GREAT NEWS! Scott Walker Retains Gov. Seat, COMMUNIST DEMS LOSE

GREAT NEWS! Scott Walker Retains Gov. Seat, COMMUNIST DEMS LOSE.. We still have a fight ahead of us. And, I cant imagine a bunch of nasty, mean-spirited ‘liberal’ progressives taking this very lightly.. I want you folks to take a good look at the anti-American hatred that these folks displayed in WI for over a year (in the pictures below).  Frankly, I think America is in sorry, sad shape… BUT, with a this type of a landslide, Obama the KENYAN cant be happy.  The Dems are probably foaming at the mouth.  So, we have to fight harder.  In fact, IF Romney wins, our fight will have just begun.  We will have to fight him, too.  And many will be angry, because they will think they got another Repub back in office, and everything is AOK. We all know that no matter WHO is in the White House, they are pretty much the same, and need constant rebuking. 

Observe the sickening, Commie-spew and anti-Americanism of the Wisconsin Democrat/Union Communists. And DO NOT FORGET:

These people acted like pigs. Spoiled, rotten brats.  They want the folks that make $60K pay big taxes on behalf of the people that make over $80K.  Sickening.  America was NOT built on unions.  America was built upon freedom, liberty and justice. Not this insanity:

These people are NOT American.  They should be ashamed of themselves.

Absolutely disgusting.

Yep.. I am LAUGHING MY ASS OFF at you filthy, Demo-Commie/Libs right now.

Classy Move by the Angry Left

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On April 14, Wisconsin conservatives had gathered enough signatures to recall Dave Hansen (Green Bay). Apparently, a bunch of people didn’t like that move, so their office was torn apart, and the people who were spearheading the recall were hassled.

Thuggery at its best.

Wisconsin Marxist Teachers OCCUPYING Capital-Protesting 4 The “American NITEMARE”

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You have all heard the FRAUD, Van Jones with The “American Dream”…What a liar.

   This Communist fraud never cared about an “American Dream.” The American dream was to own a house with a picket fence, it was to live in a country where you were not taxed to death, and forced out of your homes by 3rd world scum. It was to live where you could worship God in your churches, freely. The “American Dream” was liberty, not this union junk that is Soviet now.  The left wing calls Americans “NAZIs” just because we are all tired of the SEIU thuggery, and because Hitler did away with the Unions.  This has ZERO to do with Hitler. Nothing. We cannot afford to pay these union wages anymore.  This is not the “American dream”, this is the American nitemare.  Now, we have spoiled, rotten brats that want to make the tax-payer pay more, even though people are flat broke. 

 Go to fullsize image The whole issue, is; “YOU PAY, WE KEEP OUR BENEFITS, YOU PAY EVEN IF YOUR OWN FAMILY IS HUNGRY, AFTER ALL, WE ARE THEIR TEACHERS”…. Ever heard of telling the teachers to go to hell?  Homeschool your own kids?  What are you going to do? Allow these people to OCCUPY the capital?  Where are the state senators to represent them anyway? Hello?? What have they taught your children? Condoms on cucumbers in 5th grade? Tolerance for every evil thing under the sun?  Think about it. Your children should come first, they are not doing this ‘for your children’, they are doing it so that they dont have to be POOR, like you.  I’ve been poor, plenty of times, through corprate mergers, losing 70k in a 401k. Poor is not the worst thing. The worst thing is loss of country.  But you cant really tell a radical left winger that, they love the left wing SOVIET America. I HATE IT. Yes, I AM A HATER against left wing evil.

Thats the facts. Well, burn baby, burn. ENOUGH. WE DO NOT HAVE THE $$$ ANYMORE, so let it burn.


Wisconsin Police Searching 4 COWARDLY Democrat State Senators In WI

Go to fullsize imageThis is the epitome of cowardly. These people should be fired. FIRED, you hear me?? FIRE THEM SCOTT WALKER!!!! Why should the GOOD people of WI have to pay for these COWARDLY senators while they are NOT doing their JOBS!? Look @ these people acting like savages. These people get paid…PLENTY.  There are people homeless with NO job that have better attitudes!

Drama Queening the Wisconsin Melee: Get More Protestors

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Seems that the unions want their komrades…er…want support for their cause in Wisconsin. They’ve requested star power, to attract attention to their (selfish) cause. Read the letter here.

What’s next, are they going to get Obama to the Wisconsin state capitol?

I am Madly In Love With Wisconsin Governor Walker




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  I love it, I love the way he stood up to the demo-FASCIST/Nazi unions.  We need to pray for Gov. Walker; because with these evil rats, his life could be in danger.  Just where the hell do these union/NAZIs think the $$ is coming from?  WHERE? These people are truly screwed up individuals, thinking that you can take money from the super-rich and just pass it out.  This is supposed to be AMERICA; Free enterprise.  If you all don’t like it, get the hell out and move to China. 

  Did you really think that these ‘entitlements’ would last forever? Union brats have had it way good, 10X better than an average worker.  The unions, imo? They absolutely SUCK.  Joe Schmo can be the laziest jerk in the planet, and still get a raise. The same raise as Jack Sprat. It does not matter if Jack Sprat works 10X harder than Joe Schmo-they get the same.  It is un-American. It is Soviet-style workplace, which is why I will NOT join a union.

Thank you for standing up to the NAZIs, Gov. Walker.  And for them calling you “Hitler?”  Preposterous! Hitler would just take everything they had, then murder them all, same as Stalin.  They are BRATS, they are not the old fashioned ‘union guy’: Keep that in mind, Gov. Walker.