#WIKILEAKS: “How The US Govt Disarmed #Ukraine”

#WIKILEAKS: “How The US Govt Disarmed #Ukraine”

I am posting this only for you to go read and research. I’m just a messenger.

All I know is that OUR government has NO right to be entangled in foreign issues.

Another In The Obama Dead Pool: Michael Hastings Who FBI Was “Investigating” Is Dead

Another In The Obama Dead Pool: Michael Hastings Who FBI Was “Investigating” Is Dead

This is why I back Snowden: Obama has many in his dead pool.  O kills or has many people killed all the time.  Anyone that knows what goes on INSIDE will just ‘die.’  Many conservative people think that these type whistle-blowers are traitors.  To them I would say; Have you put YOUR life in such danger that YOU are hurt or family dead?  In Communist or Totalitarian regimes, they OFTEN murder dissenters or truth-tellers no matter what country they are from.   You should be standing by these people not bitchin about HOW they reveal what is happening.  That means you, CHUMP, Bill O’Reilly. 



Besides Senators Ron Wyden and Mark Udall, most Democrats abandoned their civil liberty positions during the age of Obama. With a new leak investigation looming, the Democrat leadership are now being forced to confront all the secrets they’ve tried to hide.


Obama’s dead pool:Obama’s ‘Dead Pool‘ – Nachumlist

Wikileaks Can’t Be Taken Serious, They Offer NO Info On Obama

TREND~Accessories, 2011

   –It is reported that Wikileaks picked up a cable from palestine. Apparently there is some information that there was no white phos. that rained down on Hamas.   We get very little info on the dealings inside of the White House. So, is Wikileaks just another front for Obama to scare people? I think so.. Lets see Wikileaks come out with some REAL information, and until he does. He is full of shit, in my humble opinion.  He has nothing that will save mankind from the evil, anti-Christ occupying the White House.

What a pity.



Wikileaks; Obama interferes on Haiti’s Minimum Wage/Slave Labor; Human Rights Violation

The Obama Administration has interfered with the minimum wage level of Hatti at .31 per hour in a Wikileaks obtained document. Haiti instituted a wage  2 years prior to increase to .61 per hour. But it angered some US owned Companies like Hanes and Levi who employee Haitians at slave labor to sew their clothes.  The US State department was alerted of the Companies resentment and sent communications to the Haitian’s  President.

Now, only a $3 per dollar per day minimum wage exists for clothing companies in Haiti. The US minimum wage is $58 per day. There are 25,000 garment workers  employed in Haiti. Their former wage was .24 per hour. 

Hanesbrands Incorporated made $211 million on $4.3 billion in sales last year.

It this Fascism revealing its ugly head in a foreign Country lead by an US President?

But the questions remain, does Obama care about the unemployment number increase in May at  9.1% ? Is this the cause and effect the outsourcing of American jobs? Or our we exposing another extreme corporation interests in the Obama 2012 campaign?

Or is this affliction purely about greed?  You tell me.

Hey Wikileaks, Do Something Useful Like, Show Us The REAL Place Obama Was Born


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Come on, Julian.. Get your ass moving.  Are you just kidding around with us, or saving the best for last, sugar? 


  Now…You know that everyone wants to know where Obama is/was born.  I have heard that you are ‘trying to keep the world honest’.. Well, I am testing to see if this is truth.  Lets see you put some reality into action and get busy busting up the hospitals in HI…And please tear Kenya apart–I mean…since you are all about ‘honesty.’  So what say??   There are a ton of us that would be really super, grateful if you would find us this doc since Obama is hiding it, and ALL of his records we need as well.  I know you can find them, honey. 

 Come on ‘evil’ right wingers… Lets give ol Julie a hand of applause as he finds everything out about Obama……




Please Help Sweet Me To Understand Why Nobody Has Hung Mr. Assange

Go to fullsize imageNews from a Southern Belle’s Perspective:

Yesterday, the Communist leader of Wiki-Leaks, Mr. Assange said he would destroy an American bank in his next release of classified State Dept. documents.

I AM CONFUSED.  Can someone please please please help me to understand.

Yesterday, Queen Hillary, wife of former President Slick Willie Wonka, expressed outrage that communications between the U.S. State Dept. and leaders of other countries were made public by Wiki-Leaks.  She said this will place the lives of many Americans and allies in jeopardy.  Then the Minister of Propaganda, Robert “Paul Joseph Goebbels” Gibbs said, “a man with a $35 internet connection has no adverse affect on American relations with other world leaders”. 

Our GREAT President Hussein Mohammed Obama did not make any comment.  He is still recovering from serious injuries received in a basketball game when he was elbowed in the mouth by a soul brother requiring 12 stitches.  I understand Michele is investigating to see if the person who injured our GREAT President could be brought up on criminal charges and then promptly hanged by the Gestapo.  Makes sense to me.

Today the clowns in the corrupt U.S. Senate lead by dirty dingy Harry Reed will deal with gays in the military.  This issue is far more important to the Hussein Mohammed Obama REGIME than passing a federal budget or increasing the worthless government’s debt ceiling so it doesn’t shut down, or maintaining the King George tax cuts that will expire later this month.  Personally I would love to see all of the tax cuts expire so the brain dead Obama people in the lowest tax bracket would see their rate increase from 10% to 15%.

Toot toot,


FORBES: Wikileaks Sickos Wants To Spill Your Corporate Secrets?

Of course, we have the most America-hating, freedom-hating SOB in the W.H., that will do nothing to stop this vomitous maniac, Assange, and Hitlery ‘condemns’ this act.  Sounds like Bill Clinton after a terrorist attack  “I am outraged” followed by Clinton doing NOTHING.

Eat your heart out with this one, you lowlife, pondscum, leftwing trash, you are in for a big fat surprise:   

 Vote Obama Vote Clinton

Palin Gets It Right: Assange Should Be Hunted Like The Taliban-IF We Could Find Him..

Go to fullsize imageNormally, I dont like half of the things Sarah Palin says, especially the way she has to stop in the middle of something to react to some dumbass leftist.  But, this last post that she made on Twitter, or F.B., is 100% CORRECT, below in the link provided.. The only thing is, we don’t know where this treasonous rat-bastard Assange lives, and in what country. But he should be hunted down and de-balled.

This is cool, thumbs up:

(BTW, where is McRomney, McPAIN, Huckabee to say anything about this?) Thumbs down for gutless men that are pussified by female dominance.

Link found by DONNA:




Bring Our Troops Home 5 YRS Ago~My Thoughts On What To Do With Julian Assange

View ImageI’ve heard it all from both sides regarding this treasonous sonofabitch, Assange. INSANE people think this turncoat is a ‘hero’, and that it’s a great thing that our young men are out there as sitting ducks. 

  First of all, to THOSE people: Get out of my country. I dont give a shit where you go, just go to hell.  2nd- Most young men that enter the military are the best young men in this planet. There is nobody in this world better than a soldier, especially the young men from the southland.  They sign up for the military because they believe in their country-sure, there are some miscreants, but what the hell does that have to do with this issue?

  Julian Assange is getting ‘warnings’ from the State Department. Wow! Holy SHIT! I could have had a V-8!  Like THAT scares this leftist bastard.  That is not how you handle a left wing traitor. This is how to deal with treachery:  You take a flock of your finest assassins and hunt this sonofabitch down.  When you find him, you chop his balls off.  You coal out his eyes. Chop his toes off. Fingers.  Oh, wow, am I suggesting torture here?  YOU G’DAMNED RIGHT I AM.

  What the hell is up with this nation that lets traitors get a free pass, and issue warning? What is up with a nation that suggests an insane Muslim mother fuker who murdered 13 military men is ‘insane’ while yelling Allahu Ackbar? 

  My Brother and Sister-in-Law just retired from the Military. My best friends son is a Private in the Army right now, and he is a GOOD kid.  But, he is sent into a Military that handcuffs our young men and demands “Rules Of Engagement” against crazy-bastard, throat-chopping Muslims.  Why send them out at all.. Bring them home NOW.  They ARE sitting ducks. When we got attacked on 9-11, the response was ridiculous.  When a nation gets attacked as bad as we did, you NUKE THE WHOLE G’DAMNED MIDDLE EAST and tell our allies to duck and cover, PERIOD!

We are doing evil in the sight of the Lord. Bring our troops home and HANG this traitor.

Isaiah 10:2~To turn aside the needy from judgment, and to take away the right of the poor of My people, that widows may be their spoil, and that they may make the fatherless their prey!