Women Aren’t Equal To Men & I Only Need One Example

Women Aren’t Equal To Men & I Only Need One Example

My husband is watching this show about men at war.  It’s about the Black Devils, an American and Canadian mountain brigade that was trained in Montana during WW2.  When the Black Devils came to Monte De La Difensa, in Italy, 100 miles south of Rome, there was a 600 ft cliff.  The Black Devils had to climb the cliff  with about 100 lbs on their backs.  The Germans thought they couldn’t do it BUT THEY DID!   They climbed to the top, *in the pouring rain* (3 companies, 600 men) and attacked 400 Germans, killing 75. 

Now, tell me…what woman in this world can do that?  A Woman can’t carry 50 lbs, let alone 100 AND climb a cliff in the rain AND kill 75 German Heir Hitler robots. 



Deal with it.  

Go home, get a life, be a lady and go clean the kitchen like a good girl  😀


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I’m Sick of Females

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Yes, I do.

I think you suck.

Most women don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. I include myself in this synopsis. Damn, I don’t even like myself half the time!!  I just read this ridiculous post about how feminist bimbos now want to ban breast feeding because it shows their ‘fragility’ to the world.  1st they fought to expose their nipples to feed their brats and now they think its ‘sexist’.. Lol. Dummies.  

 One of my friends called me the other night, complaining about her son.  I’ll call her Peg.  Peg is upset that her son is depressed but even more upset that he is getting anti depressants to help his depression.   The gist is that her 40 plus year old son wants to go to a Dr for help. She does not want this because she wants to help him. HELLO!?  He’s FORTY YEARS OLD.

Women just can’t ‘let go’ or ‘live and let live’.  They’ll hold an incident against their mate for 50 years.  Women have become totally uppity with NO respect for men at all.  Its repulsive. Women around me, even most Conservative women are always cracking jokes about how stupid men are, what asses they are, etc.  

I’m just so sick and tired of females. They can’t keep secrets, they get pissed off at the stupidest things.  They’re always crying about their ADULT children.  How they don’t have the jewelry they want, the clothes they want, the house they want, the car they want.. Good God, get a grip..

This one day, while I was out singing at a Hebrew Hospital in NY.. I saw this nasty, old hag “Yenta” beating the living shit out of her sweet, Jewish husband because he dared to get sick.  

Another time here in Prescott, I watched this couple go to their car with all the groceries.  The man was carrying every, single bag and the woman was carrying her Gucci purse only.  They go to the car, she didn’t even help her husband open the car door to put the groceries in.  Then, she got into the drivers seat and proceeded to scream and yell at her husband.  

I could go on and on…but you must follow my drift.  Many women abuse men, physically also.  I am just so sick and tired of the screeching harridan bitches. Save a few ladies I know on the blogosphere…….Most women are silly ass Bimbos.  

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#WhitePrivilege: Bastard Son Of Obama Rapes White Woman Leaving Her Unrecognizable

#WhitePrivilege: Bastard Son Of Obama Rapes White Woman Leaving Her Unrecognizable

Putting this Nigga in prison is too good, he should be lynched.  If the races were reversed, it would be front page news. Although white men don’t go out of their way to rape black women.

Read the whole story at American Renaissance.

Hat tip:  S 365 


Anonymous victim of rape--she's afraid he will come after her again; if Obama and Holder have their way, he'll walk; after all the white victim deserved her beating as payback for slavery


Christopher Anthony Brown--smirk away you piece of shit; if my ancestors had gotten my hands on you, you'd be dangling from a tree

Young white males are too busy suffering from fake white guilt to avenge this poor young woman.



Stupid Broad, Chelsea Clinton Wants Her Butcher Mother To Be The Prez. Chelsea Can Be Ambassador To Libya

Stupid Broad, Chelsea Clinton Wants Her Butcher Mother To Be The Prez.

Peri DPeri D ‏@PeriMedic3m says: I propose Chelsea for Ambassador to Libya.


I can just imagine all of the dumb females of America voting for Hillary just because they want to see a woman be the Prez. Watch out, guys.. Now, you’ll be called sexist for not liking the hag.

Killary is a female Dracula.  A Blood sucking Commie moonbat. With Hitlery as Prez, this will go over great in the Muslim world….NOT.

Ugly-looking, smelly, dirty sock, Chelsea Clinton is not partisan…!  (She does look like a sock, by the way..) Did Chelsea not listen to her own psychopath Mother during the Benghazi hearings?  Her Mother was friends with Chris Stevens.  Clinton hung her gay buddy, Chris Stevens out to dry.  So much for gays, huh? Maybe she’ll send some of the gays that support her to God knows where and let them die, too.  Here is the video of Chelsea endorsing her killer Mom.

Erick Erickson Is Right About Family, Moms, Etc. Megyn Kelly Is A Dumb Bimbo (Like Most Liberal Women Are)

Erick Erickson Is Right About Family, Moms, Etc. Megyn Kelly Is A Dumb Bimbo (Like Most Liberal Women Are)

Most American women just hate men. Use them for sex the same way some men used to be chauvinistic. Everything is reversed, now.

Liberal women (and so many women) are seriously dumber than a bag of rocks re. women’s rights…  In the video below, Megyn Kelly is sooo outraged that Erickson and Dobbs are trying to save the American family just because she wants a 14 hr career no matter the cost to her own children.

I wonder if this broad even knows that she is only a pawn.  The reason that women have become so powerful in the workplace is because of Rockefeller -who advised putting women to work to GET MORE MONEY IN TAXES.  Feed the government beast, “The Man.”  

The American family is destroyed because women have been taken out of their natural role of being mothers.  Megyn Kelly is just another dupe.  Fine, she goes to work, that’s great.  Why did she have a family, then?  It is very hard to have both.  

But, I need to get myself back into perspective, here: Women rule, men drool.  Better now???


Hat tip.. Gasbag, Becca CommieWitz

It’s A Woman’s World Now, & MAN, Does It SUCK!

Anytime I open a magazine, its all about the ‘accomplishments’ of women.  Now, pardon me if I’m not gung-ho for females.   Most of the females that the magazines make much A ‘Do about nothing are Obama morons, anyway..

(Below is from VOGUE mag, Aug 2012, I was reading it today.)


I think of all the great creations and inventions of men and then I read these pro-feminist supremacy articles & it makes me want to gag.  For real…just what has the female done?  Did the female storm the beaches at Normandy? No. Did the female bleed on the battlefield at the battle of Bunker hill? No.  Gettysburg? No. WW1? No.  Sure, there were a few here and there.  But majority? Nope.  Did the female fight during the crusades? No. Did the female model the great wall of China? No.  Did the female build the sky-scrapers? No. Did the female draft up Constitutions of countries? No. 

SO- I sit and wonder just how the female has been oppressed, yr 2012..? I have not felt oppressed as a woman-not here in America. EVER. (Yes, 1 or 2 work situations were not ‘great’, but that’s moot) Take these insane Muslim countries and there you have REAL oppression.   In my opinion, it is delusional insanity in the late, great USA that has females on both the offense and the defense: Fighting man.  Its the age old argument; God verses satan.  Satan, the devil was jealous of God, rose and rebelled against the authority of the universe and got thrown out of the Kingdom.  Same with women.  God made man the authority over the house/domain.  And, what did woman do with man’s authority?  Why…she rebelled, of course.  Same as Satan, the devil.  See?   Women who want to be better than men are fighting the natural order of things.  And, because they do this, we now have a country that is a dump.  God made MEN to rule over countries, not women.

  But, now we have women in charge.  Look at Obamas administration of females: Rice, Jarrett, Clinton, Sebelius, etc.. Look at all of them!! And, they totally suck. Women have proven (here in USSA) that they are 1000 X worse in their power grabs. Look how WOMEN started that crap in Libya, ditto Egypt, now the females are all over Syria wishing to subvert and undermine Assad, the leader there.  They don’t know how to fight and win wars.  Women’s policies enforce our troops without guns, which is why there are mercenaries.  If it was a mans world, again, (WITH the help of GOD)  we would not have this insane bullshit.

I’m sick of American women (no, not all, but most) and much of the time….I can’t wait til the S.H.T.F. When most Females will run for cover because they can’t take it..

JUSTICE…at long last.

That’s my Monday Morning rant.

This dude cracks me up…LOL:

Why Was Joe Biden So Obnoxious? Because Raddatz Is A FEMALE & Biden Is SEXIST. Period.

Sarah Palin said that Martha Raddatz let Joe Biden run wild .

I beg to differ with this a little.  Think about it.  And, yep, I am a macho girl, anti feminist to the max. Which is how I KNOW Biden is sexist.  And, the truth is the truth:  If Brit Hume or Bret Baier (either one were moderating this debate, or some other sane male) There would not have been this display of arrogance, laughing, rude, crude & asinine behavior .  Biden took advantage of Raddatz because #1. She is a Communist just as Joe is, and #1 -1/2. Because she is a female and Biden knows most females have NO control.  And they suck in the political spectrum. Emotional, or penis-envious, she-males are weaker than a bag of wet noodles and that’s the facts. A man would have never let this get out of hand in the first place.

Don’t believe me?  Look at out-of-control Hillary, Rice & Jarrett–here ends the lesson on this subject.

Women are fine in talk shows, and commentators, but moderating debates for candidates and presidents….


PLEASE…………Put MEN back in charge.

Are Men The Oppressors Of Women? Video In This Post Will Change Your Mind, Forever..

  If you have heart..

   Men, especially white males are treated like 2nd and 3rd class citizens here in America and more than a few other countries.  Women have taken men for granted to the max.   Many women think they are ‘equal’ to men. Well, they are not.  This video will show  you the truth about men & women.   IF you are a female with heart, this video will humble you.  If you are a man, I hope this video makes you feel empowered.

Please….good American women, open your hearts.

See how wrong we have been.

Yeah, yeah, yeah…. “Patriarchy” sucks… Sure.

As if vacuum cleaning is SO hard…Whaaahhhh…..

Jeeezzz, feminists, GROW THE F*K up & STOP ruining mens lives..

Womens Handbags: Purses Then, Luggage Now

HARRISON FISHERYou really have to look at this post. You can see how Neil Rockerfeller screwed this nation up, just by how women have so much more to carry on their shoulders-literally. That phrase has a whole new meaning to me now, as I look at the luggage young women are carrying now “Too much weight on your shoulders” is too, too true. Yeah, yeah, I know…”Whaahhh, we would still be in corsets”  If THAT was so bad as well, what the hell are women wearing and coveting corsets now for?

In the teens, early 20’s, a woman carried a coin purse, with rouge, lipstick some i.d., a mirror and a little note pad.  Nothing much was needed because men were the bread winners. (Yes, I know how some gals will say; But men beat women, etc) There are always bad lots.  But overall, really…How bad was it for women?  Could not be worse than now, even with how far they have come. See this teen/20’s purse:

Victorian Purse #5...finished I made

Vintage 1920s Blue Beaded Flapper

The 1930’s were no different, as were not the 40’s. 

Vintage 40's Navy Garay Velvet

The 50’s came along, and women started driving cars, many worked little jobs, they wanted their kids to have a better life than they had. They started carrying insurance, feminine things, all types of ‘stuff’ went into the handbad of a woman in the 50’s, but still nothing like now:

Vintage 50s Gold Embossed

The 1960’s/70’s is when everything just got worse, as it always does in every then and now post I write.  Women had a LOT more to carry ‘on their shoulders’, divorce became common-place.  So, women had to carry around childrens things, their things, work things- things all over the place.


The 1980’s, early 90’s,  brought in some refreshment, at least it did for me.  The 80’s was a time that we saw a return to pretty, but sophisticated.  Yes, true, there were ‘power women’ but even they wanted to look sort of like the women in the late 30’s-40’s.

1980's. STRIM Vintage. clutch

  The 2000’s have been bad for women. Not in the fact that they get paid a lot more and hold bigger positions. But the weight of the world is now on the shoulder of the woman. An average woman works up to 10 hours a day, many commute 2 hours. Yep, she most certainly still gets her monthly.  But, I want you to think had about this post if you are a woman. Did we REALLY as a ‘gender’ have it all that bad? I think not. That’s my personal opinion. Why is it better to carry a small laptop, a cell phone, an ipad, feminine napkins, hair-dryers, brushes, hairspray, make-up, i.d., money, lotions. I could go on and on.  What is so good about this? 

  All of this means is that you hardly live in your homes. So what are you working for if you cannot even live in your home but you live out of a purse?  Women are natural nesters. You cannot even enjoy the fruit of your labor.  Look at the bags they carry now, its too much for a woman.  Now women want high office, and are not even really capable of handling smaller office management.  Sorry, its the truth. Most women would rather work with men.  The huge ‘blingee’ purses make things look pretty, but who’s kidding who? You know that you are not happy as a lady-with all the weight that God really didnt intend for you to carry.

For Feminists: How To Make Your Husband Happy..(IF You Have One)

The world could be a better place, if women knew their place. It’sjust a fact. In the feminist quest to be ‘equal’ to a man, they have failed…miserably……..I might add..They cannot seem to retain their identity of being a woman. So, I have concocted up the right recipe for the female to have a happy household, and love her husband. This is especially for women that have no children yet, this is for  a Sunday or Saturday AM.

 #1. When you get up in the AM, RUSH to the bathroom (make sure you get up way before your other half) take a shower, quietly, you don’t want to wake up Daddy-O.. Get that curling iron, and fix your hair really sexy.

#2. Pick out a really gorgeous outfit that looks nothing like a business suit, find a pretty dress that is flowery, (short) and shows off your better attributes. Find a really kick butt pair of stockings, with a sexy pair of heels. Make sure you have some really sexy, fabulous undergarments. They make these in ALL sizes, btw, NO excuses.

#3. Make a picnic lunch, with all of HIS favorite foods, like Roast beef, potato chips, coca cola (most men don’t like wine all that much) Make sure to bring a nice little cluster of grapes, so you can peel them and place them nicely in his mouth. Make sure to bring some really great music… Men like 50’s music, and rock n roll, so bring that.  Remember, this is NOT about YOU.

#4. Tell him all day how wonderful he is, how he makes you feel so pretty and sexy, how you love his…nevermind.. 😉

  Tell him you think he is the smartest man in the planet. How grateful to God you are for him. Tell him sexy things in his ear all day long; like how you want to be a vixen and tear his clothes off later on…something to that effect.

5. When it is time to go home, tell him you can’t wait to prepare his favorite meal. Go buy a sexy little apron and wiggle your derriere while you are cooking, make the table look nice too, none of the candles and junk, just make it simple- with only a place for him to eat, while you sit on top of the table and stare at him. Trust me, this will heighten the senses, make you feel nice, and make him feel like a king.

#6. OK…. time to put on a show. Go get out a song like “Let Me Entertain You” Or, “I’m A Woman” and get ready to dance like crazy, or do your own dance of the ‘7 veils’, belly-dancing, etc.. just make something up out of your own imagination, that you know he will adore.

The rest is up to you. But, I guarantee that if you do these things once a week in a spontaneous way, you are sure to have a great marriage, after all, this IS in the privacy of your home.. I’m just trying to help you out. I hope you found this fun and enlightening, I did.