Tim Wise (CNN) Advocates Murder Of White Conservatives On Twitter

This is why you must not ever give up your guns–ever.  With treachery within,  one cannot trust the likes of this Marxist filth who is totally blind and completely oblivious to what is happening in America, today.  White religious Jews & Christians are the target for the lynching, rape, robbery, etc.  Wise is living in circa 1963.

CLICK HERE: Tim Wise advocates murder of white conservatives on twitter

Here is his latest lie how blacks are ‘stereo-typed’.  LIAR.  They stereo-type whites to look like morons.  Click:  Tim Wise on CNN Newsroom: “Racial Typecasting in Hollywood & Advertising,” 2/16/13

Why is he such a hateful person?  Look at his picture, his REAL picture, below.. NO sane woman, left (satanist) OR right would look twice at this hideous pansy-ass, stool-pushing creep:

Latinos/Mexicans ARE The Majority In Cali Schools Now, MUST READ

Go to fullsize imageThats racist! Thats racist!! Whahhh, whites are baaadddd, tell your Daaaddd.  Message to Californians;  MOVE TO N. AZ and get away from these Marxist/Mexican militants!  Come on up here and join the Minutemen to protect AZ!  The liberals just voted in droves for smoking pot here, so we will need all of the help we can get protecting the borders from the murderous illegals.

  I have been telling everyone that it is the WHITE PEOPLE that are under massive racism now–after all, they are now the minority and CANNOT be racist…….


  Latinos now make up a majority of California’s public school students, cracking the 50 percent barrier for the first time in the state’s history, according to data released Friday by the state Department of Education.

Almost 50.4 percent of the state’s students in the 2009-10 school year identified themselves as Hispanic or Latino, up 1.36 percent from the previous year.