#WhitePrivilege: White Man Beaten By A Mob Of Obama’s Sons & Elderly White Male 83 Brutally Attacked

#WhitePrivilege: White Man Beaten By A Mob Of Obama’s Sons & Elderly White Male 83 Brutally Attacked

The main stream says these racial attacks are just fabricated.  On Genocide watch, key point in ethnic cleansing is denial.

  • Acorn Scums = BLACKS
    Obamacare Navigator Scums = BLACKS
    Mobs Robbing Stores = BLACKS
    Mob Beatings = BLACKS
    Knockout Game Assaulting & Killing People = BLACKS
    Lazy Welfare Mooches = BLACKS
    Car Jackers = BLACKS
    IQ Far Below Average = BLACKS
    Rapists = BLACKS
    Murderers = BLACKS
    Destroyers of Neighborhoods = BLACKS
    Gimmiedats = BLACKS
    The Real Racists = BLACKS
    Why People Need Concealed Carry Permits = BLACKS
    Unknown Baby Daddies = BLACKS
    Drug Dealers = BLACKS
    Sons and Daughters of Ham = BLACKS
    Cursed by Noah to be the ‘Servants of Servants’ = BLACKS
    Destroyers of Nations Worldwide = BLACKS
    98% Who Voted For Obama Only Because He’s Black = BLACKS
    Will Murder you for your Sneakers = BLACKS
    Will Murder you for your Cellphone = BLACKS
    Destroyers of America = BLACKS

    Think about it.

    David Ben Moshe


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