Next On DICTATOR Obama’s List Of RAPING America

This below is on WND.  But I said it before, and I will say it again:  Obama will make the ILLEGALS legal.  That means over 20 MILLION WETBACKS from South of the Border will take your healthcare, take YOUR money, keep murdering YOUR children, and be loyal to the Moslem Usurper, FAKE “President”.

All of you DEMS and RINOS are Traitors.  I hope you go to HELL. FAST.

He just passed DEATH-care, and we did ZERO. He will now make 20 million ILLEGALS that are here ILLEGALLY, legal.  YOU LOSE America, YOU LOSE. Keep worrying about being called “racists, and haters” while this Bolshevik-led ARMY destroys this nation.

If you think this wild, insane jokerman ‘fears the Tea Partiers’ you are NUTS. They do not fear you, if they did, there would be NO unlawful laws being PASSED.  WAKE UP AMERICA.



Michelle Obama: Immigration ‘on top’ of agenda
‘The president needs the support of 2 parties of Congress to get major reform done’
–The Hill

Everyone was so pissed off at this: 
White Supremacist Rally at L.A. City Hall Draws Violent Counter-Protest And they are the only ones that even addressed the issue. Is THIS what will take America to wake the hell up?  NEO NAZIS are doing the job that we are failing to do—DISGUSTING. This is beyond SICK. SHAMEFUL that NEO NAZIS are doing what we are FAILING to DO.

Just As I Predicted, OBAMA Has Started RACE WARS.

White Supremacist Rally at L.A. City Hall Draws Violent Counter-Protest Also, my Lib-friend: L.A. Not Hospitable [slash] Tolerant of White Supremists Practicing Free Speech

First of all, this site does NOT endorse ‘neo-nazis’, My family fought the Nazis. Nazis murdered 11 million plus people, inc. Jews, Christians, etc.  Why they use Nazi-ism is beyond me, but I understand the anger, having lived in a “Sanctuary-City”.  Bad times, evil NON President, open borders, illegals running wild, murdering now over 39,000 Americans– this will bring out the worst in people.  I wish I was there with these people, but I will not ever align myself with a party that is called “National Socialism” –That is what we are fighting now with this tyrannical govt..

So, either close the borders, or this will get ugly, there will be a war on the borders.  In my own town, we are set up like Fort Knox.  A Rancher was murdered, and this is why these people were probably out there very livid and angry. If there was a total patriotic America, these people would not have a movement called “White Supremists” but they do, because the government is sticking their ways right up our ass, racism against white people, what the hell do they expect?? As I always say “White Power” NO GOOD, “Black Power” OK….. Sorry, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. 

Also, these “Neo-Nazis” are for Fakestine. If they are for another place just giving up their land and cashing it in to terrorist (HAMAS) Then, in G*d’s eyes, their fight is in vain. Fakestine is illegal, the illegals in Israel are FAKESTINIANS.  So, change your ways, White Supremists, or this fight is in vain, and G*d will turn against you, and allow the illegals to take your cities, towns and this nation, entirely. See also: WHITE AMERICANS WILL BE INNOCENT VICTIMS IN RACE WARS 

REGINALD DENNY – The L.A. Riots: 15 Years After Rodney King – TIME