Women Have Become MANS Worst Enemy

  Last night I was reading Breitbart. Sarah Palin wants to be the Prez. She thinks a woman can do the job.    Does anyone realize yet, that Palin already gave us Obama 1 time, as did Hitlery?  You think I am kidding? Everyone that I know that voted GOP this last prez election, has flat out told me, that they voted for PALIN.  You think she will not give us Obama again, as will Hitlery?  I dont know, you all better think about it…..For the most part; The only people that really want Palin for the Prez are the T-partiers and the GOP. And most of the people that want Hitlery are just die-hard Democrats. Palin is a good uplifter, but I wont EVER vote for a woman. Sorry readers.

  Onward….Man has been ripped off and robbed by women. Man, who was made in the image of GOD…… Good Christian “BITCHES”?! Bad Bible Belt Feministic Sleaze….This Is Really ‘Messed Up’!

Women now control the USA. Think this is a joke? Look at that wuss of a faggot you have in the W.H. who is occupying a mans seat. Men are the ones that are supposed to be the leaders.  I know…you want to tell me that man has royally screwed everything up, Right? If MAN had MEN behind him instead of deceptive women, things would not be the way they are in the Western world. 


Look how women have done things; Look at this in general terms. Women get a divorce, they get the kids, they get alimony, they get the home, the car, etc. Its the truth, generally speaking. Women are murderers as well. Yes they are. They murder babies through abortion faster than they can ‘spread their legs’.   Women connive their way into jobs that they are not qualified for by using affirmative action. If this disgusting affirmative action was not there, things may not have turned out the way they have.

There will be more on this subject.. But I would like if you watched this Youtube below, while I rant at a later date.. If you dont like my OPINION, thats your beef.

OH, and men, sorry for being so rude: GET A DOG, you will find more loyalty. 

  Recently, in a magazine, I saw this quote: “TRUST NO MAN, FEAR NO BITCH.” That sweet aint it? Here is another I came across:

This is what BOB, a blogger says on another website:

I would leave my wife if she took up feminism. Its unnatural.

By: bob on November 10, 2008
at 8:26 pm