

She found out the hard way, the very hard way, that teaching was not the way it was back in America’s great years. Mary was a 5th grade teacher. More than half of her students were black.  She worked hard to help them become bright pupils. When testing time came, she graded the students and to her dismay, many of the black students failed. The principal demanded she pass the students, regardless of the failing grades. Mary refused.

The students parents accused her of racism and the principal demanded that she be fired.  Her dream had exploded in her face.  She was never the same after that firing, suffering a nervous breakdown after her release, her Anorexia surfaced and her little body succumbed to cancer.

After she lost her ‘dream job’, she confided to The Mad Jewess, that many of the black students were dumb & didn’t even try to apply themselves. This is something she never realized and had to experience first-hand.

The 20 grade average coincides with the 23 passing grade in a south Florida school district back in the days when Jeb Bush was governor.

Part two of this story. The father of my TV show co host, Dov Ben Pesach, was a high school language teacher. As a young teacher he taught language class when his class was 100% white but as the years rolled on, he found more and more blacks in attendance.

The blacks failed the class while the whites passed. When enough blacks failed, Dov was called in to see the principal, who immediately told Dov to pass all of those black kids. Dov refused, stating that he doesn’t look at a kids skin color. He looks at their exam and if they pass, they pass and if they fail, he fails them. Dov refused to pass the failing kids even after the principal accused him of being a bad teacher and a racist. Funny that he wasn’t a bad teacher years earlier when his classes were white.

His health failed as the years passed, mainly due to the pressure to pass failing black kids as the number of blacks in class grew. Dov ended up in the ER with internal bleeding, misdiagnosed by a black doctor who claimed he was having a heart attack. When his regular doctor saw the charts, 2 days later, he saw immediately, that this was internal bleeding, but it was too late. Dov was gone.


#WhitePrivilege: 89 Y.O. White Grandmother Slaughtered By Black Male For $35-

#WhitePrivilege: 89 Y.O. White Grandmother Slaughtered By Black For $35-

This is what white privilege really looks like:

Click:  Great grandmother slaughtered in racial hate crime in central Ohio

-David Ben Moshe






Our thoughts/daven/prayers are with the family.

#WhitePrivilege: White Woman Racially Harassed By Sons Of Obama Who Burnt Her House Down

#WhitePrivilege: White Woman Racially Harassed By Sons Of Obama Who Burnt Her House Down

This is what we call “White privilege”

wpc14 kids

If the races were reversed, this would be the biggest news story in the USA. Instead it is a “hush crime” and most local media outlets are completely censoring the race of the perps.

The rest:   Single white mother racially harassed in black neighborhood, then her house is burned down in arson


#WhitePrivilege: Obama’s Sons Spent Last Week Murdering Whites But Don Sterling More Important

#WhitePrivilege: Obama’s Sons Spent Last Week Murdering Whites But Don Sterling More Important

As Obama’s savage sons are murdering whites all over the nation, the current news trend is Donald Sterling who does not want his mistress to hang with AIDS infected Magic Johnson.

Rest in peace and daven [prayers] for the family.

Don’t talk about this though, white people.. You’re ‘privileged.’

-David Ben Moshe & graphic by my wife, TMJ


My thoughts for today on the battle:

An art collage from August 2013

#BlackPrivilege In America. Black Crime Is Excused

#BlackPrivilege: In America. Black Crime Is Excused

White people would never get away with the racial crimes that blacks commit on a daily basis against white Americans.  Not holding these blacks to the same standards as whites in crime is like admitting they are animals.

An excellent journal entry, written by Alexander Bacon, via email:

Few people will agree with the speaker’s thesis (in the video, below) that blacks in America constitute a privileged class. Having said that, he does make some excellent points. In the 21st Century, should anyone in the US be whining about slavery? The concept of Post Traumatic Slave Disorder (also known as Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder and Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome) is the sort of laughable nonsense that only the academic elite could come up with.

The whole article: Review: Black Privilege in America

See the video: