Paris: Like A Woodstock Fest. Streets Are FILLED W/ Freedom Fighters Against Kovid Kill Shots

Paris: Like A Woodstock Fest. Streets Are FILLED W/ Freedom Fighters Against Kovid Kill Shots

Imagine a world where the Liberal dirtbags are not involved in a protest of freedom fighters against ‘the man’. It’s sad… Now, the Libs are FOR ‘the man’.

Take a gander:

From Geir, who is IN France

MORE TODAY, (SATURDAY, Sept 4) They’re storming shopping centers in Paris…

The Day I Gave A Marxist, Tattoo, Pierced-faced Hippy A Ride Home

face tattoo - Boing BoingLeft wing moonbats preach an awful lot about tolerence, but we all know they are full of shit. 

 Gypsy Girl Painting by I was on one of my little gypsy moves, 8 times I have crossed this once great nation. I lived upstate, NY.   I use to go through placement agencies to work, while in my gypsy phase. So, I went and worked at Fleet Bank- Income Tax Processing Center. I processed tax returns. I lived on the left-hand side of the Hudson, 9 miles from Woodstock, the place where 65 year olds think they are 17 years old.

  One day, I was observing this young man after work. He had a tattooed face, that was pierced.  None of his clothes matched, his hair was dirty, he looked dingy, it really was a grotesque scene. He had a sign that said “I NEED A RIDE TO WOODSTOCK”.  So, I watched the diversity crowd, (in which, the whole place was so ‘diverse’), for about  1/2 hour.  Every single left-wing, snotty, jerk gave this poor, sick, kid.. ugly looks, that were sooooo intoLLLLLerent! Unimaginable, eh? 

our hit parade: White Liar{This is a big reason why I tell you these people are SOOO full of shit, and cannot be taken serious. If they were soooo toLLLLerent, they would be a lot nicer to the so called ‘evil’ conservative Americans, instead of calling them every ugly name in the book, without an expectation of retaliation.}

  Onward. I had already decided to give this kid a ride home. Of course I could, because I am an evil, right-wing, nut and carry weapons 😀  ~I told him “Come with me, I will give you a ride home.” The young man, who was once a handsome blonde/blue eyed kid, who was once normal, was so grateful.

  I started to converse with him, asking what his Mom thought of all these tattoos, and he replied that his family were born again Christians, and at first, she was devastated, then hurt, then accepted it. Which seem to make him happy. OK. I just kept listening to him.  He was preaching to me about toLLLLLerence. So, I allowed him to keep on talking. He hated Bush, so, he was in good company with that, because Bush was terrible to me as well, but not for the same reasons as this kid. Then he went on how the ‘evil’ right wing was so intoLLLLLerent.

Woostock  Now, we were in Woodstock, downtown.  He opened the door to get out, and said “Peace Man”.  I said, yeah…”Peace”.  Then before I took off, I told him; “Mark (that was his name) I, am a right-wing American, I am the ‘evil’ that you hate. I am your so called ‘enemy’.

please look ..and tell me

  Let me tell ya, this kid was flabberghasted. I told him; “Mark…not ONE of your toLLLLerent friends lifted a finger for you.  Remember this, when you tout the tolerence & fairrrrness, ok buddy?” 

  I saw Mark a year later. Mark is now an independent/centrist that goes to his church with his mom, and since, has had 2 of his tattoos on his face, lazered, and I believe he got married, because he was engaged.

  One Way Baruch HaShem.